Too bad my computer still thinks wireless is the stupidest thing ever invented. Damn cranky desktop.

(My computer was being so faily earlier today that I almost gave up on its entire existence, all rooted in its deep and abiding hatred of wireless. WTF.)
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( Jun. 9th, 2007 09:54 pm)
I am a great big loser.

I got to obsessing over a computer game I used to play 10 years ago. Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer. (Yes, really.)

And I went and found it. And installed it. And played it.

Pics! aka OMG I'm such a loser! )

Feel free to mock. :)
My computer is still being a piece of shit and it's getting worse. *sigh* I'm going to end up having to wipe the whole drive, I just know it. I only hope that will manage to fix it. Whatever, I'll know more once I consult my local computer technician on Tuesday (by which I mean my brother). Entirely aside from the hassle it will be trying to put all my 50 gigs of files back, do you have any idea how long it's taken me to get everything on my computer just the way I like it? Plus, I don't know where the CDs are to reload Windows, and I have no idea how to re-get some of the programs I have right now. Bugger. I'm never going to get to RP, am I?

In happier news, I watched the first two episodes of Firefly today, for no reason in particular. I've had them lying around for quite a while, but never quite got around to giving the show a chance. I had no doubt that I would like it, because, duh, Joss. I think the reason I didn't watch it when it first came out is that I knew it wasn't going to make it and I didn't want to be mentally destroyed when it was inevitably cancelled. I think coming into it knowing it's a closed fandom will make the end easier to handle. But it is excellent and I'm planning to watch more tomorrow. Mal's my favorite character at this point, but then again, he's meant to be, isn't he?
I need to go to bed soon because I have to get up in the morning to hang out with my dad before he catches his flight back to florida.
That was pretty much your only warning/explanation for the rest of this post whilst I attempt to eject the multitude of thoughts from my brain directly onto livejournal minus any filtering/organization/sanity. Enjoy. ^.^

