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( May. 1st, 2007 12:12 pm)
I woke up this morning, before my alarm went off, and decided I wanted to get a full night's sleep instead, so I turned off the alarm and went back to bed.

I slept very well. :)

I still haven't gotten anywhere on my 10-page paper. I just... am severely unmotivated.

I am far more motivated about the fact that Baskin Robbins is having $.37 scoop night tomorrow. Mmm, I have such a love/hate relationship with ice cream.

I may or may not actually get around to going to the SGA banquet tonight. BTW, Jen, it's in the Kentucky Building @ 6.

I really kind of desperately want to skip my afternoon class, too, even though it's the last actual class of the semester. We've got a test Thursday. I really shouldn't. Maybe I can convince myself I've got something more productive to do and then actually do it.

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( Apr. 19th, 2007 05:57 pm)
At the University Senate meeting today, WKU Provost Dr. Burch announced that she would not endorse the University Senate's reccomendation to implement a Plus/Minus grading system for the Fall '08 semester.

Not that this will personally affect me or anyone I know, but I know I have some interested parties on my f-list who will be glad to hear that, after weighing the totality of the issues, that is the decision Dr. Burch reached.

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( Jan. 30th, 2006 05:42 pm)
Blegh. Today was entirely too long. And I have approximately a metric buttload of reading to do for Wednesday. Some of it being articles I do not yet have copies of.

I accomplished many things today, which is good. I dropped off my, Jen's, and Laura's audit forms for Japanese and watched the woman process them, so that should be all good to go (I also cleared up the library fines hold which was, as I suspected, not supposed to be there).

I'm still working on getting all my shit together to apply to go to Amsterdam this summer on study abroad. I e-mailed to find out the new deadline, and also found out that I apparently do have a letter of recommendation ready and waiting for me to pick up. Nifty. Except for the part where I had already given up on that guy because he never responded to my email so I asked someone else and then had to un-ask her, which is a bit awkward.

In theory, I should have all my loose ends tied up about leaving the Student Government Association, tomorrow, after I talk to the Prez.

So, thusfar, my week is looking pretty good.

Also, I will be getting a paycheck Friday for the bit of work I did right before the semester began, so yay again.

And, this weekend, hopefully I will get to go see Brokeback Mountain again since it is finally showing here in Bowling Green. Yay!!!
Showtimes are 12:55 pm, 3:55 pm, 7:05 pm, & 9:55 pm.
You in, Rita? I'll buy my girlfriends dinner with my shiny paycheck. ^.^ ...after I put gas in the car, that is. Because it would be unfortunate if we ran out of gas, yes it would.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2006 08:41 pm)
Fuck! Exec retreat tomorrow! Shit! Damn! Hell! Sonnovabitch!
*smites Student Govt*
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( Sep. 26th, 2005 10:53 am)
Today's schedule:

8:00-12:30 - Work, work, work!

12:40-1:35 - Craig Taylor's class

1:50-2:45 - Laura's Dad's class

3:00-4:20 - Pat Taylor's class Skipping!

3:00-7:30ish (if everything runs according to schedule all night, and when has that ever happened in the history of the world?) - Organization Aid interviews

I was supposed to go to class today and only have to skip for Org. Aid on Wednesday, but apparently another member of the committee randomly left the state for the week without warning. Lovely. Oh well, I guess I'll get back to that silly class thing next week.

Don't worry though, tomorrow and Wednesday should be just as bad. :-\

Can I go back to bed now?
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( Aug. 30th, 2005 11:10 pm)
I haven't decided yet if today was better or worse than yesterday. It was easier, but significantly longer.
La la la.
Got up (way earlier than I needed to), went to Soc 210 (yay for Doug Smith), hung out with Mikey, had lunch with Eric, kissed Rita, went to Anth 343 (yay!!!), hung out with Rita and Eric some more, wandered downhill, hung out with Ricky for a few minutes, went to the bookstore and got an alarm clock, went down to the SGA office to wait for my meeting with Katie (prez of Student Gov't for those not in the know) at 4.
And then the whole world got slightly thrown for a loop. I don't know what I expected the meeting to be about, but it was not what I expected. She offered me the executive branch position that I was interested in last spring, but she had previously told me she was giving to someone else. So I will not be chairing the Legislative Research Committee this year, instead, I will be the Director of Academic and Student Affairs, which I'm pretty excited about. I have to have office hours! Eeee! *panics* I still have to give some thought to how I will manage to work that in to my schedule. And then I had to go to an Exec meeting at 5. That totally lasted *2* hours. *le sigh* Hopefully, they will not always be that bad, but jeez! Especially since we are apparently having our regular exec meetings on Wednesday nights, which I guess means I will have to record Lost. I suppose I'll survive it. So, yeah, random-ness. That's enough SGA politics invading my LJ.

