Work sucks. I overslept yesterday and was like half an hour late. And then today they got their revenge because the girl who is supposed to work at 8 am couldn't come in so they called me and woke me up at 8:15. So I got up, two hours before I had to, went to work, went to class, went *back* to work, then went to a couple SGA meetings and hung out with random SGA people until dinner.
How do I manage to be out of my dorm for twelve hours straight when I only have *1* class!?!
Also, I'm trying to figure out what classes to take next semester and I already have a headache from it. I started a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. Seriously. I saved it on the computer at work. :-( I'm never going to graduate. Trying to schedule upper-level classes fucking sucks. Grr.
But on the bright side, Law and Order: Trial by Jury premieres in like... half an hour. Yay!

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I'm going to take Anthropology of Gender, Sociological Theory, Women's Studies (b/c I decided I want a minor in Women's Studies), Socl 210 (Interactions of Self and Society), possibly the Human Rights colloquia and then either Astronomy 104 or Public Health 100 b/c those are the only gen ed requirements I have left other than Englishes. I want to take English 200 this summer and I'd like to take something else, but I can't figure out what's available that I both *need* and can manage to fit into my life. Blegh. Scheduling sucks. Double majoring sucks. I'm already tired of next *fall* and it's only *march*!


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