So, right, got up way earlier than I wanted to, took a shower, got ready, then went to BG with Dad and Zoe. We went to JC Penny and bought clothes (that I *like*! I must show them to you Jen, because they kick ass! I want more! This did not satisfy my money-spending urges!). Then we had to go drop Zoe off so she could get ready for the performance. Then we went to Target for about an hour and dad looked at luggage but failed to buy anything (*sob* I have failed as a child!). Then we went *back* over to the theatre, so Dad could watch the show and I took Luke (Aileen and Francisco were watching the play) and Mom and we went to Rita's and hung out (because there's only so many times you can watch the same play and I don't want to reach my limit before the one that we've already reserved seats for) for about an hour. Then we had to go *back* to the theatre, trade Luke for Zoe and scurry off towards Louisville, trying to fight our way through wind and rain to make it on time for the last performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Iriquois Amphitheatre (sp?). We made it on time, but it was raining when we got there so we got thoroughly soaked walking to the theatre.
Slight aside: I'm not sure up until now if it was by accident or design but I almost never go see any performance unless it is opening night or closing night. I *very* rarely see any show in between. I think this is because those performances have a tendency to be better ones, especially on closing night. They've had time to work all the kinks out, they don't have to hold anything back for another show, and all their emotions are running higher because it's almost the end of the experience. So, anyway, if I didn't plan my attendence at live theatre around that fact before, I definitely will now.
Yeah, so this was closing night of Jesus Christ Superstar. Margo sat with us; this was her third round of it and she said that performance made the other two look like complete *crap* in comparison. It was an incredibly good show. I really *really* enjoyed it. But I suspect this may not be for the reasons that most other people enjoyed it. There were two things that, for me, lifted it from the realm of good theatre into the realm of a fucking awesome experience. It was not the music, though that was nice. It was not the acting, though that was phenomenal. It was not even their singing abilities, really, though I was fucking *impressed* with how much some of them threw into it. They could not have sung as powerfully in any other performance as they did in that one because they would not have been able to *speak* the next day, much less do it over again. Anyway, back to the two things that pushed it over the top.
Firstly, I shall demonstrate my shallowness - the guy who played Judas was Teh Sex. Seriously. He is the hottest thing invented since *fire*. Guh. I told mom we should kidnap him and take him home in the trunk. She laughed, but I was half-serious. He totally stole the show away from Jesus. Com*plete*ly stole it. I was like, Jesus who? And not only was he hot, he was also the *best* actor on that stage by *far*. And his singing? In-fucking-credible. Phenomenal. Apparently he's also the lead singer of some local Louisville band called "The Hawk"... I totally want to try and go see them, because if he is anything like he was in JCS when he is onstage singing with his band, it will blow everyone away.
And the second factor, which was the only thing that caused me to even notice Jesus was on the stage. - How come nobody told me that JCS is full of Teh Gay? Seriously. It is the gayest musical I have ever seen in my life. It is *not* "slashy" because that implies that one has to stretch canon to make the characters gay - Jesus and Judas are *so* incredibly gay. Come *on*! Jesus saying "How could he betray me with a kiss?"... Judas singing "I don't know how to love him." Completely queer. Nevermind the fact that I'm positive the real reason Judas betrayed Jesus is because Jesus broke up with him so he could get the hook-up with Mary Magdalene (sp?). Judas was *completely* jealous of all the attention Jesus was paying to Mary. I totally felt bad for Judas and wanted to give him a hug for most of the performance.
Besides which, even if the musical were not *already* gay, the actors had to go and *flirt* with each other like five-year-olds after they took their bows and were headed offstage. Guy-who-played-Judas was walking ahead of guy-who-played-Jesus, suddenly Jesus-guy darts forward to tickle the back of Judas-guy's neck. Judas-guy turns around, laughing and teasing him back, Jesus-guy darts away playfully and Judas-guy gives chase, proceeding offstage and out of sight (where who *knows* what could've happened?). Then, after they came out and bowed again (because it was just that good), they were being all playful and flirty and chase-y again when they were headed offstage. This was not all in my imagination as Zoe can tell you. Because she knew *exactly* what I was thinking when I was watching the show.
After all that excitement, we headed back to the car, at which point Mom realized that she had lost her keys. Lovely. Good thing I had my set. (Yay! Car-ness!)
Mom let me drive which I think was at least partly due to her shame at having lost her keys. But, hey, beggars can't be choosers.
The drive from Louisville to my house is a good two and a half or three hours. And it was already nearly 10 pm when we left. And then it started raining again. And there was fog. But I was fine. But mom felt it necessary to keep telling me that if I wanted to pull over and switch places it would be perfectly okay.
Mostly it was alright except for mom telling me to slow down every time she looked over to see how fast we were going.
The only truly bad part of the trip was this strip of highway where the second lane was blocked off with orange cone-thingies for like *15* miles... and I was stuck behind a car going like 20 under the speed limit for the *entire* time. I was ranting at her and mom was like "Road rage has no place on the road." Well then why do they call it road rage?
She made me do breathing exercises until I stopped ranting about murder.
But we made it home safely without killing anyone at all. And mom told me how impressed she was with me for driving so well the whole way. Which would have been nicer if she had managed to wipe out some of the shock and surprise in her voice as she was giving the compliment.
Now I just need to go check my email, figure out what the hell I'm going to wear tomorrow since I don't have *any* clean or even semi-clean pants, and then get some sleep because I expect someone will attempt to wake me up about six hours from now. Which wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten a full night's sleep at any point in the last... 4 or 5 days.
...I am resisting the urge to go look up Jesus/Judas slash. Because I really need to be asleep right now. Really.
Also, random question, which I could probably figure out the answer to if I actually tried, but I am lazy and thusly I shall ask my friends list: Okay, so Jesus died, then came back, I follow it that far, but then what? After his resurrection did he just spend a little while convincing people he was alive and then flutter off the heaven or whatever? Or did he stick around for a while and hang out with the disciples? Watching JCS made me wonder things like that. And also, what did actually happen to Judas? -After the play ended, I was thinking, 'Hey I wanna know what happens next!' and then it occurred to me that I probably ought to actually have some clue, but I don't. Though I apparently know more about the bible than Zoe does, which somewhat worries me. How did I obtain this slight smattering of knowledge that I do have? Because I have no idea where it came from. But it is there, nonetheless, even if it has great big gaping important holes in it.
Oh, and one last thought before I run off: I am currently angry with my computer because it rebooted itself while I was sleeping last night, thus closing two windows with fics open in them that I've been meaning to read for several days. I think one was Harry/Ron and one was dombilleh, and I have no idea how I'm going to find them again. *sigh* Damn computer.

