Today was just crazy. From the time I got up to go to class today, I was busy every *second* until... now. 11 PM. And I'm actually still busy, because in a few minutes I need to go move my laundry to the dryer. But anyway, yeah. Went to class, went to work (cuz of OAR-ness) went to the SGA debate, then the SGA meeting, then Academic Affairs, talked SGA politics with some people for about half an hour, grabbed a very quick dinner, and then ... dun dun *dun*... went to the muckrakers concert! And it was awesome. It started a little after 8 and lasted over 2 hours but it was very fun. And I finally got around to buying their first cd. I've had their second cd for like two years, but I haven't been able to see them in concert again since then. And apparently they have a national record deal and their songs are going to start coming on the radio and stuff, which just plain rocks. Anyway, so that was a very nice end to a very long and generally unpleasant day.
Tomorrow is going to be pretty meh. But I have a test Thursday that I need to start studying for. And a rather large assignment due Friday that I need to start working on soon. Also, I'm going to be working until 4:30 Friday afternoon. After that, I guess I need to go back to the dorm and pack for Spring Break because Helen is going to pick me and Jen up at 6:00. I really hope she isn't late since, apparently, the dorms are closing *at* 6.
Oh, and the SGA elections are tomorrow and Thursday. So everybody should go on Topnet and vote for me! Yay! Even though the Senate race isn't contested, you should all vote for me anyway. Just because.
I probably ought to be stressing out about any or all of the aforementioned items, but right now I'm just mellow. Tired from my day, but happy from the concert.
o/' Yeah I'm a stripper
It's what I do for a living
Taking my clothes off
For very large and sweaty women o/' <- (those are supposed to look like music notes)
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