Dear Internets:
Today I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tranformers, & Stardust.
Why did you not inform me that Stardust is hilarious? Very bad form, internets, I expect to be briefed on such important facts.

On a scale of not-at-all to oh-so-very, how creepy would it be to make my 4-year-old nephew watch Due South with me? Anything you can think of specifically that I'd want to shade his not-actually-all-that-tender eyes and ears from? Because nothing in particular is springing to my memory right now.

Also, someone please inform me that it would be inadvisable to attempt to go to 2 Warped Tour dates when I'm having a fuck of a time figuring out how to get to one? Though the plan almost works better for two. (And if I do make it to Chicago, will anyone from my f-list be there?)
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( May. 4th, 2008 03:00 am)
You know what I really desperately want in my life? For a regular band to do a wizard rock song. That would make my life. ^.^

Sorry, I just realized that Ministry of Magic is the best wizard rock band EVER. ♥

In other news: Numb3rs on Friday was pretty good. Sticky Charlie and Larry? YES PLZ.
Still haven't watched Monday's House or Wednesday's Criminal Minds. Also, I'm like three episodes behind on The Riches. Somehow, despite the fact that there are not that many episodes of that show, I am chronically behind. I have never actually managed to watch it in real time ever.

In other, other news: That damn Miley Cyrus song came on the radio today and is now STUCK IN MY BRAIN. Thanks, really. It's actually kind of creepy how much similarity I can hear between her stuff and Metro Station. Maybe Miley & Trace's mom fed them techno beats in the womb?

Do I ever post when I'm not sleepy? What's up with that?


Oh, wow, I just totally distracted myself before I could click to post the entry.

I was thinking earlier, you know what else I really, really want? Fic about Singer meeting Miley Cyrus when she came to see her brother on the RRRGLT. Or actually about her meeting absolutely anyone else on that tour. Because it would be so ridiculously lolztastic.

I want fic where Singer has a giant crush on her! The other Cab-babies make fun of how much he likes her show! He has to watch it in secret! They call him a perv but he just really wants to hold her hand! And he's not that creepy! He's only like three (four?) years older than her damnit, they should leave him alone!

Or, I also want fic where she has a giant stupid crush on Singer and like gets his number and starts randomly texting him and he thinks it's kind of cool but in no way realizes that she's all crushing on him even when she calls him up the day his album comes out to tell him how much she likes it!

I have no idea why I want this ridiculous fic, but I want it. Make the internet give it to me, please?

ETA: Oh, wow, that is the best mood icon ever. No wonder I only post when I'm sleepy. See you soon, Panic-babies!
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 09:34 pm)
I just watched the new Criminal Minds. First tv I've watched in real time since... the end of Dresden Files maybe? I kind of got behind on tv... last January or so and never quite managed to get caught up. Except now I'm caught up on Criminal Minds! Spencer, ILU!

Someone point me at some good Spencer fic? I don't really keep track of Criminal Minds fic at all.

I'm also working on catching up on Numb3rs (currently up through 3x23) and House (currently up through 4x01) which is spiffy, and then I'm gonna catch up on The Riches and watch Torchwood. It'll be awesome. Yay TV. I missed you. Maybe I'll get caught up on stuff in time for it all to shut down for the summer. *headdesk*

It's interesting catching up on stuff because Numb3rs is the only one where I actually knew where I stopped (When Larry left for space. I meant to get caught up when he came back. Oops.).

In other news, I'm driving to Memphis on Saturday for the Bamboozle Road Show, which is fun. I need to remember to print my will-call confirmation e-mail and decide what road I'm going to take to get there. Most likely just taking 79 almost all the way because it's the most direct path from here to there. Anyhow, yeah, Saves the Day & Armor for Sleep & Metro Station, yayz!

How have I never watched this show before? I think I picked an excellent time to start.

I'm gonna go back and flail at my tv some more now.

(There's a somewhere discreet online where I can do catching up, isn't there? Someone should e-mail me about this matter.)
There is a world of difference between vaguely hearing that Fall Out Boy is going to be on some random show on Cartoon Network... and seeing a commercial for the upcoming episode of Fried Dynamite right in the middle of watching Baby Looney Toons. Complete with Patrick playing... tiny bongos or something? I do not even know. Babysitting is bad for my sanity. Waaaaaaaay too much exposure to kid's tv.
Watching Toon Disney is bad for my sanity.
It causes realizations like the fact that The Pretender sometimes voices Tarzan. I had to look it up because I am a dork and couldn't figure out why the voice was familiar. I almost wish I hadn't. I think I was better off not knowing.
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( Sep. 24th, 2007 11:37 pm)
My f-list is all full of, like, Heroes squee and stuff. *pouts*

I sort of feel like I should knock it off with all this not-watching-of-tv I've been doing lately. (Disney Channel with the sprog does not count as watching tv. Trust me.)
I liked tv. I miss tv. (I think the only shows I made it through to the end of last season without dropping out on were Dresden Files and Crossing Jordan. *sigh* I fail at tv.)

(I also totally fail at regular updating, don't I?)
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 08:39 am)
Yay, LJ is alive again. I am sadz when it is not. I actually was not particularly suffering from the lack, though, as I spent most of the evening hanging out at my sister's house next door. I watched some gameshow thingie called Singing Bee, and it is kind of the best thing ever.

