I think I may have misplaced a $20 bill which is seriously depressing. Stupid paper monies. I never misplace my bank account, yo.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night after I finished my paper. Due to my alarm clock deciding to hate me again. I'm really gonna have to give up on that thing. I am just naturally resistant to change.

In happier news, you know what's a little bit awesome? When my coworkers leave for lunch and come back in after a couple of minutes carrying uprooted trees. Yes. And when I ask what the heck is going on, the only response is a too-innocent "They were just going to throw them away!"

Everyone in my office is a crazy person. Luckily I am on my own at the moment. They dropped off the trees in the back and continued on their way to lunch. No wait, there's a second batch of trees. Now I'm alone. So weird.

Also? Landscaping confuses me. A lot.
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( Nov. 14th, 2006 07:22 pm)
Boy Scouts can now get a badge in copyright protection. No really. I'm not joking. Read about it here.
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( Nov. 13th, 2006 11:10 pm)
Jen is attempting to power her computer with magical energy. And this is apparently working.

...back to Nano-ing now.
Damn! I should have left my phone on in class today!
See, when phones ring in my Family Relations class, the prof answers them.
And apparently my crazy-ass brother tried to call me this morning so he could tell me that he was in Salem, Massachusetts. It made him think of me and he thought I would be amused (which I am). But it would have been hilarious to me if he had this conversation with my prof because it would have confused them both greatly.

Then when he got ahold of me later to tell me about it (sadly, no longer in Salem), he told me how disappointed he was that he hadn't been able to find the Diagon Alley-esque shop that's supposed to exist there. He was going to buy me house robes. I told him I'm a Ravenclaw if it ever comes up. And that he probably couldn't find it because he's a muggle.

My family is so cracked.
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( Oct. 17th, 2006 12:36 am)
Curse my not-having-any-more-icon-spaces!

How am I supposed to upload the... 103 icons I saved from the shiny community rita pointed me to when I'm using all 109 icon spaces?

Oh well, I'll go to sleep and figure it out tomorrow.
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( Sep. 28th, 2006 12:48 am)
Do y'all remember the Johnny Castaway Screensaver? You should all download it.

Also, I am a crazy person and thought it would be a good idea to switch my keyboard to Dvorak style. I should probably switch it back before I drive myself crazy. Either that or move my keyboard buttons to Dvorak positions. I really probably shouldn't do that.

Further reasons I should not watch tv - commercial for Bambi II... and for KY warming gel... back to back! o.O;
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( Jan. 29th, 2006 03:29 pm)
My girlfriend is eating a vat of coleslaw for breakfast at three in the afternoon. And she thinks I'm weird?
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( Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:37 am)
Girlfriend and I need to be up and getting ready for first day of the class in... *checks clock*... 4 hours. Not sleepy. We're so totally fucked.
What are we doing with our time whilst not sleeping? Discussing our imaginary children. Don't ask.
BTW, Rita, we're going to ask you for a favor later, unless we come to our senses before then.
I gotta go now because girlfriend is talking to our imaginary kids.
*runs away*
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( Oct. 24th, 2005 01:17 am)
So, yeah....... our building is totally flooding. Like, seriously flooding. It's raining in the stairs and the elevator. A lot. We are more or less trapped. Apparently they are attempting to turn off the water.

...as I was typing that, the fire alarm went off. I wish they would make up their minds whether we are flooding or burning.
I think the steam from the water is what set it off. We went outside and hung out with Laura in the lobby of Bates for about 20 minutes until most of the flashy lights in front of our dorm seemed to be gone.
Apparently they finally shut off the water as the raining in the stairs and elevators has now more or less stopped. And on the bright side, one of the sets of stairs is actually mostly dry. Yay!
They had better have this fixed by tomorrow or I will be extremely upset.
Le sigh. I really ought to go to bed now.

On the bright side, this will make a very interesting story to tell at work tomorrow and I get to beat Leah to telling it.
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( Sep. 15th, 2005 02:05 am)
I win at Life.
No, really.
Because for some reason my girlfriend and I decided that we needed to buy the boardgame Life (among other things) at Wal-Mart tonight. And then we felt the need to play it. And I totally won. Because I r0xx0r. Yes I do. And I'm not at all egotistical.

