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( Nov. 7th, 2008 01:23 pm)
Lol, Art Alexakis, lol indeed. Your attempt to single-handedly reclaim christianity from the crazy fundies is A+.
Spent today at a renfaire I'd never been to before and it was pretty damn cool. Fishers Renaissance Festival

It had a lot of period exhibitions and artisans and such, whereas most of the faires I've been to have been MERCHANTS, MERCHANTS, SOME SHOWS, AND OH YEAH MORE MERCHANTS.

Jen and I met our future, also. There was a woman selling ren faire costumes for dolls and she told us all about the rooms she has built for her dolls at home. :) :) :) I have no doubt we will be that crazy. (The crazy is currently in incubation and we are carefully tending it, keeping it warm and safe, so someday it can hatch into full-level crazy.)

Then the faire got too hot and crowded so we left... and walked around a mall in costume for a while. And I thought we were getting strange looks at the faire for carrying the kids around with us, wow. The public is so not ready for us. /o\

I think I have hatching on the brain. :( I wonder why?
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
I'm gonna go have coffee and the rest of my Tim Tams now. :D

ETA: My girlfriend uploaded a pic of me & the kids with a fairy over here.
...but I do have a cute little purple egg for some reason. IDK.

Adopt one today!

If you click on it, it increases its chances of hatching. :)

...Oh hush, I just want a baby dragon. :(
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( Sep. 29th, 2008 03:46 pm)
My dad: also the most ridiculous dude on earth. He sent me an oversized t-shirt he screenprinted with approximately a zillion frogs. It's kind of precious and ridiculous. I still don't know why he bought a t-shirt press, but it seems to make him happy.

I will never actually understand my dad's views on money because he is seriously a ridiculous tightwad (he would argue if you asked for a quarter for bubble gum when I was a kid, no really) but then he buys ridiculous things like a t-shirt press out of the blue. IDK. He also has a living room full of slot machines (well, most of them are actually Japanese not-exactly-slot-machine things), though they're kind of fun.

I like to pretend that our apartment is gradually becoming more apartment-like and less hovel-like but I'm mostly lying to myself. Yesterday I unpacked most of two boxes of pretty things and put them on the bookshelf.

The random trip to Louisville to see my bro on Saturday was nice in other ways besides the direct side effect of getting Tim Tams out of it (it's good that he got me two packages because I've already gone through the first one). He also bought me sushi for dinner and I got to meet his new girlfriend (that I didn't know he had... I don't pay attention to anything and he's not exactly the oversharing type anyhow), wandered around in Louisville for a bit, and finally actually got to see his apartment. It's a walk-up in the top floor of an authentic Victorian house. I has a jellusy.

Anyhow, he's coming to Bloomington in a few weeks to see some dude named Mason Jennings in concert and he wants me to go with him. I'm not too sure on this as my brother's tastes in music and mine don't exactly line up all the time and also, it's after one of my night classes, but I'm pondering it.

Everybody I talk to lately keeps asking me how I'm doing and I don't actually know. Classes are... classes. It's school, IDK what to say about it. It's kind of interesting, not too complicated, and kind of just... fine? My graduate assistantship is more interesting and more stressful, but still not terribly high-key adventure. Life is very different than it was a year ago. Not better or worse, really, but definitely different.

It probably makes me crazier than I want to admit to, that a lot of my current ennui-ish feelings are directly to the lack of concerts I want to see in my forseeable future. I saw Journey and Heart a few weeks ago! That fix should have lasted me longer, damnit!

Okay, enough rambling for now, I suppose. (Seekrit note to self: Upload music later!)
Psychologists have compiled a variety of experimental evidence that suggests ways in which
emotions may influence decisions. One such experiment involved 165 undergraduate students who were
asked to decide whether they wanted one of two snacks as a reward for participating in the study: a piece
of chocolate cake with cherry topping or a fruit salad. Before choosing, the students were divided into two
groups. One group was asked to memorize a seven-digit number and the other, a two-digit number.

