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( Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:14 pm)
Oh, P.Stump. So sketchy. ILUsohard.

But there should have been so, so much more P.Stump in the ep! *sads*

But adorably sketchy ftw!

I want so much fic based on this episode. So much.
I heart tv. I do not heart schoolwork. I should be doing stuff for class but instead I am basking in the afterglow of good tv.

I love Criminal Intent, really I do. But this whole alternating between CI version 1.0 and version 2.0 is seriously going to fuck with my head. SVU manages to get by with four cops, why does CI have to pull crazy shit like this?

CJ - While I'm not particularly fond of crossovers, I'm not morally opposed to them either.
This ep was not as strong as last week, but it was still very enjoyable and incredibly sexy, which is good enough for me.
Bug wearing slightly unbuttoned purple shirt? Very, very hot. Jordan in duckie pajamas? Just as hot.
I realized, at some point this summer while I was re-watching last year's crossover with Las Vegas that I really enjoy that show and kinda wish I watched it. But I *way* do not need another show to get addicted to. Way.

And does anybody know what's wrong with squidge.org?
This week's episode of Bones I found to be much better than last week's premiere ep. Helped along somewhat by the fact that it had shirtless David Boreanaz. Just a little.

OMGHouse! That ep was just... teh r0xx0rs. Yeah, definitely. I was all like, "Oh, you mean that guy is Wilson? The guy that everybody on my f-list thinks House is sleeping with? Where the hell are they get--oh, nevermind, I get it. They're totally sleeping together."
Oh, and that little girl was such a *player*! lol

...and *O* *M* *G* SVU! Guh. Just guh. Nevermind the fact that I swear Dick Wolf planned this whole episode to disturb me as though he somehow knew that I watched waaaay too much Oz this summer. And it got waaaaaay inappropriately hot and slashy there towards the end. I wasn't good for much in the way of rational thought after what's-his-name grabbed Elliot's cock. I was just *waiting* for him to tell Elliot that he'd have to take the girl's place.... *guh*...
*sigh* Poor Elliot is so fucked up.

And this has been your television review for the evening. I'm sure actual RL things happened to me today, but I have no idea what any of them were right now; I am far too distracted by inappropriate mental images of Detective Stabler getting molested.

Oh, and apparently I have a previously unknown ability to read my girlfriend's mind. But only occasionally.
Me - *iz ded*
Jen - "Are you dead?"
Me - *iz still ded*
Jen - *pokes*
Me - *continues to be ded*
Jen - *clickety-clackety type-y sounds*
Me - "Don't tell Austin I'm dead"
Jen - "How the hell did you know that was what I was doing?!?"
Me - *shrugs*

Also, apparently the train that's supposed to take thoughts on a scenic ride through my brain before delivering them to my mouth has stopped servicing the gutter. The only train that is willing to pick people up down in the gutter is that one that goes straight to my mouth. I guess the passengers that get on down by the gutter are too scary to have on the train very long so they just want to ditch them anywhere. This is a bad thing. Apparently the train conductor does not realize that by letting the gutter dwellers off at the mouth it only encourages them.
I worry for my sanity. At least partially because I thought up this metaphor. o.O;
Cut for teh crazy "Getting to Know You" meme of doom (doom, doom, doooom.... *echo*) )

