Cutest fucking fic ever, jeez.

"Let Me Be Pacific" by [ profile] giddygeek (FOB, Pete/Patrick)
if we wr girafs r ncks wd mk a hrt
Umm, yeah, I've totally been doing things lately. Things like, umm, listening to a lot of Midtown for no reason in particular. Especially "Just Rock & Roll". IDK.

Also, watching Panic's new video and LOLing for ever and ever at its hilarious ridiculous awesomeness. ♥

Also, ever-so-slightly bemoaning the fact that I apparently enjoy being broker than fuck. That is the only explanation for the amount of concerts I'm planning to go to in the next several months.

The List: C&P from the txt file I had to start to keep track )

Yeah. 9 shows across 3 states, none of which are the one I live in, and a feckload of money. *sigh* I really wish people would come to places that were actually at least *marginally* convenient. :( And I still haven't figured out how the hell I'm going to manage Warped but I freaking have to make it, because how can I resist the call of The Academy Is... (Happy 23rd B-day William, btw!), Gym Class Heroes, & Cobra Starship all being scheduled for it? Bring It! With 3/4th of the Cobra Supergroup!!! Gah. Driving five hours to shows would be a lot less distasteful if it wasn't almost every show.

And now for something completely different. Okay, not completely different. Patrick Stump shaved his sideburns. This is relevant in that, said (Adorable!) sideburns were the main reason [ profile] silva_draconis cited in her resistance to bandom on my first attempt (hahaha, I thought Gabe was creepy! I am over that so hard. ♥ ).

I figured new, sideburn-free Patrick deserved a new chance. Unfortunately there are not really that many pictures yet since it's only been like, a week and a half. But here's what I've got: Unfuzzy! )
Wow can I ever get carried away.
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( Jan. 13th, 2008 04:51 pm)
First off, I switched out my LJ header & moodtheme to be all Panic(!)-y, because they are a shiny place to be right now. Even if they are in some sort of existential quandary about their exclamation point. (I miss it! I want it back! Other superfluous punctuation just isn't the same! Possibly I will make up for their lack by adding too many exclamation points all over the place!!)

I'm stupidly excited that they are going to be headlining the Honda Civic Tour (even though it's pretty likely that the tour will HATE ME, ya know, like last year, and I'll have to drive for hours and hours to go see them), plus bonus Motion City Soundtrack, Hush Sound, and not-yet-named-third-opener which I refuse to believe is anyone other than The Cab.

Also, it really needs to be March 25th like, now, kthnx. I really want to hear the new album damnit. If it doesn't leak at least a week early, I might have to cry. Stupid adorable Panic! boys.

Bandom, you are shiny and I love you. Really.
In honor of this? Random fic recs!

1. A few weeks ago, I recced the best fic snippet ever. And then it turned into a whole fic, which is just as made of awesome in its entirety.

Change (In the House of Pete) (PG-15, FOB, Pete/Patrick, kid!fic, faerie!AU)

Pete's eyes widen. "Dude, of course not. I wouldn't steal a baby. I know you wouldn't be cool with that."

2. Panic, My Chem, and Pete and Patrick as Labrador puppies. Yes, just yes. So much yes.

Just Won't Do Without You (G, FOB/MCR/P!ATD, gen, puppy!AU)

"They don't matter," Brendon replies happily and matter-of-factly. "Who needs sleep!" He barks and jumps on Spencer, licking his face before bounding off across the room.

3. MCR and Harry Potter crossover ficlet. Gerard = ♥

a conversation about magic (PG, MCR/HarryPotter, gen, crossover)

"I can't believe they have flying broomsticks in London and nobody ever told me."

Americans, Harry thought, rolling his eyes.

4. Oregon Trail fic, My Chemical Romance style. So fucking precious. Set shortly after half the band got horrific food poisoning way back when last year.