Oh, and I missed like 4 calls on my cell during the meeting. When did I randomly become popular or something?

Campus is never going to dry out. Ever. Do you think they'll cancel class if somebody drowns walking around campus?

ETA: Oh, 'bout my new alarm clock. It is, sadly, not purple. But it does have that nifty two-alarm-settings thing. And it doesn't go BEEP!, BEEP!, BEEP!. Instead it goes, (beep), Beep, Beep!, BEEP!, BEEP!, BEEP!, which is kinda nifty.
Also, 1 slightly functional purple alarm clock, free to a good home.

ETA2: I totally have homework. Blegh. English suxx0rs. I really want to do the reading I have to do, either at work tomorrow or in Craig Taylor's class. But, somehow, I feel that would be setting a bad precedent for the semester. ;_;

ETA3: I forgot to mention the random people that me and Ewwic ate lunch with! While we were getting food, two random people totally sat at our table, and since we didn't feel like giving it up, we sat down with them and struck up a conversation. Chickie had vibrantly pink hair, so we discussed hair dye for a while, and then the crazy campus-flooding-ness, and the fact that they are anime fans. Eric invited them to RSO and they were totally like "yes! sentient life does exist on this campus!" Apparently they just transferred here. And they are married, which is slightly random. And then chickie pulled out her purse (which was basically a smaller version of a messenger bag) which had the "Anime: Crack is cheaper" slogan on it, and I was all like "Zomg, I totally almost bought that at Otakon last year!" and she was all "I totally *did* buy this at Otakon last year!" which was *really* random. ...and I think I'm going to stop ETA'ing this poor update now.
Okay, well not quite everything. Random ramblings. Feel free to skip.

(Tell me why this is what my mind is concentrating on instead of the project and the article summary I have to do for linguistics for tomorrow. Or even getting ready for the SGA banquet in a couple of hours.)

Cut for stream-of-consciousness )

… … … I need to go read slash now.
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( Mar. 31st, 2005 11:57 pm)
I should be sleeping. But instead I'm updating my LJ. Yay.
So, yeah. Hung out with Rita this morning until I had to go to class. After class, I went to work. Was actually very fun and entertaining for the first two hours. Then, at about 2:30, right when it started to get busy, my printer ran out of ribbon. So we changed the ribbon. The printer ate the ribbon. We fiddled with it. It still didn't work. We tried a different ribbon, cleaned the print head, changed all the change-able doohickies. Still didn't work. Tried a different ribbon. Fiddled more. It ate the ribbon again. Fiddled with it. Finally got it to print an id. Id was screwed up. Gave up and started giving some people messed up id's and promising that we would replace them any day that wasn't *today*. So, yeah. The last hour of work was hell. Damn O.A.R.! Then I went to a meeting, and another meeting, and talked to Ricky for a while, and then *another* meeting, and sat through part of another meeting after that. Then I kept Ricky company at work for a while, then we went to RedZone with Rita and Jen. Yay Rita-ness! (She's sleeping on my floor right now. <3 )
Where does my day *go*? I have *one* class! WTF?!?
I have a million things to do tomorrow and I'm unlikely to get most of them done simply because it is Friday and it's difficult to find most of the people I need to discuss things with on Fridays.
Guess what I learned today!
Squirrels can make you die!
In New Mexico and some parts of California, squirrels are carriers of fleas that can give you the plague. Yay!
(No, really, it's true. I promise.)
And that's why I actually go to Comtemporary Social Problems. It rock-eth.

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( Mar. 18th, 2005 02:22 am)
Happy Spring Break to all of you whom I'm unlikely to be able to run into tomorrow and tell in person. Which is basically all of you except Jen, who is coming home with me anyway, but whatever. I have to go to work in... about six and a half hours. Then I have to go to class and turn in my bullshit paper. Then I might as well go to my other class because after that I have to go *back* to work. Until 4:30. Then pack and hope Helen gets here on time. I should probably call her at some point tomorrow and remind her. And I really need to call my dad at some point tomorrow and wish him happy birthday and ask him the address on the boat so I can mail him his card. If I were a good daughter I would have mailed it a week ago and he could not only have gotten it while he was still at home, he could have actually gotten it *before* his birthday. Le sigh. I don't know what time his flight is tomorrow but hopefully I can manage to call when he's not actually *on* a plane. Maybe I'll luck out and he'll call me while he's bored and sitting around in an airport somewhere. But after I leave, there will be fun-ness with Helen. So yay! And then I get to go home and cuddle my puppy and my nephew. (probably in that order) If I'm lucky, my family may have even excavated a place for us to sleep while we're there. Mrr. Sleepy now.