And in other news: I am not dead. Yay! That is, generally speaking, a good thing.
...Lessee, Sat. night I fell out at about 10 PM. Woke up Sunday at 2 PM. Was confused.
Took the kidlets back to BG, ran into Wolfie randomly at Kroger. Ate sushi in a moving vehicle (harder than it seems).
Went to see James Taylor. (which one might have already figured out if you listened to my phonepost, crappy though the quality was) The concert rocked muchly. Luke was better behaved than was feared, but not as well behaved as was hoped.
Got home at about 2 AM. Helen was there. She apparently taped QAF for us, but I haven't watched it yet. Ended up watching Season 5 of "Angel". Pretty much all of it.
I think I kinda napped from about 4 AM to 7 AM (monday morning, by this point). Left for BG at about 8:30.
Got dropped off at the top of the hill. Walked around Cherry with Zoe a bit. Ran over to Thomson and talked to Laura for a few minutes.
Ran over to the Rock house for the interview thingie with the possibly new teacher guy - who seemed pretty nice. It's too bad I can't go to the other one so I can compare them and see which is better. Oh well. (Jen, at least, knows what I'm talking about. Probably. Right?)
Went to ...the bank ...and Wal-Mart ... Oh, and TJ Maxx! The shoes! I got a pair of Converse! Crazy!random, yeah? I don't think I've ever owned Converse shoes before. They're kinda cute. Almost all black, with a little bit of blue. Very Nice. And Zoe got some that are white and red and I don't remember. We were actually there to get Zoe some, but in helping her pick some out, I accidentally fell in love with a pair. I found a pair of New Balances that are the same design as my old falling-apart ones that I dearly love and have been trying to replace for years... but they weren't the right size. This disappointed me muchly, but I am happy with my new Converse regardless.
Um, yeah. An dthen we got home and I took a nap. From about 3 PM to 7 PM. ...someone woke me up, but I don't remember why. I was still sleepy, but I had to get up to go over to Aileen's and help her with Luke anyway, so I figured I might as well get out of bed. ...Got Luke to sleep... fed the fish... got back here shortly after 11 PM.
I have no idea where the last three hours went since I got back. I did read my f-list for the last day or two... but I haven't even checked my e-mail yet! ...I think teh crazy meme possibly took over an hour. Damn. Crazy-ass meme.
Now I need to go check my main e-mail addresses, read Kate's Munch/Fin fic (squee! *iz excited*), read the updates to my f-list that occured whilst I was composing this *book* of a post, .... oh yeah! and also sleep! Sleep is good. I keep forgetting that, I think. My body is going to start rebelling soon, I fear if I do not begin giving it sleep in regular intervals and normal-sized doses. Sometimes, though, I think that perhaps I am actually an alien, and I *do* have circadian rhythms, they are simply designed for an alien planet with longer days where it would be necessary to be awake for about 20 hours and sleep for 10. I think I would possibly work better that way. /insanity ...okay, so I never actually /insanity, but I like to pretend, okay? Don't knock the wind out of my sails! ...Oh, and I need to read that HP trio fic that's been sitting in my taskbar for like three days. After "Climbing Uphill".
And I need to remember to take my contacts out before I fall out. Because I've been wearing them since... 2 PM Sunday and it's now... Tuesday? *has lost all concepts of time* Tomorrow, after I become un-comatose, I'm supposed to go driving and practice parallel parking, which may or may not actually become a feasible plan because Aileen is driving the Kia because her car is being fixed... and the Kia's the only thing I can really drive... well, that I really *would* drive, not necessarily *can*.
But anyway: email, flist, fic, contacts, sleep. hopefully in that order. I have a gameplan, now I just have to follow it... I never was very good with sports-type things, perhaps game plan was not a good idea? *shrug* *gives it a shot anyway*
I really am ending this post now. Really. Night luvs. Or morning. Or whatever. Ni!
La la la. I went for a bike ride today. First time I've ridden my bike in... probably a year or two. Zoe and I rode about two miles all told. I'm gonna be feeling it tomorrow I'm sure, but it was nice.

And, now that I've proven that I have no life, I shall further elaborate the point by going on and on about tv shows.

Crossing Jordan

I watched "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" on A&E tonight. First episode with Woody... what a *dork* he was! I think it makes me appreciate season 4 Woody much more because I see how he started out. And the scene where the whole group is bonding at Jordan's housewarming party is just... *priceless*. I think I'm gonna have to watch it when it comes on again in an hour just to hear Bug hesitantly reading off the card... "Where is the naughtiest place you've ever had a shag?" Three cheers for Nigel and his back-up plans.
ETA: ... how did I fail to notice the first time through that Macy is wearing a vibrant purple shirt for the first 20 mins of the ep? *pets Macy*
And a bajillion points to Jordan for referring to Macy as her girlfriend. Twice.
Jordan: "Garrett, you just head-butted that guy!" Macy: "Yeah, I know. Come on!"
Macy: "Why would you want to have sex 6 times in one day? We're people, not bunnies!" Drunken!Lily: "Dr. Macy said bunnies!" ~all laugh muchly~
Nigel: "I *want* to hear you say it." Bug: "Alright... I'm curious."

Tonight I also watched "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?"... I think I liked the episode... Of course, since I had absolutely no idea what was actually going on, it's hard to say for sure. I guess it might have made more sense if I'd seen more than a single episode out of all of season 2 and 3. But mad props to CJ for the fact that it had Michael T. Weiss. *sigh* I love the pretender, even when he's not being Jarod. ~Randomly distracted... how soon is Pretender season 2 coming out?~

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

In non-Crossing Jordan news, I got *way* confused today watching a re-run of SVU. It was "Ridicule" from season 3. Guest starring in it was Diane Neal... a.k.a. Casey Novak. Except it was a season and a half before she ever played Novak. I was totally confused until I looked it up. I was like "Casey, why aren't you being Casey? You are Casey, right? Am I going crazy?" She was playing a stock broker chick who was accused of raping a male stripper. Yeah. I don't know if I'll be able to see Novak in exactly the same way I did before. Does anyone else find it odd that they had someone guest star rather prominently in an episode and then brought them back to be a *different* *main* character? It was way mind-fuck-y to watch Cabot grilling what my mind kept insisting was Novak. o.O;
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( May. 25th, 2005 01:14 am)
Totally missed the season finale of SVU. Didn't I learn this lesson last week with CJ? Apparently not. Scouring the internets. *sigh*

Anyway, apparently my computer doesn't like having eMule running 24 hours a day for days on end. Who'd a thunk it? It's being all slow and cranky. And Semagic has crashed two days in a row. I'm not sure if Semagic is actually crashing or if something else (like eMule) is making it crash. I should probably run a virus check. And defrag my hard drive. Guess I'll set it to do one or the other while I'm asleep.