I love musicals. Jesus/Judas OTP!!1

I apologize if I made no sense in some parts of this post. I shall use the Rita-excuse to cover all ills. *I'm so sleepy!*

ETA: I'm downloading the original broadway soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar and I like Judas on the soundtrack way less than I liked the Judas at the performance tonight.
kaciagemini1013: *random* I am torn - I love the way my lj looks when my computer is set to crazy!high screen resolution, but I have trouble reading the screen from where I normally sit. I want pretty and readable, damnit! Why doesn't the world revolve around me?!? *sob*
Alluring Discord: I'm sorry dear
kaciagemini1013: That's okay. I'm just a whiny brat.

Further Proof of my insanity )

I totally need to be doing my laundry right now. But I think I shall go read more trio fic instead. I <3 the [ profile] triofqf.
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( May. 25th, 2005 06:58 pm)
I have 45 *Gigs* of video files on my computer... no wonder it hates me.
(And not nearly enough of it is Sentinel. *points to icon*)
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( May. 25th, 2005 01:14 am)
Totally missed the season finale of SVU. Didn't I learn this lesson last week with CJ? Apparently not. Scouring the internets. *sigh*

Anyway, apparently my computer doesn't like having eMule running 24 hours a day for days on end. Who'd a thunk it? It's being all slow and cranky. And Semagic has crashed two days in a row. I'm not sure if Semagic is actually crashing or if something else (like eMule) is making it crash. I should probably run a virus check. And defrag my hard drive. Guess I'll set it to do one or the other while I'm asleep.

...and I *still* don't have any L&O icons! I wish I had an attention span.
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( May. 10th, 2005 03:44 pm)
I opened up about three gigs on my hard drive by deleting files of things that I *own* on dvd. I've been rearranging files and putting things where they belong. So that now I can go download more crap and be able to find it when I'm looking for it.
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( May. 9th, 2005 10:31 pm)
Spent time with my daddy today... we went to Bowling Green and walked around in the mall... and he bought me new khakis at aeropostale, my one preppy weakness. We argued with the people at the cingular booth but apparently I can't renew my plan and get a new phone because of some crazy thing that happened when cingular and at&t merged that should hopefully be fixed soon and I might yet get a camera phone. Hopefully. Maybe. Then we went to best buy and looked at expensive and pretty things, but didn't buy any of them. We had lunch at Zaxby's because neither of us had ever tried it before. It was actually very good, I was kinda surprised.
We picked Zoe up from school... and drove to Hoptown because we hadn't nothing better to do, and went to Walmart because we had nothing better to do. I got a cool new gypsy-type skirt at wal mart, it's all brown and black and swishy. ^_^ I also got a couple of tank tops. And three big packs of sour punch straws. Because I am an addict. I tried a new flavor I hadn't had before when we stopped at a gas station on the way out of town - cherry! I had heard they were good, but I'd never seen them anywhere before. I think I like apple, strawberry and watermelon better though. They also had some others there that I want to try but I resisted! For now, anyway...
Dad also bought some stuff for zoe and for luke... he's getting better at this spending money thing, a few more years and we might finally have him trained right.
He left at about 8:30-ish to start driving back to FL, he wanted to get a head start and do the rest tomorrow. I don't know why he left so soon, I know he had plenty more time off. But he's supposed to be off around the end of July and we'll probably go do something then. Any ideas or suggestions on where I should convince him to go? (Somehow, I don't think Ocean City would appeal to Dad and Zoe, much as I'd like to suggest it...)
Plans: Tomorrow, me and Bruce are going to take Aileen's stuff out of my room, and possibly haul some of it over next door to her place. Then I'm going to work and getting my room in a live-able state. (I think mom is planning to replace the carpet soon, so I don't know how settled in I should get o.O;;)
Wednesday, I need to call dad and remind him he needs to get online and pay for my summer class because he said he would (yay!!!) and to buy me a pretty new optical mouse because he said he would and buy me ink for my printer because he said he would and attempt to convince him that he should buy me a webcam (which probably won't work because he doesn't see the point) and a flash drive (because that would be nifty). Hooray for the potential spending of money that isn't mine! I may end up buying myself whichever of those things he chooses not to, but we'll see. I also need to remember to put Dead Like Me on cds and send it to him, because he really wants to watch it all... I need to find some cds... hopefully my cd burner holds up under the stress, it's a bit wonky on a good day... then again, if it stops working, maybe I can talk my dad into buying a new one... then again, the bloody piece of shite is supposed to still be under warrantee... (Grr! My mouse is being all wonky and clicking buttons I didn't push! I want a new mouse now!)
Random-ness: Not that any of you are probably worried or even remember this, but the present I ordered for mom that I was worried I had sent to the wrong address? I did send it to the wrong address. *But* if it doesn't get automatically forwarded (which it hopefully should) and gets returned, the ppl said that they would re-mail it back out to this address and not charge me extra. Which is good of them. Too bad they didn't get my e-mail before they sent it out the first time. *sigh* But it'll still be okay, and it has plenty of time to get here before mom's birthday which is the 27th. Though it would have a certain level of added amusement to tell her it got lost in the mail.... *giggle*
*glances up* Umm, yeah, I think I'm done updating now.
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( Oct. 28th, 2004 04:34 pm)
Managed to convince my computer after *much* effort that it really is okay for me to look at my own files, but it's still acting a little bit peculiar. I worry for its mental health sometimes, not to mention its ailing cd burning...
Anyway, going to a Halloween party tonight at the Outlet after Japanese class. Hopefully we'll get our mid-term grades back tonight. Unless I did bad, if I did bad I don't ever want to see the grades.
I think I'm going to wear my Halloween costume to work and class tomorrow. I really should go take a shower and get ready for the party so we'll have time to eat dinner before class. Nuff for now. Might update later if we get our Jap grades.

