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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:38 am)

(What can I say? I'm pretty easy to please.)
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( Jun. 24th, 2007 02:31 pm)
I spent too much money yesterday. But it was worth it.

Also? Ended up seeing Surf's Up. Which is a ridiculously cute movie. At one point my girlfriend thought I was going to injure myself giggling. Best Soundtrack Ever.

Also? I have a new bra from Victoria's Secret. And it is STRAPLESS. And it FITS. This is the most awesome thing in the entire history of my tits. Stupid D-cups.

Also? I bought an I-Pup at a yardsale yesterday and it makes me way too happy considering it is an entirely pointless piece of plastic. But it lights up when I play music! And barks happily! And it's pink! And it came with a tiny purse to carry it around in! I am such a five-year-old. ^.^

I ♥ sno-cones.
I bought shoes! )

I had to; they were only $5!

In other news, the incoming freshman have not invaded quite yet. They should be here soon, unfortunately.

Until then, I am going to watch the strange leak that's destroying the ceiling right outside my office & go back to working on a bandslash fic idea that came to me in the car this morning.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2007 10:58 pm)
Umm, hi f-list. The world sort of... ate me recently. I feel the need to assert that I am, in fact, still here and do things other than read porn about pretty, pretty bands. I'm not sure why, but I do.

Me, state of - things having nothing to do with bandom/fandom:

I spent a ridiculous amount of time today working on de-couch-ifying mine & jen's living area. Said couch? Ridiculously large. We nearly broke it/the door getting it into the room originally, so we decided it would be easier to just take it out the back door. Wrong.
Things learned from this?

-Everything is always harder than you think it will be, even if you are a pessimist.
-There is never an allen wrench around when you need one.
-Hammers cannot fix everything.
-Removing a door from its hinges is surprisingly easy, thus proving the exception to the first rule.

Jen's explanation of the de-couch-ifying experience which may cause this to make more sense. Or maybe not.

Moving right along...

Prior to this venture, I spent all day yard-sale-ing. Me & Jen & Zoe left at 7 AM with my 3-year-old nephew in tow. We ditched the kid with his mommy around 11, but didn't actually make it home until 3:30. That is some hard-core shopping, yo.

The sad part about this is that I actually bought practically nothing for myself. I spent a dollar on books. And I bought a purse. ...that's pretty much it.

Oh, and I bought my girlfriend a slightly whorish pink and black plaid schoolgirl skirt. I likes it. And I bought her Hello Kitty socks. And Mickey Mouse socks for my sisters.

Not to say that I didn't spend much money. I bought plenty of stuff, but most of that was picking up stuff my sister sent me to look for, for her upcoming offspring. We also bought the 3-year-old sprog some nifty toys including an assload of He-Man stuff which made his mommy practically explode from joy.
Seriously though? Going through itty bitty onesies and sleepers and stuff is way more fun than it has any right to be. Really.

I am actually getting vaguely excited at the prospect of the baby actually arriving and getting to shove it into teeny tiny onesies with darling blue and green frogs on them. September 1st is too far away I think.

Err, I've mentioned that I'm taking a year off before I go to grad school and I'm spending this time as a baby-sitter for my sister's sprog(s), haven't I? If not, I suppose this information makes this make more sense.

Anyhow, on to the more important children, the imaginary ones. We took several of them to the Renfaire in costume again this year. This is most fun because people who work at renfaires are as crazy as Jen & I, so they see us carrying 18" dolls around in a stroller all dressed up in period garb and go, "Oh, what lovely children! They're so well-behaved!" ♥

Now if the Tennessee Renfaire could just stop getting run into the ground by its management, life would be lovely. I have high hopes for the Kentucky renfaire we're going to in a few weeks, though. I think we're going to try to make the kids some new costumes. Also, by then, maybe I'll be able to afford to buy a couple sets of horns.

If I think of it, I'll post a pic of the kids trying on horns. They ended up spending half the day sitting at the horn-seller's booth being models while their grandma watched them (Have I mentioned lately that I love that my mom is as crazy as I am? Because I really do love that. Also the fact that she is currently dating a guy who sells horns at renfaires is fairly nifty, really.) and I got a couple pictures.

