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([personal profile] kaciagemini Nov. 12th, 2004 02:35 am)
Dragged self from bed...
Went to Anthropology. Didn't get our test from Tuesday back, which made me happy b/c I totally bombed it and want to avoid seeing the grade for as long as possible.
Went to Sociology & Statistics. Took test. I think I did better than I thought I would before seeing the test.
Went back to the dorm, then ran around doing some errands for a while. Finished reading the zine I've been reading for a couple of days.
Met with Melissa at 2:00-ish for the Great Deviant Sociology Notes Exchange. All went well.
Was back at the dorm by about 2:30. Played on computer and largely did nothing. Kept having to remind myself that Jen would *not* be home shortly as she is in Mississippi. Watched Titan AE to entertain myself.
Ricky called at about 6, so I went and hung out with him at the Outlet until I had to go to class. Failed to learn anything in class. Called Ricky after class and had dinner with him in the DUC food court. Sat around and talked SGA, life, the universe, and everything for quite some time after we finished eating. Decided that we didn't want to sit there anymore so we randomly adjourned to the first floor and sat and talked in the little cubby/hallway by Subway where the bathrooms are. Were told at about 10:45, very apologetically, that we had to leave as the building was closing soon.
We randomly walked up to the library and sat in the Java City lobby talking of another hour until we were kicked out at midnight as they were closing, too.
Went back to Rodes and went up to my room and talked until almost 2:30. Good sense finally outweighed our tendency to jabber on, since we both had things to do at 8:00 AM which we could not afford to sleep through.
I really ought to study for my test but I guess I'll do it in the morning before class. Damn Deviant Sociology. I really should go to sleep now. I guess I will.
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