And also...
"Mosh Pit" video by Eminem
Should open in Windows Media Player, you can also find it at launchcast if that doesn't work.
It's a very... powerful video. You should all watch it. It's very... just go watch it.
And Rita, if Rob hasn't seen it yet, he might like to see it too.
"Kerry on!" Subliminal messaging?

Hopefully now that I've taken the Japanese mid-term and some of the pressure in my life is off, I'll stop forgetting to update my LJ.
Of course, my computer seems to be dying in slow motion... it keeps telling me that this folder that I keep like everything of importance in just can't be opened. No reason, just "Access Denied" over and over.
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( Aug. 17th, 2004 09:37 pm)
It's so nice to arrive home to a computer with about 20 billion things open on it and running like it hasn't been restarted during the entire two and a half weeks I was gone. I love Zoe and Aileen.

My room is messier than when I left. Which a neat trick since, you know, I haven't been here to mess it up. There's a half-empty Mountain Dew can on my desk. I hate Mountain Dew.

And my Tomagotchi is sleeping next to a pile of its own poop, again. Damn her. She's going to be sick in the morning.

I'm going to go make wome dinner in a while. And then I guess I'll wait for Helen to get home. Apparently, Helen's been so starved for human contact that she woke Mom up at 3:30 AM this morning. Now that's desperate. I'm never going to be able to get up in time to be at work at 8 AM Monday morning.

