It's my current theory that the faculty had this weather specially imported from Alaska or something just to stress us out during finals week. It is fucking cold out there!
My first and hopefully most stressful final is out of the way, three to go. I think I did okay, which may or may not be enough to drag my previous sucky grades up to an A. (The first thing I saw when I walked outside this morning at 7:20 was a white squirrel, so maybe that's a good sign. Damn unreliable squirrel divination!)
I need to go sell back the part of my books that I don't intend to keep, then I need to sleep for a damn long time. I got about three hours of sleep last night, which I knew was a mistake; if I get less than 4 1/2 hours of sleep I end up feeling worse than if I don't get any sleep at all. But at this point I've been up long enough that I'm not sure I *can* go back to bed. For some reason I've always been bad at taking naps. *sigh* A nap would be so *nice*... Anyway, I need to get on that and then decide if I want to go to the study session this afternoon for Japanese for the final tomorrow night. And at some point I need to pack up some of my stuff (computer included, so I'll probably be scarce [as if I weren't already] from Wednesday through Sunday) to take home tomorrow night. Jen will probably be kidnapped by her mother at some point Friday night, even though they won't leave until Saturday morning, because her mom's just mean that way. Then at some point on Saturday I have to get the rest of my stuff I'm taking with me ready and meet up with the SGA people for the BSBP stuff on Saturday night and Sunday. I also need to remember to tell my mom that I'll need her to come get me on Sunday. And at some point before Friday I need to hunt down Andy Wagner and ask him a scholarship-related question. And squeezed in there somewhere are my other finals, a computer assignment for Stat. and probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting. Still, the rest of the week should be better than this morning. At least I don't have to get up early again until Friday and after that I'm free until January!!! (At which point I think I will be stuck working the same sucky 8-10 AM, MWF shift. Damn ID center. At least I have the rest of this week off.)
Anyway, busy, busy. Maybe I'll get decent money out of the text for that Geology class I withdrew from.

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~hugs~ I'll miss you, and hopefully I will have enough money from Christmas stuff to buy you and Jen your Christmas presents...~.~;;

FUCK it's cold outside!!

Haha, you think your grades are sucky if you have to pull them up to an A? I don't even know if I am going to PASS all my classes for certain yet! (I just needs C's, goddamnit, and if all I get is straight C's, well at least I passed...I just need the fucking credits, that's all..)

Anyway, good luck with all you studying and stuff!! ^.^



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