Umm, yeah. I guess that's all I've got, real life wise (is it weird that my imaginary kids count as real life?). Work continues to be long and boring and far away, but I'm surprised at how much it doesn't really bother me to work all day everyday when I have to commute an hour each way. Though that doesn't actually stop me from being terribly glad that tomorrow is Sunday. While I am on the topic, I still can't fucking believe the university is having an orientation on Tuesday. Fucking bastards. I know they planned this just to annoy me. Really.


ETA (despite the fact that I haven't even posted this yet): I forgot how much I like actual, living frogs. I mean, I love anything of, on, or about frogs, but I forget that I actually find the creatures painfully adorable even when they randomly sneak into my house and startle my girlfriend. I just had to catch & shoo outside the darlingest tiny little froggie, less than an inch long. I kept talking to it, basically cooing in much the same way people do with tiny babies. I am a sad, sad person really.

ETA2 (no, I still haven't actually posted yet): I love orange soda. Seriously, LOVE. Sometimes I forget. Then I opened a sunkist, took a sip, and said, "Fuck I forgot how much I love orange soda," rather loudly, confusing the heck out of Jen & Zoe.

I'm going to go away and try not to scare my girlfriend any more with my randomness.

ETA3 (nope, not yet): This is cheating because it is both RL & bandomish, BUT! My Fall Out Boy shirt came in the mail today! And it is so gorgeous! It's this one. Jen got this one and Zoe got this one.
I want more already. And Panic! shirts. And TAI. And perhaps something that just says Fueled By Ramen or Decaydence. And many things I can't afford from Pete's pretty, pretty clothing line. *lusts for fucking expensive hoodies*

On that note, *posts*.
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( Nov. 18th, 2006 04:45 pm)
I am blasting Xmas music. Because I want to.

Also, despite having... a dollar something in the bank... I bought new shoes today.
I will pay my credit card bill the second I get paid, I will pay my credit card bill the second I get paid, I will pay my credit card bill the second I get paid.

They're shiny, though! And they were only $35, which isn't that bad for New Balances. And I needed new sneakers, desperately. Wearing my 5-year-old tennies was making my feet hurt! And why am I rationalizing this to you guys? You don't care! I think I'll shut up now.

Also-also, my girlfriend bought me yarn today. Because she loves me. And because there was a yarn sale at HobLob. And because it was apparently fated that we should go to Hancock Fabrics. ^.^ *luffs*
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( Jun. 7th, 2006 10:38 am)
Dear Amazon,

Occasionally, your recommendations confuse me slightly. Sometimes I have to tell you not to base your recommendations on something any more because I bought it for someone else. But why, for the love of Bob, do you think I would want to buy Season 1 of "Walker, Texas Ranger"?!?

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( Jun. 1st, 2006 04:18 pm)
So, Cliff's Notes were on sale at the University Bookstore. And I am a sucker for the bookstore. Thusly, now I have Cliff's Notes. Lots of Cliff's Notes. LOTS.

Plus, this is partially Zoe's fault because she told me to get anything I thought she might have to read in English class and anything Shakespearean. So I did.

I spent $21.50 in total.

Complete list possibly to follow if I get bored enough to type it up.

I was bored. )
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( Feb. 18th, 2006 11:26 pm)
Also, I now own a 250-gig external hard drive and a case of Sour Punch Straws.
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( Feb. 16th, 2006 12:00 am)
Note to self: email Susan
Note to self, the sequel: send lj links to aileen
Note to self, final part in the trilogy: do not forget to bring danny his b-day card tomorrow

Will those notes serve any real purpose? Of course not.

Yay! Accomplishments!

So, yeah, today was very long. Got about four hours of sleep last night. Zoned my way through Soc, then Anth, and other Anth, and other other Anth, and lunch and then Psych of Sex, which was at least entertaining. Then helped girlfriend finish doing the mail-outs at her place-of-employment and we wandered away to go shopping.
We randomly decided that Barnes and Noble was a good idea. Listen carefully, people: Barnes and Noble is never a good idea. We spent 2 hours or so and about a hundred bucks between us, I think. Oh, but I did finally buy "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs"! Yay! (Don't worry, at least Rita gets it. ^.^)
I also felt it necessary to buy an interesting looking book about physics/string theory. And two about math-y things. *sigh* Damn Numb3rs reminding me that I like math. Grr.
And I bought a small present for Aileen that is not her birthday present, because I'm going to pick that up later. And I bought a small present for Zoe today, as well. (Shh! It's a secret! ...not really.)