Okay, I'm done ranting for a little while. Might post again later. I missed my little program that makes it much easier to post to my LJ.
I just got finished watching the original Stepford Wives. It is uber-creepy. Plus the actress who plays the main chick is named Katharine and she spells it like me, which is way cool. So now I want to see the new one even though it will probably be exactly the same.
Oh, and I saw King Arthur today with Brad, Helen and Dougie. We missed the first few minutes cuz we came in late, but the movie kicked ass. It was *funny*! Some of what we were laughing at probably wasn't *supposed* to be funny, but we were practically rolling on the floor.
My fave new quote from the movie:
Lancelot: Are you worried? There are a lot of lonely men out there. (talking about the approaching army)
Guinevere: Don't worry. I won't let them rape you.
I don't normally want to see a movie again as soon as I've finished it, but I want to go see King Arthur again in case I missed anything the first time.
What am I doing? If I'm talking about my day, I should have started at the beginning, shouldn't I? This morning, I couldn't sleep, so I was up in Mom's room with the baby, too, at about 6:40 AM, when we heard this loud pop kinda noise. It sorta sounded like a gunshot, except louder. Well we went downstairs to investigate. Mom goes to the window, then starts yelling at Aileen to call 911 because there's a wreck in our front yard. So I go outside to check it out. Turns out a car full of drunken Mexicans were driving down the highway when they went off the road, took out are mailbox, destroyed a (very persistent) bush, and *demolished* two parked cars (no one was currently using either of them, but they did both work, till now anyway) easily a few hundred yards from where they first went off the road. It's a good thing they didn't hit the house; they probably would've kept going right into the living room. One of the cars they hit was an *extremely* heavy car and it managed to get pushed a few car lengths back plus half-way out into the road. The other one got smushed pretty good and pushed several feet back and several feet closer to the pond. I, for one, would have been greatly amused if it had been pushed *into* the pond. The best part may have been when they cuffed the driver and hauled him away in the state trooper's car. It was easily two hours after the accident before the state trooper showed up to give the breathalyzer and he apparently still blew way over the legal driving limit. From what we know, the car at least did have insurance so we shouldn't be completely screwed.
Oh and for some reason I haven't quite figured out yet, my mom decided to take most of the next two weeks off work to work on the house. She and Aileen and Tamie took out the partial wall separating the hallway across from Helen's room and Michael's old room while I was taking a nap this morning. Then this evening when I we got back from the movies they were painting the ceiling and a base coat on the walls. It was after dark by this point, so they couldn't really keep the door open that much because they didn't want to draw bugs. So most of the late evening was spent in a paint-fumes fugue state. I'm surprised no one passed out. The fumes have cleared off now, for the most part.
I'm not even going to start on the Queer as Folk season finale that was on tonight... I'm quite pissed off at Showtime for a number of things, not least among them naming Mel's baby Jenny Rebecca! What kind of a name is Jenny Rebecca? (This rant may be continued later today after I've slept, or maybe not.) Don't get me started on the previews for Season 5 coming next *spring!* *SPRING!*
*sigh* And now I'm being kicked off my computer so Aileen can use her lovely new webcam (which apparently won't work with *her* computer) and talk to boys. Hopefully I can manage to kick Zoe off of Super Mario Kart so I can get some sleep or read a book or something... Shouldn't I be sleepy since I've only had about 3 hours sleep in the last day and a half? Then again, in the day and a half before that, I was only *awake* for 7 hours, total. It's either a drought or a flood, I guess.
Did I mention that I bought all five HP books in paper back? I ordered them straight from the UK, so they're complete with all the original spellings and words and stuff. Cool, doncha think? Well, those of you who could give a flying fuck about Harry Potter, that is. Really gotta get off now. My coffee is getting cold anyway. Talk to you all later. One last thing, any word from Laura yet?
(I didn't have time to read this over for glaring typos before posting it, so if there's any that are overly embarassing, please let me know so I can fix them.)
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( Jul. 4th, 2004 08:46 pm)
Okay, so the network in our house has been down for the past several days. When I woke up today it was magically working again, which I found out right before I was ordered into clothing and dragged out to the car. Just got back a little while ago. Hooray for working internet! And now for innumerable quizzes!

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I'll have you know that I've never owned a Starfleet uniform! I only had the shirt! (and the captain's stars, of course) Michael was the one always running around in his uniform! And I haven't seen my tricorder in *years*! And I don't speak Klingon...much...I'm just not good with languages...*sigh*...I'm never going to be able to read Hamlet in Klingon (yes, I really own it; just ask Jen ). *sigh* I am a geek. It's sad but true.

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Okay, I'm done with quizzes for now. Just wanted to reassure everybody that I'm still alive. ^_^

P.S. Jen - I got the cd. *lovelovelove* *snuggle*


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