The results of the experiment indicated that the students who were required to memorize the
seven-digit number chose the chocolate cake, while the students who memorized the two-digit number
chose the fruit salad. The researchers who conducted the experiment saw this as an indication that when
students’ cognitive processing resources were consumed by having to memorize the seven-digit number,
they made their decision based on affective reactions and chose the chocolate cake. Their impulsive
emotional side was able to gain the upper hand in the decision making process because their rational
analytical side was preoccupied with remembering the seven-digit number. On the other hand, the
students who only had to memorize the two-digit number had more cognitive resources available to
analyze their decision more thoroughly, which enabled them to make a prudent, rational, sensible choice
of the healthier fruit salad.

Paraphrased from Baba Shiv and Alexander Fedorikhin, “Heart and Mind in Conflict: The Interplay of Affect and
Cognition in Consumer Decision Making” in Brian Quinn, "Cognitive and Affective Processes in Collection Development".

I realize the conclusion they're coming to is that your mind being occupied with other things makes you make less rational choices, but I'm still going to sit here and lol that using your brain makes you less rational (Or maybe the experiment is flawed and using your brain just makes you like cake more!).

I'm gonna go use my brain some more now. D:
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 01:26 am)
I found my external hard drive that I've been looking for! \o/

I feel really dumb now.

Only 7 more work days left!
X-Files movie = :D
(though I think I'm perhaps too sympathetic, or maybe just too panfandom, to enjoy it as much as I could have)

French Dip subs = :)

buying random pretty shirts = :)

yarn = :)

Bowling = :)

sucking at bowling = :(

being poor = :(

Not checking my f-list for 3 days = :(
(aww fuck it, I'll do it in the morning)

Warped next Thursday = :D

P.S. I finally got my last.fm to work with mediamonkey. \o/ If you want to add me over there, that would be cool. Link! I'm kaciagemini pretty much everywhere, really.

Someday I will make a post that is an actual update about my life, because there are a bunch of things currently going on in it. That day is not today, and tomorrow's not looking so great either. *shrugs* Oh well.
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 02:14 am)
Damnit internets, I need to go to bed!

I blame The Cab for this. >:(

This is way more entertaining than it should be. So far, it's got 2 right out of, like, 10 that I've tried.

In other news, I tried to go ice-skating today but it was closed despite the hours on the sign. The bowling alley next door said sometimes they are late. Apparently by upwards of an hour and a half because Jen & I bowled two games and they still weren't open. Must try again some other time, I guess.

Bowling, like ice-skating in a way Y/N/GTFO?

Bowling, my recently discovered faaaaaaaavorite. It's too bad I suck pretty hard. I broke a hundred today! (Getting 100 totally counts as breaking it, right? Denting it? Startling it?)

Also, the bowling alley we were at today has excellent jukebox. \o/
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( Jun. 9th, 2008 08:46 pm)
Okay, so there's all this bandom wank shit going down and I'm just... honestly puzzled about something.

Facts as I understand them -
Some people at bandflesh are mean.
Some people HATEHATEHATE bandflesh.
A fuckton of people have no idea what the fuck this bandflesh shit is that people keep going on about.

Exchanges as I understand them -
Bandflesh-haters: I don't want to hang with anyone who hangs out at bandflesh because even if they aren't the ones being mean, they're condoning the mean things by hanging out there.
Bandfleshers: OMG UNFAIR.

Forgive my use of grammar that I'm not all that familiar with but isn't that a bit LOL SENSITIVE of the bandfleshers? How can they hang out there at all if they're that easily offended by someone ZOMG NOT UNDERSTANDING how truly loving and wonderful their comm seekritly is?

Disclaimer: I know pretty much nada about bandflesh. I've never posted there and to my knowledge never been posted about there. (Though if I have been, I would want to know because I didn't think I was that well-known! I would be impressed! I am infinitely thick-skinned, fr srs.) I do not know anyone involved in any side of the debate all that terribly well. I don't really get why there seems to be a community that endorses a fuck-ton of grudge-wanking along with whatever else they do, but I also don't think that bandflesh created evil (nor did fandom_wank, or 4chan, or the internet for that matter - people just suck and always have).

