I haven't checked my friendslist since sometime Thursday, so I'm trying to slog through that.

Mindless Self Indulgence on Tuesday was very... interesting. MSI fans are weeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrd. The Birthday Massacre was decent as far as opening bands go, but the first opener made me want to shoot them in the face. :(

Thursday we went adventuring to a skeezy bar in Nashville to go to what was supposed to be a Pink Spiders & Drive By show, but we found out after we (finally) got there that the Pink Spiders cancelled. :( But Drive By was very happy to see us because we were the only ones who knew who they were. :) The bar was ridiculously hard to find mostly due to the fact that it was, quite literally, a hole in the wall. We drove past it like 5 times without ever seeing it and walked around the block for like half an hour before we figured out where it was. Lol. While Drive By was playing, there was a maximum of 15 people in the building, counting the band, the bartender, and the sound guy. Yeah. Poor dudes. We gave them lots of money for merch, though. I bought a t-shirt even though I already have a hoodie and my sis bought herself a hoodie and one for a friend. I kept trying to apologize to them for the show sucking and the lead singer was all like, "No, it was great because you guys came!" Aww, that's sweet honey, but don't you have to, like, be able to put gas in your van or something? ♥

If you have the chance to go see Drive By & The Pink Spiders you should definitely do so. I'm half tempted to hit their show in Cincinnatti on the 30th except for how I really, really, shouldn't.

Then, yesterday, Jen & I headed down to the Ryman to see Eddie Izzard. (♥_♥)
We stopped in Russelville & there was a light on in my car's dash so I decided to check the oil. Which was... practically empty. I made my big sis come out and look at it to make sure I wasn't crazy then she went and got me some oil and she filled it up. I figured I could check when we got to Nashville & before we left to see if it was leaking because I didn't see how it could be, but I also didn't see how it could have so little oil in it otherwise.

When we got to Nashville and were parking, smoke started pouring out of my engine. ...apparently my sister didn't put the oil cap back on & I didn't think to make sure she had. I think it fell out of the engine somewhere on I-24. :(
My mom found a 24-hour car part place and I called them to make sure they had one and I could come get it after the show (because I was not, by fucking god, going to miss that show - the tickets were ridiculous). Went to Eddie (Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So much more awesome live! Nashville! It is a city... of Nash! Known for its... Nash!) then took a cab to get a new oil cap and then back to the car (Ouch! Cabs are expensive!). Put a couple quarts of oil in (since it all, ya know, sploded out of the engine due to lack of oil cap) and put on the new cap so we could go home.

Originally, we were going to swing by Tony&Tonya's before going home (sorry, dears!) but it seemed terribly inadvisable when I still don't know for sure if my car is leaking oil or what the fuck is actually wrong with it. :(

A mechanic friend of my mom's looked at the car briefly today and said that it has definitely had some kind of major engine work done on it (because there's a fucking bolt missing off the manifold or something) that they neglected to mention when I got the car two weeks ago. So, in summary, the dealership either sold me a car that is terribly leaking oil, or handed it over very very low on oil. Either way, stupid fucking move, dealer. Just because it's a used car does not make that okay. It is supposed to be inspected and shit and neither of those things should have been possible, not to mention the whole missing a fucking bolt thing that ought to have come up somewhere. >:(

Anyhow, I'm going up to the dealership on Monday so they can look at it and I can yell at them until they stop trying to sell me some kind of bullshit story of how it can't be their fault and 1) admit the truth and fix whatever bloody problems it has or 2) give me a fucking refund for the car. Not cool, Gary Force of Bowling Green, not cool at all. You'd better make me happy on Monday, because I don't want this to have to get ugly.

Balancing Eddie Izzard and car troubles, though, I think yesterday still comes out on the positive side. Eddie fucking Izzard, yo. I can't wait for Stripped to come out on DVD. I laughed for pretty much the entire two hours. And Eddie Izzard is just so precious with his bouncing and twitching and flailing and spasticness, I just... ♥_♥

Now I have to go shower and get ready to go to Jazz on the Lawn in Clarksville with my family.