SGA Elections )

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( Mar. 15th, 2005 11:13 pm)
Today was just crazy. From the time I got up to go to class today, I was busy every *second* until... now. 11 PM. And I'm actually still busy, because in a few minutes I need to go move my laundry to the dryer. But anyway, yeah. Went to class, went to work (cuz of OAR-ness) went to the SGA debate, then the SGA meeting, then Academic Affairs, talked SGA politics with some people for about half an hour, grabbed a very quick dinner, and then ... dun dun *dun*... went to the muckrakers concert! And it was awesome. It started a little after 8 and lasted over 2 hours but it was very fun. And I finally got around to buying their first cd. I've had their second cd for like two years, but I haven't been able to see them in concert again since then. And apparently they have a national record deal and their songs are going to start coming on the radio and stuff, which just plain rocks. Anyway, so that was a very nice end to a very long and generally unpleasant day.
Tomorrow is going to be pretty meh. But I have a test Thursday that I need to start studying for. And a rather large assignment due Friday that I need to start working on soon. Also, I'm going to be working until 4:30 Friday afternoon. After that, I guess I need to go back to the dorm and pack for Spring Break because Helen is going to pick me and Jen up at 6:00. I really hope she isn't late since, apparently, the dorms are closing *at* 6.
Oh, and the SGA elections are tomorrow and Thursday. So everybody should go on Topnet and vote for me! Yay! Even though the Senate race isn't contested, you should all vote for me anyway. Just because.
I probably ought to be stressing out about any or all of the aforementioned items, but right now I'm just mellow. Tired from my day, but happy from the concert.
o/' Yeah I'm a stripper
It's what I do for a living
Taking my clothes off
For very large and sweaty women o/' <- (those are supposed to look like music notes)
Pimpage -> muckrakers.com
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( Mar. 15th, 2005 03:29 pm)
I'm a little pissed that I went to all the trouble of walking up to the Herald office at 8 PM to have my picture taken for my Senate profile and then they *lost* it...
Not to mention that they screwed up my hometown...
Everytime I start thinking that maybe the Herald isn't so bad, they screw something up so spectacularly that I'm amazed all over again.
It's a good thing the Senate race isn't contested or I might have to get really pissed.

~Blegh~ O.A.R.s suck. Rawr. Not to mention that everything keeps *breaking*...
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( Mar. 7th, 2005 05:43 pm)
I think the next two weeks are going to be like the busiest of my life.
That is all.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2005 08:25 pm)
Work sucks. I overslept yesterday and was like half an hour late. And then today they got their revenge because the girl who is supposed to work at 8 am couldn't come in so they called me and woke me up at 8:15. So I got up, two hours before I had to, went to work, went to class, went *back* to work, then went to a couple SGA meetings and hung out with random SGA people until dinner.
How do I manage to be out of my dorm for twelve hours straight when I only have *1* class!?!
Also, I'm trying to figure out what classes to take next semester and I already have a headache from it. I started a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. Seriously. I saved it on the computer at work. :-( I'm never going to graduate. Trying to schedule upper-level classes fucking sucks. Grr.
But on the bright side, Law and Order: Trial by Jury premieres in like... half an hour. Yay!
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( Mar. 1st, 2005 08:25 pm)
How is it that it snowed for most of the day and none of it ever stuck to the ground? And anyway, what the hell was it doing snowing? It was nice yesterday morning, damnit!

I had a meeting today with three professors discussing Honors Colloquia. Each of these professors alone are... daunting. Together... I need a stiff drink.
Anyway, they said that most of the problems with the colloquia stem from the fact that the professors don't get paid to teach colloquia.
A very few departments (read: 1) I think make it up to the faculty themselves, but other than that... they're just volunteers.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you don't care about that at all, but still, it's pretty fucked up.

