How is it that it snowed for most of the day and none of it ever stuck to the ground? And anyway, what the hell was it doing snowing? It was nice yesterday morning, damnit!

I had a meeting today with three professors discussing Honors Colloquia. Each of these professors alone are... daunting. Together... I need a stiff drink.
Anyway, they said that most of the problems with the colloquia stem from the fact that the professors don't get paid to teach colloquia.
A very few departments (read: 1) I think make it up to the faculty themselves, but other than that... they're just volunteers.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you don't care about that at all, but still, it's pretty fucked up.

That is all. You may now return to regularly scheduled randomness.

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How the hell don't they get paid?!

It's a damn class, right?

Hey..did Jen remember to bid? ~just remembered herself~


From: [identity profile]

Tell Jen that she kicks ass,and I will buy her whaaattteeevvveerr she wants, haha! ^.~

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I didn't know they didn't get paid! That sucks ASS! I'm in the HP (well at least for now, I'm such a slacker) but had no idea about that. I guess because it isn't a 3 hour class they don't have to be paid. I haven't taken a colloquia yet is primarily discussion like a seminar or is there work involved like normal classes?

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There supposed to be largely discussion-based, but from looking at past syllabi online, there do seem to be some papers and stuff required. I'm not really sure cuz I haven't taken one yet, either, but it probably depends more on the professor than anything. I'm trying to talk my Sociology professor, Dr. Taylor into doing a colloquia at some point in the future because I think he would make it really fun.

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"Fun"..? You mean "easy", right? lol. But, yeah, he'd totally be a great colloquia professor.

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Oh, and Taylor isn't a Dr. He's only one of two professors in the sociology department without a PhD.

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I know he's not a doctor. Really I do. It's just habit... *sigh*


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