I hate drama. Especially LJ drama.
Cut for teh crazy "Getting to Know You" meme of doom (doom, doom, doooom.... *echo*) )

And in other news: I am not dead. Yay! That is, generally speaking, a good thing.
...Lessee, Sat. night I fell out at about 10 PM. Woke up Sunday at 2 PM. Was confused.
Took the kidlets back to BG, ran into Wolfie randomly at Kroger. Ate sushi in a moving vehicle (harder than it seems).
Went to see James Taylor. (which one might have already figured out if you listened to my phonepost, crappy though the quality was) The concert rocked muchly. Luke was better behaved than was feared, but not as well behaved as was hoped.
Got home at about 2 AM. Helen was there. She apparently taped QAF for us, but I haven't watched it yet. Ended up watching Season 5 of "Angel". Pretty much all of it.
I think I kinda napped from about 4 AM to 7 AM (monday morning, by this point). Left for BG at about 8:30.
Got dropped off at the top of the hill. Walked around Cherry with Zoe a bit. Ran over to Thomson and talked to Laura for a few minutes.
Ran over to the Rock house for the interview thingie with the possibly new teacher guy - who seemed pretty nice. It's too bad I can't go to the other one so I can compare them and see which is better. Oh well. (Jen, at least, knows what I'm talking about. Probably. Right?)
Went to ...the bank ...and Wal-Mart ... Oh, and TJ Maxx! The shoes! I got a pair of Converse! Crazy!random, yeah? I don't think I've ever owned Converse shoes before. They're kinda cute. Almost all black, with a little bit of blue. Very Nice. And Zoe got some that are white and red and I don't remember. We were actually there to get Zoe some, but in helping her pick some out, I accidentally fell in love with a pair. I found a pair of New Balances that are the same design as my old falling-apart ones that I dearly love and have been trying to replace for years... but they weren't the right size. This disappointed me muchly, but I am happy with my new Converse regardless.
Um, yeah. An dthen we got home and I took a nap. From about 3 PM to 7 PM. ...someone woke me up, but I don't remember why. I was still sleepy, but I had to get up to go over to Aileen's and help her with Luke anyway, so I figured I might as well get out of bed. ...Got Luke to sleep... fed the fish... got back here shortly after 11 PM.
I have no idea where the last three hours went since I got back. I did read my f-list for the last day or two... but I haven't even checked my e-mail yet! ...I think teh crazy meme possibly took over an hour. Damn. Crazy-ass meme.
Now I need to go check my main e-mail addresses, read Kate's Munch/Fin fic (squee! *iz excited*), read the updates to my f-list that occured whilst I was composing this *book* of a post, .... oh yeah! and also sleep! Sleep is good. I keep forgetting that, I think. My body is going to start rebelling soon, I fear if I do not begin giving it sleep in regular intervals and normal-sized doses. Sometimes, though, I think that perhaps I am actually an alien, and I *do* have circadian rhythms, they are simply designed for an alien planet with longer days where it would be necessary to be awake for about 20 hours and sleep for 10. I think I would possibly work better that way. /insanity ...okay, so I never actually /insanity, but I like to pretend, okay? Don't knock the wind out of my sails! ...Oh, and I need to read that HP trio fic that's been sitting in my taskbar for like three days. After "Climbing Uphill".
And I need to remember to take my contacts out before I fall out. Because I've been wearing them since... 2 PM Sunday and it's now... Tuesday? *has lost all concepts of time* Tomorrow, after I become un-comatose, I'm supposed to go driving and practice parallel parking, which may or may not actually become a feasible plan because Aileen is driving the Kia because her car is being fixed... and the Kia's the only thing I can really drive... well, that I really *would* drive, not necessarily *can*.
But anyway: email, flist, fic, contacts, sleep. hopefully in that order. I have a gameplan, now I just have to follow it... I never was very good with sports-type things, perhaps game plan was not a good idea? *shrug* *gives it a shot anyway*
I really am ending this post now. Really. Night luvs. Or morning. Or whatever. Ni!


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