So yeah, we didn't get home until like 9:30 ish and then there was dinner-ness and... I have no idea where the last hour and a half or so went. I'm so sleepy... Except not really. I really want to open another soda, but that would be bad since I already have to get up in 7 1/2 hours. I'm going all Rita-sleepy from exhaustion, so I guess that means I should stop typing and go to bed. Except I totally haven't checked my email yet, or the RP, and I wanted to watch another S1 ep of Numb3rs and..... Stopping now. Really. G'night.

...WAIT! I almost forgot! Just watched last night's House. Most of the storyline did not particularly draw me in. Though, despite what other people have said, I didn't find Wilson's behavior the least bit out of character. And House, of course, reached new depths... but at least he did it half naked. And spinny. Which was realllllllly distracting. But pretty fun. And I did like the very end. I would have liked the entire episode much better without the patient-of-the-week. Seriously. Ick-ick-ick! Worlds of ick!

Okay. Really done now. I think. ...okay, I'm going, jeez...
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( Jan. 4th, 2006 12:41 am)
So... right.
I've been watching 4 auctions on Ebay for the last 6 days. They all ended tonight at about 11:45. I remembered this at about that time and went to go check on them and bid. And ebay randomly decided that I didn't deserve to be able to see my watchlist. Until midnight, by which time they were all over. Doubly frustrating since 2 of them didn't even get any bids. Hopefully the seller will relist the items that didn't sell, one of which I really, really, *really* want. Stupid Ebay. Why do you hate me?

Other than that, I had a rather good day. The exec meeting only took a couple hours and then we had a lovely dinner at Mariahs. All the more lovely for the fact that I didn't have to pay for it. ^.^ And then I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] ladykittykatwku for a few hours. Yay! I missed my Rita.

Now I'm gonna go hang out with [livejournal.com profile] helenweird, who randomly stopped by. <3

And then I have approximately a billion other things to do. But I will probably read a Due South series I've been working on for a few days, instead.

Oh, and I'm also upset because the reason Rita and I went shopping was to find the book "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" and they couldn't find it at Barnes and Noble or the other bookstore we went to. Very disappointing. ;_; But I did pick up a very cute boxer puppy calendar. And a castle calendar. And the second manga of Evil's Return, which is a fairly interesting series. And 2 bras. And doritos. I suck at impulse buying. This is why I should not keep cash on hand. It sneaks away!
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( Jan. 2nd, 2006 12:16 am)
I had my sis cut and dye my hair tonight. I decided to go kinda dark since I've been mostly blonde-ish for the last couple of years. It looks rather nice, if a bit shorter than what I had in mind. A good start to the new year anyway I think.

Did a bit of shopping today, bought a few romance novels, some beading stuff, and a gorgeous 2006 Salvador Dali calendar to hang on my wall. I resisted buying the Buffy calendar at the mall, even though it was half off. If they still have some by February (they didn't seem to be moving very well) I might break down and buy one once they go 75% off.

Girlfriend bought like 6 calendars. I have no idea what she was thinking.

Anyway, girlfriend and sis are both in bed already, so I guess I'll go entertain myself reading internet porn until I feel sleepy.

Night guys. ^.^
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( Dec. 15th, 2005 06:39 pm)
I heart the school bookstore. It is a bad thing, then, that I live three inches from it.

Note to self: stop buying things for Zoe; the rest of the family will get jealous.
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( Nov. 4th, 2005 09:30 am)
Well, I was gonna let Rita tell it first but since she's so *slow* and still without power in her living room, I guess I'll have to cut in line.
Damn, she beat me to posting!

So, yesterday me and Jen had to take Rita to the emergency room.
Because she was having an allergic reaction.
To something.
She's fine now.
Not the point of this story.
The point of the story is that since we were already out and about, Jen and I decided to go shopping after we left Rita safely in the care of her mommy and the hospital. So we went to Wal-mart. And the mall. And out for chinese food. But the grand total of this experience is that I ended up spending nearly $150 on x-mas presents and stuff. At least it's november so I don't feel like a complete loser for buying x-mas presents already ~*cough*Jen*cough*~.
Thusfar I've only bought stuff for... 4 different people. I'm having a major block trying to figure out what to get some people. *grr*
I've almost entirely decided what to get for a few people, I just haven't actually gone out and gotten it yet. And I don't know where the hell I'm going to store all this crap after I have it. Damn dorm. But Yay! for shopping!!! I get a truly unhealthy level of satisfaction out of spending money. I'm such an American. I almost think I should be ashamed of this... nope.

