Guess what I learned today!
Squirrels can make you die!
In New Mexico and some parts of California, squirrels are carriers of fleas that can give you the plague. Yay!
(No, really, it's true. I promise.)
And that's why I actually go to Comtemporary Social Problems. It rock-eth.

And in Sexuality and Society today, we were talking about the actual surgical procedures to turn a man into a woman and vice versa. Apparently it not only really is much easier to dig a hole than build a pole, it's cheaper, too! The average cost of a vaginoplasty is 37 grand and the average cost of a phalloplasty is 77 grand. Big difference, ne?

I think I missed school. ~gestures vaguely upwards towards previous comments~ Hmm.
I feel weirdly like a second grader coming home from school to tell my mommy what I learned at school that day. I think I should stop now as that is a vaguely disturbing mental image. (Not that I suspect any of the afore-mentioned facts would surprise my mother. She could probably quote me the going rate of a vaginoplasty in several different states and/or countries. {A good friend of hers is transgendered}) Anyway, college is great. Yeah.

I've been very tired all day because I only got about four hours of sleep last night. Except that once I got back to the dorm and was actually free to take a nap, I inexplicably became no longer sleepy. But my tiredness is still effecting my mental state in much the manner of 80-proof vodka. I realized this state after repeatedly attempting to poke Jen in the eyeball with my imaginary spork.

All the work that I apparently should have been doing all semester randomly started attacking me today. I have several projects, article reviews, and tests forthcoming in the next two weeks, all of which I found out about today. The end is nigh. The world is beginning to do that Merry-go-Round thing it does where everything spins faster and faster and faster until everyone loses their grip and comes flying off or becomes ill and loses their lunch on the playground.

I also have about eight bajillion things I need to be working on for SGA that I have yet to begin. For some reason I can't seem to motivate in that direction despite the fact that we only have 4 Senate meetings left this semester. Blah.

I've just been in a weird tired-yet-hyperactive mental state all day and felt the need to expend some of that mental energy and other assorted brain by-products into my livejournal. Well, that is what it's here for, after all.

This morning at work (for which I was only ten minutes late, which is pretty good for me for mondays in general and especially for a post-holiday monday) in between doing actual work things and reading Crossing Jordan fanfiction, I started reading yet another webcomic. Dead Days. Damn you, Rita. I'm currently only up to October of '03 in the archive.

Why haven't I bought Boondock Saints yet? And why haven't I bought Greenday's new cd yet? I want it; I have moneys; why don't I own it yet? I make no sense to me sometimes. I suspect that many others may share this opinion of me.

Do you ever fill in the "Current Music:" box and then something else comes on and you change it? I'm currently having a dilemma because my computer went on to the next song and I feel that everyone should know that I am now listening to Ace of Base's "It's a Beautiful Life", but I also really like the song that I actually put in the box... I shouldn't spend so much time worrying about what I'm listening to while I type LJ entries. Especially since now I've procrastinated so long that the song's changed again. Damn. I need to stop typing now or my brain will explode. And brain splatters on the wall will be *no* fun to clean up.

~Maybe in the future I should like itemize what song was playing during each part of an extensive LJ entry...?~

From: [identity profile]

i heart you and i heart dead kicks ass

i miss you guys ack!!!!!!!

From: [identity profile]

OOH, that song thing happened to me today too! I just picked my fabourite of the one that had been playing...

YAY, for hyperactive, random Katie!! ~SUPER FLYING TACKLE GLOMP HUG NYAAAHHHH~



Sleepy now, bye bye!


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