Frank Has Died of Dysentery (PG, MCR, gen)

"And we lost Toro fording a river, but I'm getting pretty good at hunting, so I don't think Mikey and I will have to eat you."

5. Oregon Trail fic, Panic! style, with cameos from FOB, MCR, & TAI.


Brendon has found wild fruit!

This is very exciting for two reasons: one, Brendon has not seen any fresh food lately that was not previously bleeding, and two, it is really tasty.

Alright, I guess that's enough random for now.
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( Dec. 23rd, 2007 02:46 pm)
Best fic snippet ever, y/YYY ? ♥

...I'm not ignoring you guys, I'm just trying to fight through skip=100 so I can get back to the eighty bajillion things I need to get done before the familial seasonal celabrationing gets rolling. Tomorrow night. And I have to work tomorrow. It's very hard to crochet/sew/wrap gifts/bake when you are holding a 3-month-old and/or chasing a 3-year-old. Fail, world, fail.

In other news, I saw Sweeney Todd on friday and it was lovely. ♥ (Random Anthony Stewart Head, FTW!)
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( Oct. 16th, 2007 01:04 pm)
You know what makes me ridiculously happy? Bandom podfic! Especially when it's Patrick/Gerard.

There should definitely be more bandom podfic in the world. Or more of any podfic, really. I'm not terribly picky.

Also? It is terribly difficult to type with a baby strapped on to me in a snugli. Guitar Hero was easier.

Speaking of bebes, I'm thinking I might post a kidlets picspam sometime soon. Soon being a highly relative term.

In other news, less than a month until FOB/GCH/Cuteis/PWT, Yay!

Alsoalso, Saturday was my... 9th? yeah, 9th fandom anniversary. I celebrated it by doing absolutely nothing fandom or even computer related. In fact, my computer missed me so much it spontaneously crashed. Hmm. Still, yay for 9 years.
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( Jul. 10th, 2007 09:58 am)
Oh, hi. I just realized I haven't posted for five days. No reason in particular for that.
I guess I've just been wrapped up reading fic and like mad.

My bandom tag is a nice place to be.
I went on a bit of a crazy bandslash reading glut when I first started so now I'm trying to hunt down everything I liked and actually save it so I can maybe find it if I want to re-read it. You know, unlike any other fandom I've ever been in. I suck at keeping track of fic.

In other news, I am seriously stoked for the midnight showing of the new HP movie tonight. I've never actually been to a midnight release for anything, ever, so double cool points. Plus, I'm wearing my shiny new robe that I just finished yesterday. (And by "I just finished yesterday" I mean to say watched as Jen ironed on my patch after Mom finished hemming it after Zoe finished ironing the hems. And after Laura did the bulk of the making. I cut my own hems! And did the neck thingie! I did have some small part in it! And I was totally going to do it all myself, but apparently I spent too long sitting around looking particularly useless and people just started doing stuff for me. That's kind of awesome, actually. Life should always work that way.)

But, yes! Robes! Coolness!

I am wearing a blue shirt and my blue and black converses (my toes are currently rebelling in confusion because I have not worn socks since at least April) to make up for the fact that, though I am a Ravenclaw, my robes are lined with grey instead of blue because blue fabric determinedly did not want to be found when we were searching for some. I almost wish I had a tie, but ties are expensive, yo.

Other things I am excited about:
Mini-vacation in Pigeon Forge this weekend.
Book release next Saturday/book release party next Friday night.
My "Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" ringtone. It is the first Fall Out Boy song I ever heard and is quite possibly still my favorite.

Also of note: I changed my moodtheme to one that is Panic & FOB. Woot! [ profile] expastic is awesome.
Oh random genderfuck masturbation commentporn fics, where have you been all my life? Seriously, WHERE WERE YOU? You should have been here!

(In which there is much gratuitous Patrick-was-always-a-girl with an occasional side of Pete-was-also-always-a-girl.)

...I guess, while I'm doing this, I should post those other fics I promised to make Laura read, too, shouldn't I?