At the moment, I am drinking coffee. Yay coffee! I haven't actually had any coffee in quite some time as I tend to stick to other caffeinated beverages. I forgot how much I do actually like coffee. ♥

Also? A guy who works in the office next to mine just came up to me to talk about Deathly Hallows, and he is the first non-fannish person I've talked to who thought the epilogue was dumb and did not fit. (And if the fact that there is an epilogue and some people don't like it is a spoiler to you? Get off my internet. Seriously.)

In other news, I wrote a short bandslash fic the other day (it was a comment fic... that took three comments to fit it all) and I'm going to post it here later.

And in other other news, my lil sis comes home from parts afar (okay, so not that very far) today. Due to us both wandering away from home so much lately, I don't actually remember when I last saw her, which is odd.
The Smoky Mountains were gorgeous. Vacation was lovely and so very needed. I love my friends. And many thanks to Laura for getting us there and back in one piece. ♥

So, yes, back to the daily grind. And fighting through skip=200 on my f-list. Actually, I started at about skip=240 and have currently fought through to 160. Not too bad as progress goes.

Things I have learned thusfar:

1. Mandy Patinkin abruptly quit Criminal Minds? - Official Statement

2. I may have to forgive Jon Walker for the generally unattractive beard due to extreme hotness. )

Also? I keep opening fic & stuff in new tabs so I can get to it eventually without distracting too much from the reading of my f-list. My firefox window may explode from this practice. Oops.
♥ you, firefox
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( May. 21st, 2007 04:03 pm)
So, I decided to take the opportunity of my gainful but boring employment to catch up on watching Weeds. Damn I love that show. I hadn't seen any of season 2 so that's what I've been watching all day.

And I just had to take a minute out of that busy schedule to say OMGWTFBBQ!!1 CANON PEGGING!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!
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( May. 3rd, 2007 04:32 pm)
It's like the creators of Crossing Jordan have a direct line into my brain and they use it to do everything they can to piss me off.
And the last couple of months were going so well!

St. Louis isn't *that* far...
And there are lawn seats!
And-and Fall Out Boy!

I could take off work... ... ...

*wantses bad*

Somebody talk me out of this? Or into it? Whichever.

Oh, and while I'm posting anyway... here. Have the other Gym Class Heroes song featuring Patrick Stump, "Clothes Off!".

And now... season finale of Dresden! Eeee!
I just finished watching Crossing Jordan. Yes, at work again. What? It's not like I have anything better to do at the moment! And the new card printers are creepy and make weird noises.

But anyway, back to CJ (spoilers!) )

In other news, I have billions of things to do this afternoon. No, really, billions. Would I lie?
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( Apr. 2nd, 2007 08:11 am)
Thing 1: Did I mention that my new external hard drive arrived? And it is shiny.

Thing 2: Oh Dresden.

Thing 3: Oh, Dresden!
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 09:08 am)
Morning came way too early today.

Vague CJ brain-expulsions.
If you haven't seen the ep, they don't really tell you anything about it. If you have seen the ep... they probably still don't really tell you anything.

Cut for length & incoherency )
Why, yes, I am watching Crossing Jordan at work. What of it? Do you know what kind of week I've had? I mean, fuck!

Running commentary on CJ 609 )
Dear Thursday,
You suck. Please to stop existing now, kthnx.
No love,

Dear Job,
You also suck. You are also a key component of why Thursday thusly sucks. Please to stop existing as well. Except keep paying me.
Very little love,

Dear Television,
I am so far behind on everything I watch that I may never catch up. This is bad and contributes to feeling-like-my-life-is-out-of-control-ness, which I've got more than enough of just at the moment. In case you missed the memo, it is your job to make me feel better, so get on that.

Dear Calendars,
You, I love. Happy calendar-flippy day. I would go home and flip all dozen of you right now, except for interference from subject of letter 2 (I already flipped all my daily ones, it's just the month ones that are left).
Hugs & Kisses,

Dear Horoscope,
I get it! I fucking get it, okay! But what the hell else am I supposed to do, huh? Tell me that!
Yours Truly,

In other news, I had a test this morning and forgot to bring a scantron (which I had dutifully gone out and purchased already). Luckily someone had a spare. Too bad I didn't study. Also too bad that my professor is a crazy fucking lunatic.

Now I'm going to go drink my crappy Life Water and try to find something to put me in a better mood.

ETA: I balanced my checking account instead. I fail at good mood.
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( Jan. 21st, 2007 10:03 pm)
I suppose this could be tangentially spoilerish for tonight's ep of Crossing Jordan, but really, it's only connected in my crazy mind.

I think I may have to concede and move my vote from "Vehemently opposed to all Bug/Lily interactions and she needs to go to hell and leave the beauty of Bug/Nigel the feck alone!" to "Well, okay, she can have a threesome with them, I suppose."

Additionally, I truly absolutely love Jordan, but she is completely and utterly batshit insane.

And another thing: How is Woody still that naive?
Oh, I am a productive worker.
I'm sitting at work watching Mythbusters. (Can be found here, incidentally.)

Incidentally, the Mythbusters pirate special is tonight, I believe. Eight-ish? I dunno, check your local listings, yo. ...Or, you know, just look it up on
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( Jan. 14th, 2007 10:03 pm)
Why do I feel like the moment of Bug/Nigel-ness was my pay-out for putting up with this whole storyline?
Damn Crossing Jordan, I love/hate you so.


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