Anyway, what should I get my mommy for x-mas?
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( Sep. 25th, 2005 12:49 am)
K, so: Got up, showered, went to breakfast in my pajamas, sat around the dorm and cuddled and flirted with Rita, then went to the International Festival downtown, which was a good time. Then after we went back to the dorm, Jen and I decided we wanted to go out shopping. All told, this was probably a Bad Idea.
It didn't start off too bad. We went to the mall because I was still on the hunt for a new pair of brown open-toe shoes - which apparently don't exist during late summer/fall. So after trying several different places, I finally found the Holy Grail of shoes - exactly the pair I wanted, and not too expensive either - the problem? They didn't have any in my size that were the right color. *insert 5 stages of grief* After much ranting and whining, I gave up and bought the ones that were the wrong color because I bloody well wanted them anyway. And then it all went downhill from there. In addition to my shiny new black open-toe shoes, I now have two new pairs of jeans and four new shirts. And new pajamas. With froggies. Yay froggies! I heart clothes. Apparently I do not heart money, however, as I am very good at making it go away.
And all four of the packages headed to my house arrived today but thusfar *none* of the packages directed at my dorm room have arrived, even the ones I ordered *before* the ones that went to the house. *le sigh* Mail hateses me.
Anyway, now I am le tired, so I think I shall go do that sleep thing.
I need to go to bed soon because I have to get up in the morning to hang out with my dad before he catches his flight back to florida.
That was pretty much your only warning/explanation for the rest of this post whilst I attempt to eject the multitude of thoughts from my brain directly onto livejournal minus any filtering/organization/sanity. Enjoy. ^.^