P.S. Why don't I know anyone in Chicago that I can stay with to go see Warped? ;_;

P.P.S. Today is Jen's half-birthday. Happy 22.5, dear!
Why is it that every angry response I've seen in regards to the whole Open Source Boob Project debacle has included an argument the the effect that women are far too weak and fragile to know their own minds and be expected to make decisions for themselves, therefore it's wrong to present them with that choice. Because when someone says that the women who were happy to allow people to ask to grope them were just bowing to subconscious pressure from a male-dominated society to let men control their bodies, or whatever form the argument happened to take, that is what I hear.

I'm a pretty shitty feminist on a good day, but how is there any way for that argument to be anything other than blatantly and offensively sexist?

I can certainly see how the Open Source Project could lead to bad things on a wide scale, but I personally would never find it offensive if someone politely asked if they could touch my breasts. Even if my answer was no, I still wouldn't be offended that they had asked.
I like them and I don't see it as a problem if other people do, too.
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( Feb. 26th, 2008 06:45 pm)
I can has MCR tickets? I can has MCR tickets!

For Wednesday, April 30th in Birmingham, AL. Yeah, IDK. It was the only way I could take my lil sis. And mom is so not happy about it, but Zoe turns 18 two days before, so... yeah. But, umm, yay for only a 4.5 hour drive instead of 5?

ILU MCR, but damn you for putting me through these shenanigans. Seriously. Still regretting that I was too dumb/liking of money to go see them last April when they actually came to Nashville. Of course, at that point I didn't realize that everyone in bandom only stops in Nashville about every 3 or 4 years... if that.

Updated concerts list )

I still can't figure out how I'm going to manage Warped because I have several options within a 300 mile radius... and they all suck about equally. Also, if I go after 7/20 I won't be able to see Jack's Mannequin OR The Pink Spiders which will be a bit sad.

I'm halfway seriously considering a trip to FL in the middle of July to hit Warped (7/11) & Tom Petty (7/16) there... but I doubt I can swing it.

(Guh, why are there not enough hours in the day for me to do both, damnit? Why? Just because the shows are on back-to-back days and each is five hours away from me in opposite directions... Stupid clock, have more hours in you!)
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( Jul. 31st, 2007 10:24 am)
I keep telling myself that I do not want to drive 5 hours to Noblesville, IN (the closest the Projekt Revolution tour is coming to me) to see MCR. And then they go and do things like this and fuck with my resolve. Damn you, Gerard and Frank, damn you.

I further resolve to not spend that same day driving to Memphis (almost exactly the same distance in very nearly the opposite direction - odd, that) to see Gym Class Heroes.

I may in fact talk myself into going to Memphis on October 5th to see The Academy Is...
(What? William Beckett is pretty! And I feel the full importance of this fact was lost on me at the Honda Civic tour due to distraction by FOB. Though I do have a picture of him on my phone as proof that he was deeply fascinating even when I did not really know his music yet.)

I have ridiculous amounts of lust in my heart for the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans in October, but I really don't see any way I'm gonna be able to pull that one off.
Price of tickets + finding a place to stay + 10 hour drive = death of my dreams, but fuck do I ever want to go.

What the fuck does bandom have against Nashville*, I ask? Seriously! Music City, people! Visit it! (Not that I particularly enjoy driving to Nashville as it's still about an hour and a half, and ya know Nashville complete with traffic, but at least that's not prohibitively far!)

*I would settle for Louisville, also, though I despise Louisville traffic even more than Nasvhille.
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( Apr. 24th, 2007 03:54 pm)
I fail at computer.

I love my wireless mouse. Except for when the batteries die without warning. As they do.

(Actually, I think it warns me when the batteries start to get low but it's so far in advance that I forget. Weeks ago at the least.)