That is all. You may now return to regularly scheduled randomness.
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( Feb. 8th, 2005 11:52 pm)
~SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name / Street Where You First Lived): Acacia Sharon
snagged from greensub64~

~Why do the bells at the top of the hill always play songs from The Sound of Music? It's very distracting...~

~Why does everybody always make fun of liberal arts students as having classes like "underwater basket weaving"? I've never seen a class offered in underwater basket weaving! And you know what? This upsets me. I would *take* underwater basket weaving just so I could say I had!
My mom took an Amish basket weaving class once, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't for credit.
She also used to have a friend who made baskets who made the one that she used to carry me to class in when I was a baby. Sometimes it worries me that I started going to college when I was eleven days old. I was taking summer classes before I was born! Shouldn't that qualify me to like skip out of stuff or something?~

~I went to Wal-Mart today. Hooray for Wal-Mart. I missed Wal-Mart. I spent too much money, though. I'm not sure where it went. I did buy birthday presents for my nephew... that might have had something to do with it.~

~SGA is stressful and sucks away all of my time. Grr.~

My friends are all crazy. This is hardly news to me. But I think I've finally figured out why. I collect interesting people. And interesting people are never well-adjusted. If you require further proof of that fact, look at *any* memorable historical figure. Whether they are remembered for good things or bad, they were always a bit wacky.

Well, classes seem to be going okay thusfar. Linear Algebra hasn't given me a nervous breakdown yet, but it's still early in the semester. I have actual homework due on Thursday that I should probably start working on at some point *before* then. Wish me luck. I'll need it. (Why did I ever think that it would be a good idea to be a Math minor? I really wish I could remember. I think it would provide me some small amount of comfort.)
I <3 Sexuality and Society. We've been talking about prostitution for two weeks. It's fun.
Linguistic Anthropology is... well... it's not *bad*, it's not really *great* yet, but if we ever get around to doing much of *anything*, I think it will be.
Archaeology is... well, it's archaeology. Hooray for digging up dead stuff!
Oh yeah, and that *other* class... as I have officially dubbed Sociology 240: Comtemporary Social Problems with Craig Taylor. The best part of that class is the fact that it's taught by Professor Taylor... which means basically that we get to listen to his mind wander out loud for an hour three times a week. It's entertaining. I think he would make reading the phone book entertaining. He's just cool like that. Otherwise, I think the class would be very suck-worthy.

Sga shall be infinitely more stressful this semester as I have just taken the position of co-chair of a standing committee. I'm excited about it, but more than a little worried about how well I'll do at it.

I don't know why I haven't really updated for the last few weeks or so... It's not that I haven't had things to update about, because I have. In fact, I should probably attempt to remember them all and type them up, but I'm to lazy to think about that at the moment as it's far too late at night and I have to get up for work in like 5 hours.
Somehow I just keep getting distracted by random things instead of updating my lj. I watched the entirety of "I love the 90s Part Duex" last week. I've also watched a helluva lot of movies and anime. Oh, and I went to see Phantom of the Opera Saturday with Rita and her brother. (Which, by the way, fucking rocked. Everyone in the universe should go see it. Twice.)
I've also played far too much Sims 2, but when don't I? It's just too damned addictive. I can't wait for the expansion pack to come out in March. ^_^