In my head, these three fics belong together. Possibly it is the perfectness of them all which causes this. (And okay, so yes, the girl!Pete one has boy Patrick complete with sideburns, but in the other two there is a complete and utter lack of sideburns! Is this not enough for you? What more do you want from me, woman?!?)

Pete was always a girl by ficbyzee
Patrick was always a girl by schuyler (Which I desperately love despite the fact that it BREAKS MY OTP... JOE/TRISH 4-EVA! OTP 2.0!)
They were both always girls by iphignia939

Bonus gratuitous Patrick-turns-into-a-girl, also by iphignia.

Genderswitch fics = SO MUCH WIN.

Surely there are more FOB genderfuck fics out there? Why can't I find them?
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( Jun. 18th, 2007 10:50 am)
Zoe, plz 2 B reading this now: me arrodilla y estás feliz by [ profile] beingothrwrldly

(It is yet more adorkably funny panic! gen-ish fic. There can never be too much of that in the world. Plus, did you know? When Jon joined panic!, William Beckett went around telling people that "Ryan Rossy stole him" from them. Yes. Canon=love.)

ETA: I also just remembered I'm supposed to make you read this:
Take Center Stage And Step Up to Save The Last Dance (He Was A Sk8er Boi) by [ profile] gigantic
Brendon/Ryan. AU. Awesome.
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( Jun. 17th, 2007 10:12 pm)
So I recced fic the other day? "The Way I See It #186"? And then, the next day, a sequel appeared on my f-list. It is like magic! Go read!
the way i see it #219
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 02:11 pm)
Ohmigod, you guys! This is the most precious fic I have ever read in my entire life!

the way i see it #186 by [ profile] beingothrwrldly
p!atd, jon/spencer, PG, college AU, ~5800 words
There is nothing about this fic that is not completely adorable. I love it. I want to marry this fic and cuddle it every night when I sleep. Stop refreshing your f-list compulsively and GO READ IT!

(For accuracy's sake, I feel I should perhaps point out that actually, everything beingothrwrldly writes is the most precious thing ever, but this one just, like, killed me with cute.)
(Also, Jon really did used to work as a barista which is like my new favorite piece of P!atD canon.)

While I am on the subject of good fic which is not porn:

this picture in reverse by [ profile] lady_stargazer
p!atd, no pairings - it's sort of gen... unless, do cuddle orgies count as a pairing?, PG, SPENCER MPREG!

Seriously, gen mpreg is the best bad idea ever had by anyone. And this fic is so fucking cute I just, don't even know what to do with myself. HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE ON MPREG WHEN IT CAN BE THIS GOOD?

Now I need to stop reading cute fic and go find a proper Panic! icon.
Porn which has been keeping me from death, an excerpt/list of recs:

1. Everything [ profile] addictedkitten writes. She gives excellent porn. For realz.
Some you might be interested in:

* That First Inconceivable Touch
Ryan never gets what he wants like this. It's just not how his life works.
Ryan/Brendon, nc-17, 26k
Sort of Pre-Panic!/beginning of Panic! Ryan is such a slut and I adore him for it. Madly.

* Crush (With Eyeliner)
Yeah, honestly, Jon Walker totally is that kind of guy. He just doesn't know it yet.
Ryan/Brendon/Spencer/Jon, nc-17, 32k
Hooray for Panic! having group sex! This should happen approximately all the time. Also, it is about when Jon joined the band and that is a shiny happy thing for me for I loveth Jon greatly.

Also? This paragraph may be the most perfect thing in existence -

Jon knew of The Gay, sure, from years on the Chicago scene. He knew of the bromance and the fauxmos and William and Pete and anyone that got within a fifty-yard radius of either of them, thereby being sucked into their force field of No, It's Cool, Kissing Boys Is Hilarious, Really, Come Here. But that was just fucking around (as far as he knew). Brendon and Ryan were like, boyfriends.