So while my batteries are charging, which will prolly take an hour, I am reduced to tabbing around the internets. It's a good thing I already had a browser open before the batteries gave up, otherwise I'm not sure I could have figured it out.

And I really want to sign on to trillian, but I don't think I can figure out how to do it. Because I fail at computer. Especially keyboard shortcuts. This shit is hard, yo!
And I already typed this post & killed it once in a way I wouldn't have been able to manage with a functioning mouse.
Stupid LJ, why do you have autosave if you're not going to actually save shit when I need you to?


ETA: Wow, my batteries took 2 1/2 hours to charge. Jeebus. But yay for mouse!
I just finished watching Crossing Jordan. Yes, at work again. What? It's not like I have anything better to do at the moment! And the new card printers are creepy and make weird noises.

But anyway, back to CJ (spoilers!) )

In other news, I have billions of things to do this afternoon. No, really, billions. Would I lie?
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( Dec. 8th, 2006 02:07 am)
Current temperature in BG, KY: 14 degrees farenheit
Feels like: 8

And I have to go outside so we can make an emergency ATM run so we can finish doing our laundry so it doesn't mildew. I hate the world and I may freeze to death. It was nice knowing you all.

Where the hell are my knee-high socks?

Saved. ...for now.
I hate you, Livejournal. Would you just fucking knock it off already before I have to KILL YOU. Kthnxbai.

ETA: Thank you.
SRSLY, LJ, WTF crack do you smoke?

I was not unduly bothered by the change in browsing layout-ness. I wasn't all that fond of any of the previous styles, so I have the new one a try for a few days.

I decided this morning that it just wasn't what I wanted and calmly went in and changed it back to my normal style.
And then I changed it again.
And then I changed it again.

And you know what? This is really getting old. It didn't piss me off before, but it really, really is now.

Anybody found a way to solve this yet?
My computer is still being a piece of shit and it's getting worse. *sigh* I'm going to end up having to wipe the whole drive, I just know it. I only hope that will manage to fix it. Whatever, I'll know more once I consult my local computer technician on Tuesday (by which I mean my brother). Entirely aside from the hassle it will be trying to put all my 50 gigs of files back, do you have any idea how long it's taken me to get everything on my computer just the way I like it? Plus, I don't know where the CDs are to reload Windows, and I have no idea how to re-get some of the programs I have right now. Bugger. I'm never going to get to RP, am I?

In happier news, I watched the first two episodes of Firefly today, for no reason in particular. I've had them lying around for quite a while, but never quite got around to giving the show a chance. I had no doubt that I would like it, because, duh, Joss. I think the reason I didn't watch it when it first came out is that I knew it wasn't going to make it and I didn't want to be mentally destroyed when it was inevitably cancelled. I think coming into it knowing it's a closed fandom will make the end easier to handle. But it is excellent and I'm planning to watch more tomorrow. Mal's my favorite character at this point, but then again, he's meant to be, isn't he?
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( Jun. 12th, 2006 02:37 pm)

Future Freshman: *walks right up to door* I need to get a student ID.
ID Center Worker: Did you read the sign? (the giant whiteboard sign that they just walked past to get to the door)
FF: ...yes.
IDCW: What did it say?
FF: ...something about a form?
IDCW: And did you fill out the form? (which they obviously haven't, as they're still standing around looking lost)
FF: I couldn't find it.
IDCW: (Did you try looking with your EYES?!) It's right there. (where you ALSO just walked past to come harass me)
FF: Oh. *turns around*

There are quite a few minor variations on this conversation, some of which involve them getting out their license rather than filling out the tiny but oh-so-essential piece of paper, and a couple of which involve getting them to sit in the chair. Yes, you have to sit. The chair isn't just there for looks. Yes, that one, the one in front of the camera. Yes, we're going to take your picture right now. You came here to get your damn ID, didn't you? Yes, your picture will probably look pretty bad. No, we don't have any sympathy for you. Guess what, I look like hell in mine, too; get over it.