So, right, got up way earlier than I wanted to, took a shower, got ready, then went to BG with Dad and Zoe. We went to JC Penny and bought clothes (that I *like*! I must show them to you Jen, because they kick ass! I want more! This did not satisfy my money-spending urges!). Then we had to go drop Zoe off so she could get ready for the performance. Then we went to Target for about an hour and dad looked at luggage but failed to buy anything (*sob* I have failed as a child!). Then we went *back* over to the theatre, so Dad could watch the show and I took Luke (Aileen and Francisco were watching the play) and Mom and we went to Rita's and hung out (because there's only so many times you can watch the same play and I don't want to reach my limit before the one that we've already reserved seats for) for about an hour. Then we had to go *back* to the theatre, trade Luke for Zoe and scurry off towards Louisville, trying to fight our way through wind and rain to make it on time for the last performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Iriquois Amphitheatre (sp?). We made it on time, but it was raining when we got there so we got thoroughly soaked walking to the theatre.
Slight aside: I'm not sure up until now if it was by accident or design but I almost never go see any performance unless it is opening night or closing night. I *very* rarely see any show in between. I think this is because those performances have a tendency to be better ones, especially on closing night. They've had time to work all the kinks out, they don't have to hold anything back for another show, and all their emotions are running higher because it's almost the end of the experience. So, anyway, if I didn't plan my attendence at live theatre around that fact before, I definitely will now.
Yeah, so this was closing night of Jesus Christ Superstar. Margo sat with us; this was her third round of it and she said that performance made the other two look like complete *crap* in comparison. It was an incredibly good show. I really *really* enjoyed it. But I suspect this may not be for the reasons that most other people enjoyed it. There were two things that, for me, lifted it from the realm of good theatre into the realm of a fucking awesome experience. It was not the music, though that was nice. It was not the acting, though that was phenomenal. It was not even their singing abilities, really, though I was fucking *impressed* with how much some of them threw into it. They could not have sung as powerfully in any other performance as they did in that one because they would not have been able to *speak* the next day, much less do it over again. Anyway, back to the two things that pushed it over the top.
Firstly, I shall demonstrate my shallowness - the guy who played Judas was Teh Sex. Seriously. He is the hottest thing invented since *fire*. Guh. I told mom we should kidnap him and take him home in the trunk. She laughed, but I was half-serious. He totally stole the show away from Jesus. Com*plete*ly stole it. I was like, Jesus who? And not only was he hot, he was also the *best* actor on that stage by *far*. And his singing? In-fucking-credible. Phenomenal. Apparently he's also the lead singer of some local Louisville band called "The Hawk"... I totally want to try and go see them, because if he is anything like he was in JCS when he is onstage singing with his band, it will blow everyone away.
And the second factor, which was the only thing that caused me to even notice Jesus was on the stage. - How come nobody told me that JCS is full of Teh Gay? Seriously. It is the gayest musical I have ever seen in my life. It is *not* "slashy" because that implies that one has to stretch canon to make the characters gay - Jesus and Judas are *so* incredibly gay. Come *on*! Jesus saying "How could he betray me with a kiss?"... Judas singing "I don't know how to love him." Completely queer. Nevermind the fact that I'm positive the real reason Judas betrayed Jesus is because Jesus broke up with him so he could get the hook-up with Mary Magdalene (sp?). Judas was *completely* jealous of all the attention Jesus was paying to Mary. I totally felt bad for Judas and wanted to give him a hug for most of the performance.
Besides which, even if the musical were not *already* gay, the actors had to go and *flirt* with each other like five-year-olds after they took their bows and were headed offstage. Guy-who-played-Judas was walking ahead of guy-who-played-Jesus, suddenly Jesus-guy darts forward to tickle the back of Judas-guy's neck. Judas-guy turns around, laughing and teasing him back, Jesus-guy darts away playfully and Judas-guy gives chase, proceeding offstage and out of sight (where who *knows* what could've happened?). Then, after they came out and bowed again (because it was just that good), they were being all playful and flirty and chase-y again when they were headed offstage. This was not all in my imagination as Zoe can tell you. Because she knew *exactly* what I was thinking when I was watching the show.
After all that excitement, we headed back to the car, at which point Mom realized that she had lost her keys. Lovely. Good thing I had my set. (Yay! Car-ness!)
Mom let me drive which I think was at least partly due to her shame at having lost her keys. But, hey, beggars can't be choosers.
The drive from Louisville to my house is a good two and a half or three hours. And it was already nearly 10 pm when we left. And then it started raining again. And there was fog. But I was fine. But mom felt it necessary to keep telling me that if I wanted to pull over and switch places it would be perfectly okay.
Mostly it was alright except for mom telling me to slow down every time she looked over to see how fast we were going.
The only truly bad part of the trip was this strip of highway where the second lane was blocked off with orange cone-thingies for like *15* miles... and I was stuck behind a car going like 20 under the speed limit for the *entire* time. I was ranting at her and mom was like "Road rage has no place on the road." Well then why do they call it road rage?
She made me do breathing exercises until I stopped ranting about murder.
But we made it home safely without killing anyone at all. And mom told me how impressed she was with me for driving so well the whole way. Which would have been nicer if she had managed to wipe out some of the shock and surprise in her voice as she was giving the compliment.
Now I just need to go check my email, figure out what the hell I'm going to wear tomorrow since I don't have *any* clean or even semi-clean pants, and then get some sleep because I expect someone will attempt to wake me up about six hours from now. Which wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten a full night's sleep at any point in the last... 4 or 5 days.
...I am resisting the urge to go look up Jesus/Judas slash. Because I really need to be asleep right now. Really.
Also, random question, which I could probably figure out the answer to if I actually tried, but I am lazy and thusly I shall ask my friends list: Okay, so Jesus died, then came back, I follow it that far, but then what? After his resurrection did he just spend a little while convincing people he was alive and then flutter off the heaven or whatever? Or did he stick around for a while and hang out with the disciples? Watching JCS made me wonder things like that. And also, what did actually happen to Judas? -After the play ended, I was thinking, 'Hey I wanna know what happens next!' and then it occurred to me that I probably ought to actually have some clue, but I don't. Though I apparently know more about the bible than Zoe does, which somewhat worries me. How did I obtain this slight smattering of knowledge that I do have? Because I have no idea where it came from. But it is there, nonetheless, even if it has great big gaping important holes in it.
Oh, and one last thought before I run off: I am currently angry with my computer because it rebooted itself while I was sleeping last night, thus closing two windows with fics open in them that I've been meaning to read for several days. I think one was Harry/Ron and one was dombilleh, and I have no idea how I'm going to find them again. *sigh* Damn computer.

I love musicals. Jesus/Judas OTP!!1

I apologize if I made no sense in some parts of this post. I shall use the Rita-excuse to cover all ills. *I'm so sleepy!*

ETA: I'm downloading the original broadway soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar and I like Judas on the soundtrack way less than I liked the Judas at the performance tonight.


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