Summary: So yeah, I guess what I'm saying is that I can understand the haters (because that's what haters do and you can't actually eradicate them) and I can understand the hatees getting all up in arms, but I can't understand the haters (or I guess the problem is that it's theoretically not actually haters, just people who happen to innocently be BFFs with the haters?) getting all defensive because some people quite vocally don't like them or the way they do business.

I am open for discussion on this matter.

ETA: After a couple hours of backreading, I've come to the conclusion that the bandfleshers at least realize they're being LOL SENSITIVE, which is, I guess, a good thing. Also, I've decided that the freakiest thing about bandflesh to me is how all the regulars seem to recognize each other and know who everybody is irlj. Is there, like, secret code or something or do I just fail at subtextual clues or something? WTF, IDGI.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:00 am)
I am utterly baffled as to how the graduation of my high school calc teacher's kids is front page news on a state-wide paper... WTF? How are fluff pieces front page, even on a Saturday?
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( May. 18th, 2008 03:23 am)

Now off to get some rest so I can drive to Indiana for Panic.

Also? Paramore kick ass in concert. So do New Found Glory. And The Presidents of the USA. And 3 Doors Down, Papa Roach, and Finger Eleven, for that matter.
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( May. 11th, 2008 10:25 pm)
A mouse died in my girlfriend's shoe. This should not be as funny as it is. But, dude, hilarious.

Also ewwwww, but mostly hilarious.
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( May. 4th, 2008 03:00 am)
You know what I really desperately want in my life? For a regular band to do a wizard rock song. That would make my life. ^.^

Sorry, I just realized that Ministry of Magic is the best wizard rock band EVER. ♥

In other news: Numb3rs on Friday was pretty good. Sticky Charlie and Larry? YES PLZ.
Still haven't watched Monday's House or Wednesday's Criminal Minds. Also, I'm like three episodes behind on The Riches. Somehow, despite the fact that there are not that many episodes of that show, I am chronically behind. I have never actually managed to watch it in real time ever.

In other, other news: That damn Miley Cyrus song came on the radio today and is now STUCK IN MY BRAIN. Thanks, really. It's actually kind of creepy how much similarity I can hear between her stuff and Metro Station. Maybe Miley & Trace's mom fed them techno beats in the womb?

Do I ever post when I'm not sleepy? What's up with that?


Oh, wow, I just totally distracted myself before I could click to post the entry.

I was thinking earlier, you know what else I really, really want? Fic about Singer meeting Miley Cyrus when she came to see her brother on the RRRGLT. Or actually about her meeting absolutely anyone else on that tour. Because it would be so ridiculously lolztastic.

I want fic where Singer has a giant crush on her! The other Cab-babies make fun of how much he likes her show! He has to watch it in secret! They call him a perv but he just really wants to hold her hand! And he's not that creepy! He's only like three (four?) years older than her damnit, they should leave him alone!

Or, I also want fic where she has a giant stupid crush on Singer and like gets his number and starts randomly texting him and he thinks it's kind of cool but in no way realizes that she's all crushing on him even when she calls him up the day his album comes out to tell him how much she likes it!

I have no idea why I want this ridiculous fic, but I want it. Make the internet give it to me, please?

ETA: Oh, wow, that is the best mood icon ever. No wonder I only post when I'm sleepy. See you soon, Panic-babies!
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( Apr. 22nd, 2008 12:22 am)
My mom is hanging out in the living room watching "Hell Comes to Frogtown" with her part-time boyfriend. I... don't even know. I really don't.
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( Mar. 24th, 2008 07:42 pm)
WTF is up with the new Simple Plan album (video for the single if you just want a taste). It sounds like they ate a backstreet boy or something. I kinda like it anyway. Or, am amused by it at least.

Must. Stop. Hitting. Random. Button. At. Urban. Dictionary.
I r hasing green beer. \o/

Food dye for the win!
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( Mar. 16th, 2008 12:03 pm)
Good job, Fall Out Boy. You made me wish I could go to Antartica. You win.

I guess this makes more sense now.


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