I need to remember at some point in the relatively near future to go to Wal-Mart. I'm pretty sure there are things that I need that I keep forgetting I need until I actually, you know, need them. I might ought to make a list. ... ... ... *sigh* Why am I still awake? ... ... ... ~runs away to try and sleep~
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( Dec. 13th, 2004 01:25 pm)
It's my current theory that the faculty had this weather specially imported from Alaska or something just to stress us out during finals week. It is fucking cold out there!
My first and hopefully most stressful final is out of the way, three to go. I think I did okay, which may or may not be enough to drag my previous sucky grades up to an A. (The first thing I saw when I walked outside this morning at 7:20 was a white squirrel, so maybe that's a good sign. Damn unreliable squirrel divination!)
I need to go sell back the part of my books that I don't intend to keep, then I need to sleep for a damn long time. I got about three hours of sleep last night, which I knew was a mistake; if I get less than 4 1/2 hours of sleep I end up feeling worse than if I don't get any sleep at all. But at this point I've been up long enough that I'm not sure I *can* go back to bed. For some reason I've always been bad at taking naps. *sigh* A nap would be so *nice*... Anyway, I need to get on that and then decide if I want to go to the study session this afternoon for Japanese for the final tomorrow night. And at some point I need to pack up some of my stuff (computer included, so I'll probably be scarce [as if I weren't already] from Wednesday through Sunday) to take home tomorrow night. Jen will probably be kidnapped by her mother at some point Friday night, even though they won't leave until Saturday morning, because her mom's just mean that way. Then at some point on Saturday I have to get the rest of my stuff I'm taking with me ready and meet up with the SGA people for the BSBP stuff on Saturday night and Sunday. I also need to remember to tell my mom that I'll need her to come get me on Sunday. And at some point before Friday I need to hunt down Andy Wagner and ask him a scholarship-related question. And squeezed in there somewhere are my other finals, a computer assignment for Stat. and probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting. Still, the rest of the week should be better than this morning. At least I don't have to get up early again until Friday and after that I'm free until January!!! (At which point I think I will be stuck working the same sucky 8-10 AM, MWF shift. Damn ID center. At least I have the rest of this week off.)
Anyway, busy, busy. Maybe I'll get decent money out of the text for that Geology class I withdrew from.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2004 01:48 pm)
Yesterday was a crazy day and today shall be even crazier. How can a 2-day week be so hectic? It's like somebody tried to cram all the stress from a regular week and then some into only two days.
Yesterday (I think that was the *longest* Monday in the history of my life) I woke up five minutes after I was supposed to be at work, so that was obviously not a good way to start things off. Went to work, didn't do much. Went to MaMmoTH to kill the hour after work and before class. Went to class... talked about Marijuana for an hour (I love my deviant sociology class). Then went up to lunch with my lovely friends in Garrett. Then Rita sucked me into playing card games for three hours (I think Dirty Rummy is my new favorite game). Finally I had to leave to go to the LRC committee meeting and she was heading off with her mommy anyway. The LRC meeting lasted for, I dunno, 2 hours or so? I'm not really sure, exactly. All I really remember is that the last half hour at least was repetitive arguments without ever reaching any solid conclusions. Nuff about that.
Anyway, after LRC, I went and sat with Ricky in Red Zone while he got something to eat. Then we went outside and sat in front of Subway for no reason in particular. Eventually, I called Jen and she came down and we ate in the food court with Ricky keeping us company. Then we just sorta... wandered across campus. For several hours. Overall, academic buildings are a little freaky at about ten o'clock at night. Very dark and empty. Eventually, Ricky headed off to his dorm and we headed to ours. Of course, once we got back to the dorm, Jen had to throw together a paper to e-mail to a professor in less than 90 minutes. And then type up another paper due this morning. So, needless to say, she was a little stressed...
Overall, yesterday wasn't a *bad* day, it was just llllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg. Of course, today's going to be a long day, too. -Got up, took a shower, went to class, went to my other class, had lunch, and now I'm stuck at work til 4:30. I don't think I really have time to go back to the dorm after work, because of my class at 7:00. I need to hunt down Jen and have dinner *before* class because after class *everything* will be closed. Then after class, I don't want to miss L&O:SVU at 9:00. Soooo, if Jen and I do head to my house tonight, we won't even be able to leave until 10-ish. I don't want to pack! *grr* ...I still have two and a half more hours of work to kill... So now what?
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( Nov. 12th, 2004 02:35 am)
Dragged self from bed...
Went to Anthropology. Didn't get our test from Tuesday back, which made me happy b/c I totally bombed it and want to avoid seeing the grade for as long as possible.
Went to Sociology & Statistics. Took test. I think I did better than I thought I would before seeing the test.
Went back to the dorm, then ran around doing some errands for a while. Finished reading the zine I've been reading for a couple of days.
Met with Melissa at 2:00-ish for the Great Deviant Sociology Notes Exchange. All went well.
Was back at the dorm by about 2:30. Played on computer and largely did nothing. Kept having to remind myself that Jen would *not* be home shortly as she is in Mississippi. Watched Titan AE to entertain myself.
Ricky called at about 6, so I went and hung out with him at the Outlet until I had to go to class. Failed to learn anything in class. Called Ricky after class and had dinner with him in the DUC food court. Sat around and talked SGA, life, the universe, and everything for quite some time after we finished eating. Decided that we didn't want to sit there anymore so we randomly adjourned to the first floor and sat and talked in the little cubby/hallway by Subway where the bathrooms are. Were told at about 10:45, very apologetically, that we had to leave as the building was closing soon.
We randomly walked up to the library and sat in the Java City lobby talking of another hour until we were kicked out at midnight as they were closing, too.
Went back to Rodes and went up to my room and talked until almost 2:30. Good sense finally outweighed our tendency to jabber on, since we both had things to do at 8:00 AM which we could not afford to sleep through.
I really ought to study for my test but I guess I'll do it in the morning before class. Damn Deviant Sociology. I really should go to sleep now. I guess I will.


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