Blegh. Today was entirely too long. And I have approximately a metric buttload of reading to do for Wednesday. Some of it being articles I do not yet have copies of.

I accomplished many things today, which is good. I dropped off my, Jen's, and Laura's audit forms for Japanese and watched the woman process them, so that should be all good to go (I also cleared up the library fines hold which was, as I suspected, not supposed to be there).

I'm still working on getting all my shit together to apply to go to Amsterdam this summer on study abroad. I e-mailed to find out the new deadline, and also found out that I apparently do have a letter of recommendation ready and waiting for me to pick up. Nifty. Except for the part where I had already given up on that guy because he never responded to my email so I asked someone else and then had to un-ask her, which is a bit awkward.

In theory, I should have all my loose ends tied up about leaving the Student Government Association, tomorrow, after I talk to the Prez.

So, thusfar, my week is looking pretty good.

Also, I will be getting a paycheck Friday for the bit of work I did right before the semester began, so yay again.

And, this weekend, hopefully I will get to go see Brokeback Mountain again since it is finally showing here in Bowling Green. Yay!!!
Showtimes are 12:55 pm, 3:55 pm, 7:05 pm, & 9:55 pm.
You in, Rita? I'll buy my girlfriends dinner with my shiny paycheck. ^.^ ...after I put gas in the car, that is. Because it would be unfortunate if we ran out of gas, yes it would.

From: [identity profile]

You bet! Sounds fun! (she said as if this had not already been discussed at work yesterday)

Blegh they cut my internet off at home....suck ass


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