Or something.

Unless maybe this one is most perfect -

William's laughter was loud and raucous and prolonged, and his advice was: "Fuck him!" Jon said that not everything could be solved by fucking Ryan, although Spencer and Brendon never seemed to have any problems, so maybe the theory had merit- "Fuck him," William repeated. "By the way, I'm telling Chicago you're totally gay now. Bye!"

Okay, I will stop so that I do not quote the entire fic. Because I could. Because it is that good.

* Reacharound
"How are Pete and Ryan fucking if Pete won't touch Ryan's dick?" Brendon asked.
Ryan/Brendon, (Pete/Ryan), nc-17
This fic is hilarious. Incredibly so. Also hot. But most notable for making me fucking crack up like, a lot. Also, I've re-read it like 5 times in the last week.

* That's What He Said
Truckstops and Statelines and boyfriends, etc.
Ryan/Brendon/Spencer/Jon, mention of Ryan/Pete, nc-17, over 24,000 words long
OMG, seriously, I want to quote from this fic, but everything I wanted to quote is like too pornographic to post without a cut and that takes all the fun out of it. Just go read the fic. It is all before Jon was in Panic! and stuff, and it needs to be canon. Yes. Damn, I love Panic! orgies.

Okay, I am going to stop listing her fics now. Not because there are not more or because they are not made of awesome, but because I keep re-reading parts when I link them and this is getting terribly time-consuming, thus I am forcing myself to move on.

2. (Ha! You forgot there were numbers in this post, didn't you!)
Spin Cycle by [ profile] ficklish
Brendon/Ryan, NC-17
Ryan-has-a-dirty-T-shirts-Brendon-kink fic, is what the author calls it. Yes. Very, very, yes.

3. You're Retail, But You're No Therapy by [ profile] kueble_fic
Brendon/Spencer (with a side of Ryan/Jon and Pete/Patrick), nc-17
Spencer's job at the mall is pretty boring until Brendon starts working at a nearby store.
Mallfic, you guys! Mallfic! !!! It is awesome. Just go read it. Now! Go!

Yeah, um. I'm gonna stop now. And go have lunch.

And then I'm going to go find girl!Patrick fic to beat Laura into reading. Because girl!Patrick doesn't have sideburns! I will stealthily bring her to the dark side! And by stealthily, I mean involving absolutely no stealth whatsoever.
You know what there can never be too much of in the world? Patrick saying fuck.
More about this subject later, as well as the musicspam I've been promising. (Really this time!)

In other news, fic I've read today which rocked my world:

hormones in key by [ profile] ficklish & [ profile] simpleconstruct.
NC17, P!atD bandslash (with a slight side of Pete), entirely PWP.
Kinda Brendon/Ryan & Spencer/Jon, kinda... orgy. But not quite, strictly speaking.

Broken Glass and Rusty Nails by [ profile] addictedkitten.
NC17, P!atD bandslash, Ryan/Brendon (OTP!), complete PWP.
Summary: When Ryan gets the tattoo, he bears it casually, sprawled out in the chair and smiling at Brendon's chatter as the needle traces over his skin.
Wrist porn! Kinky wrist porn! Wow!

You're Retail, But You're No Therapy by [ profile] kueble_fic.
NC17, AU, P!atD bandslash, Spencer/Brendon (with a side of Ryan/Jon & a touch of Pete/Patrick).
Summary: Spencer's job at the mall is pretty boring until Brendon starts working at a nearby store.
I started out like... 'but Ryan/Brendon is OTP!' And then I read it and totally got over that.

When did I start reading Panic! fic? I blame the first fic for this. Pete is such a gateway drug. ♥

Do you realize that while Panic! is working on their new album they are holed up in a cabin in the middle of the woods alone? Four cute boys stuck together... except apparently for random sidetrips to go get first tattoos. Silly boys.