I could understand getting this type of incident a few times a day. But when it's almost every single person? You have to wonder how these people are intelligent enough to get in to college when they are apparently incapable of reading three short instructions on a big sign.
(Fill out form. Get out photo ID - driver's license. Wait in line.)

I don't know which is worse - the ones who apparently read the sign and have trouble understanding it, or the ones who just ignore as though it couldn't possibly apply to them.

Yes, I love my job.

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( Jan. 8th, 2006 10:02 pm)
SunuvaBITCH!!!!!! Damn Crossing Jordan! And they were doing so well!
spoilers )
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( Jan. 4th, 2006 12:41 am)
So... right.
I've been watching 4 auctions on Ebay for the last 6 days. They all ended tonight at about 11:45. I remembered this at about that time and went to go check on them and bid. And ebay randomly decided that I didn't deserve to be able to see my watchlist. Until midnight, by which time they were all over. Doubly frustrating since 2 of them didn't even get any bids. Hopefully the seller will relist the items that didn't sell, one of which I really, really, *really* want. Stupid Ebay. Why do you hate me?

Other than that, I had a rather good day. The exec meeting only took a couple hours and then we had a lovely dinner at Mariahs. All the more lovely for the fact that I didn't have to pay for it. ^.^ And then I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] ladykittykatwku for a few hours. Yay! I missed my Rita.

Now I'm gonna go hang out with [livejournal.com profile] helenweird, who randomly stopped by. <3

And then I have approximately a billion other things to do. But I will probably read a Due South series I've been working on for a few days, instead.

Oh, and I'm also upset because the reason Rita and I went shopping was to find the book "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" and they couldn't find it at Barnes and Noble or the other bookstore we went to. Very disappointing. ;_; But I did pick up a very cute boxer puppy calendar. And a castle calendar. And the second manga of Evil's Return, which is a fairly interesting series. And 2 bras. And doritos. I suck at impulse buying. This is why I should not keep cash on hand. It sneaks away!
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( Dec. 16th, 2005 11:40 pm)
I just got ridiculously excited because I realize that I get to sleep in until nine or nine-thirty tomorrow after having to be at work at eight AM every morning this week. It's the little things that make life worth living. ^.^

I'm so glad that classes and finals are done for the semester and am quite looking forward to the long break. I feel quite certain that I will need lots of rest in advance to survive next semester.

Now if only my $%@#$@#$ professors would put up my $%@#$@#$@$% grades! *grr*

I have most of my stuff ready to go home tomorrow. Except for my computer, of course, which I will undoubtedly turn off at the last possible minute. :)

It needs to be x-mas now, plzthxbye.
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( Nov. 30th, 2005 09:03 am)
Have I mentioned recently that I'm happy with my job? If I have, I was lying. Like woah.

My schedule for next semester was supposed to be 11-4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the woman who does the schedules felt sorry for me because I've been on 8AMs for three straight semesters and I am *not* a morning person.
Unfortunately, she screwed up while she was scheduling. She had someone down for 8-11 when it turns out they actually can't work then because they have class. So guess who gets the honors of filling in the gap? Exactly.

On the bright side, I think this means I will end up working like 16 hours a week which ain't too shabby. ...or at least wouldn't be if I weren't planning on taking 18 hours of classes next semester. I still can't figure out which class I can possibly drop. *sigh*
On the other bright side, she feels bad asking me to work 8AM for the fourth straight semester so she going to try to get me a raise. Considering the fact that I already make more than anyone else I know who works on campus, that's pretty amazing in and of itself.


So, after that depressing news, now I have to go fix my term paper so I can turn it in today and figure out what the bloody feck I'm going to say during the five minute oral report I have to give on the topic this afternoon.

Is it x-mas break yet?

(Possible House/fandom meta examining backlash from last night's ep and comparing it to something I feel is a similar situation later if I feel up to thinking.)
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( Nov. 28th, 2005 05:16 pm)
I did not end up turning in my term paper in English today. Ask me why. Go on, ask me! ...fine then, don't ask me! I'll tell you anyway!

