Happy Spring Break to all of you whom I'm unlikely to be able to run into tomorrow and tell in person. Which is basically all of you except Jen, who is coming home with me anyway, but whatever. I have to go to work in... about six and a half hours. Then I have to go to class and turn in my bullshit paper. Then I might as well go to my other class because after that I have to go *back* to work. Until 4:30. Then pack and hope Helen gets here on time. I should probably call her at some point tomorrow and remind her. And I really need to call my dad at some point tomorrow and wish him happy birthday and ask him the address on the boat so I can mail him his card. If I were a good daughter I would have mailed it a week ago and he could not only have gotten it while he was still at home, he could have actually gotten it *before* his birthday. Le sigh. I don't know what time his flight is tomorrow but hopefully I can manage to call when he's not actually *on* a plane. Maybe I'll luck out and he'll call me while he's bored and sitting around in an airport somewhere. But after I leave, there will be fun-ness with Helen. So yay! And then I get to go home and cuddle my puppy and my nephew. (probably in that order) If I'm lucky, my family may have even excavated a place for us to sleep while we're there. Mrr. Sleepy now.

Well, I got re-elected to Senate. Obviously. It was an uncontested race. Would have been rather difficult to lose. And I got more votes than you, Eric. :-P
And Melissa got AVP and Mason got EVP, obviously.
And our new SGA President wil be... ... ... *drumroll*... ... ... Katie Dawson.
And that's all I have to say about that, I guess.
I spent way too much time in DUC tonight. Jen and I headed down there at about 8 PM. We finally left at about 1 AM. Yeah. But we did watch an awesome movie with Josh. The Boondock Saints with Willem Defoe. It rocks. Period. Every one should see it. Everyone. Ever. I think I'm going to buy it and watch it every day.

From: [identity profile] ktprincesswitch.livejournal.com

Just to let you all know

I got a write in vote for Senate from Amber >P Because she thought I was in SGA.. and when she found out I wasn't... Well, it was funny. You should've been there. I kept the paper .. it says "Jen for SGA Senate" or something lol.

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screw you in your screw hole! Thats okay because I can still pick up women better than you! Who got the most senate votes?

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Katie Bennett got the most votes for Senate and Stevyn Lee got the least. I got about 10 more than you. It was like 417 and 407 or something like that. We were both pretty close to the bottom and Ricky was only two spots above me.


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