(P.S. This song still disturbs me. I mean, seriously, Gabe explaining that it is "a song about loving a girl so much you don't want to share her with the rest of the world... so you have to keep her locked up in your basement" does not help.)
Laura, you have to read this fic. You will thank me for it (unlike the crack I was linking you earlier). Go! Run, do not walk!

Rationalization by [ profile] geekwriter143, NC-17, ~2000 words, Fraser(/RayK, in Fraser's head)


Any other DS-pr0n-loving-types on my f-list... well, you've probably read it already. But if you haven't, you should as well. In fact, everyone on earth should read this fic. NOW!
I like Sentinel slash. I especially like Sentinel slash where they have/raise kid(s). These are fic which satisfy that desire.
Otherwise known as the big ol' Sentinel Slash Kid!fic list.

*Alyjude's Jake series

Everything's Jake

We Gather Together (Thanksgiving)

We Gather Together (Christmas/Hanukkah)
The Bestest Most Perfectedness Vally Times Card
Junior Guppy
Full Circle (Cold Case, Three for the Road, In the Name of the Father)
The Big Five
A Day At The Zoo
A Strange Anniversary

(This is the most awesome-est series ever.)

Jake & Jesse by Dolimir - An AU off the Jake series
(incredibly shiny)

*Gillian's Slash Stories

BJ Sandburg - Blair faces the Sandburg curse on his 30th birthday. (More emphasis on pre-kid action than the others.)

Jaime - Blair gets stuck in a war-torn third world country. Jim rescues him. And then things get complicated.

(Both are really long and detailed and awesome.)

*Running Home by Akablonded - Wild West AU
(have not read, recced to me as good kidfic)

*The Hearts of the West Series by Scribe

Dr. B.Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man
James Joseph Ellison, Lawman
James Joseph Ellison, Jr. - Called Jay
Margaret Naomi Sandburg--Reluctant Little Lady

(another Wild West AU kidfic I haven't read yet)

*The Tommy series by Shedoc (scroll down)
(yet another kidfic series that was recced to me that I haven't read)
GEN, NOT Slash

ETA: (I haven't read any of these yet.)

*Sullivan's Pub by Patt Rose

*The Inheritance by The Tenth Muse1

*We Are Family by Lyn

*Nia Chronicles by Little Eva

*Shore Love by Kaitelyn

*Paternity Blues by Jen Riddler & sequel Snapshots by saraid

*Problem, Child by T.W. Lewis (Mpreg, sort of the classic mpreg tale if you know what I mean? included here mostly for the cute scene with the kid at the end)

*A Precious Bundle, Joining the Two, & Together by Voracity (An old girlfriend of Blair's leaves him a ... surprise.)

*A Million Pieces by Candy Apple (Blair is shot protecting Jim’s child. Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship.)

*Harbor of My Heart by Romslinger (Jim is a homeless man living with twin girls on the streets. An Alternate Universe novella where Jim remained in the Army and Blair made a much different career choice after a personal tragedy.)

*Different Roads, Different Directions (scroll down) by Kim Gaspar (Jim and Blair raise Darrel and his new little sister after Simon and his new wife are killed in a car crash.)

*Kids by Little Eva (Blair left Cascade. Years later he comes back with a child. Jim has a child. The kids meet and get their fathers together.)
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( Jun. 1st, 2006 12:26 pm)
Percy Weasley and the Gay Vampire Cult of Oliver Wood by December's Falling

Mmmm, crack tastes good. Actually, you should read it, really. Yes I mean you. All of you.

*cuddles Percy*

Possibly relevant info about the fic:
It's set after Order of the Pheonix, essentially Percy's reaction to the Ministry admitting it was wrong.
Rated PG-13.

And a quote to convince you, if my opinion isn't enough:

"But LOOK, I am clearly anti-Establishment," Percy said, his new mesh shirt pulled halfway up his chest to show a pretty silver ring in his navel. "The Man hates piercings, I read about this in a magazine."


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