Crazy person that I am, I took the fact that she has told us that she HATES title pages and thinks they are a waste of space to mean that I didn't need to have a title page for my term paper. This was, apparently, quite wrong. She refused to take it without a title page. She told me to bring it back Wednesday with a title page and she won't take off any points. But I'm still pissed because now I will end up rereading the drivel and attempting to make it better instead of being fucking RID of it!

Apparently everyone in the class was supposed to know that they would be required to have a title page and outline in order for her to accept the paper without her EVER at ANY point in the ENTIRE semester telling us this. Of the twenty-something people in the class, I think about 6 or 8 term papers actually got turned into today and the rest all had to have something fixed before she would accept them. Even the people that did it right did so purely by accident. They didn't know either, they're just overachievers. *smites professor taylor* I love her to death, really. She's just on CRACK!!!!
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( Nov. 28th, 2005 12:03 pm)
So... Thanksgiving break was nice. My friends and/or family managed to refrain from killing each other, which was nice.

New Crossing Jordan last night made me uber-happy. Yay! If only I hadn't been writing a term paper while watching it and thus somewhat distracted it would have been perfect.

I finally just finished my term paper for Eng 300. Which is a good thing, since I have to turn it in about three hours from now and I still have to find somewhere to print the bloody thing out.
My immense relief at being done with it is stifled by the fact that I am approximately half past dead. I'm not sure if it's allergies or what, but I'm about ready to say feck it and just shoot myself in the head. But then I would have put all that work into my term paper for no reason, so I guess I'll have to survive long enough to show up and turn it in.
You know what would be great? If I didn't have to rework my term paper by next Tuesday and turn it in again in a different class. I'm not that worried about what grade I'll get on it in Eng because she likes me and probably doesn't actually care what's in the paper at all, but in my gender class I'm afraid she'll take one look at it and realize what horrendous crap it is. (And trust me, it is.)
Blegh. I can't even make myself care right now. I really hope I do not feel like this next week or I'm likely to turn it in exactly the way it is, too short, crappy, wrong reference style, and all.
It would also be grand if I did not have to do a presentation/speech about my paper first thing in class on Wednesday. Life sucks. I'm going to go die now. I don't think I'll go to any of my classes except for Eng to turn in my paper today. Even though I should go to Soc Theory and see how I did on my test and go to Astr to see if he has the addition to the study guide for the final ready yet.
I guess I can look forward to the fact that Wednesday will be even worse than today. Why doesn't that make me feel any better?
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( Nov. 15th, 2005 08:03 pm)
@$%^$#^@#$%@%@#%@#$^$@#%^@%!#%!@ FOX NEWS EMERGENCY WEATHER REPORTS, STOP INTERRUPTING HOUSE!!!!!!!111

I'm okay now.

1. WTF is up with the random Cameron/Wilson vibes? That was really, really weird. I couldn't decide whether I should be rooting for them or yelling them so stop fucking talking to each other...

2. In direct opposition of the random Cameron/Wilson-ness, when Wilson was discussing cheating on his wives, he was very damn carefully gender-neutral about who he cheated with. Because he was talking about House, damnit!!! K, I'm fine now.
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( Nov. 13th, 2005 12:25 am)
Electricity is a good thing. I'm glad it decided to come back. After being out for 7 fucking hours.
Too bad the coming back part occurred about fifteen minutes after I left for home to go to Zoe's play. Jen decided to come with me after all because she didn't want to sit around in the dark when the sun finished going down.

I've been dying to check my email all day so I'm gonna go do that now.
Ahh, internets how I missed you today.

I was actually so bored because of the lack of electricity this morning that I got up, got dressed, went to the bank, bought a trashy romance novel, came back, took a nap, read the trashy romance novel, and still didn't know what to do with myself. I still feel more productive than Jen who more or less slept until 5 PM.


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