...and I *still* don't have any L&O icons! I wish I had an attention span.
Yesterday I went to BG with mommy and picked up Jen's clothes (Yay!), then we went and ordered new carpet for my room (Yay!) and a full-size mattress for the new bedframe I'm inheriting (Yay, except for the part where mom and bruce had a conversation about how jen and i will need the space when we come home to visit, cuz that was a little disconcerting and weird). Hung out with Rebecca who is in from FL for a few days. Then, this morning/afternoon after I got up, we went out with Becca's mommy and her lil sisters to play putt putt golf. I suck at miniature golf. A lot. Really. I did manage to beat Izzy. She's five.
When we got home, the carpet had magically arrived (I think Bruce went and picked it up this morning) so we shall soon get on with the laying of carpet. We're doing the back room (next to my room) first, then we're gonna do mine within the next week.
I think I'm getting a cold. I'm feeling all weak and head-achy and scratchy-throaty. Not fun. Grr.
Oh, also yesterday I bought a DVD-holder-shelf-thingie. It's pretty and can hold up to like 128 or something. Me and Zoe put it together and then I started scouring the house trying to find all my DVD's to put on it. When we were getting mommy to look in her room for anything of mine, she also found things she forgot she bought, including but not limited to Underworld (which I haven't seen yet), The Chronicles of Riddick, and the Nickelback cd that has "Feeling Way Too Damn Good" on it. All unopened. My mommy is such a cracker.
Will hopefully be online later. But for now, I have to go help with the carpet. Also, Michael and Margo and Andre came by for a while and they brought the puppy to visit. It's still completely adorable. *runs away*
ETA: Oh yeah, and guess what came today! The shirt Jen got me from QC that says "Aerodynamically Curvaceous". I am very pleased. ^.^
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( May. 18th, 2005 10:06 pm)
Curses! Tonight's Crossing Jordan re-run on A&E has been pre-empted so they can show some special about Star Wars. Grr. I hate Star Wars. The only one of all of them that I've ever seen is Episode 1; I watched it once a few years after it came out when I was at a friend's house.

Why is the season finale of Criminal Intent being shown on Wednesday? Tv needs to stop stressing me out. Now. *rawr*

~Currently on Book 3 of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events~

And hooray for my new Boondock Saints icons! That is such a good movie... *sigh* I can't wait for the sequel to come out.
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( May. 16th, 2005 02:09 am)
Sorry I fell off the planet a bit. Got run over by family and stuff. My sis Susan randomly showed up today shortly after I woke up, then my bro Mikey and his girlfriend came... By the time Zoe and me got around to calling Helen to see where the heck she was, it was too late for us to go to BG, cuz Zoe had to get back in time to do homework and sleep, so we went to Clarksville instead. After we got back from walmart, I sat Helen down and made her watch Boondock Saints (which is, for the uninitiated, the awesome-est movie evAr) and got so caught up in it I missed Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan! *sob* So, as soon as I get them downloaded and watch them, I'll catch up on my friendslist... I could go around the spoilers, but I don't have that much willpower, so I'm gonna stay away from my f-list until tomorrow at least. After finishing Boondock, Helen and I headed back to Clarksville because we wanted to catch the 11 pm showing of Kingdom of Heaven... unfortunately, when we got there, we were informed that they don't have any movies after 11 on sunday, only on friday and saturday. The only movie that was being shown that hadn't started yet was.... du du dah!... House of Wax... (uh oh, we really should've known better...) We figured, since we'd come all that way, we might as well see a movie, right? Right. Bad idea. Not as... jumpy!scary as Amityville, but about five times as fucked up... The first major cringe moment comes when a guy gets the back of his ankle cut with a pair of scissors while he's trying to escape... and it all goes downhill from there. I can almost *feel* the scissors... not good. I'm never going to sleep again. For some reason, I can handle death in horror movies much better than torture and mutilation... does that make me a freak? Also, I should *not* have bought gummi worms to eat during the movie. Just no. So, yeah, now I have to get up early in the morning to go to Bowling Green with mom. She's got a doctor's appointment at 11 am, and she wants to come home after it, so I have to get all my errands done before that... so I may end up calling on you guys earlier than is pleasant. Feel free to tell me to fuck off if you're sleeping. I can't decide if getting up will be more of a problem than I think because I'm too adrenaline-rushed to go to sleep for a long time... or if it will be easier than I think because I'm not going to be able to sleep in *ever*. Yeah, lovely. Should not have gone to see that movie.
Oh, and in other news, today, while Mikey and Margo were here, they were outside and they found a puppy! A tiny little adorable puppy. We think our dog is probably its daddy because the coloring is the exact same as his. Bruce said that he's seen a momma dog around outside with several pups, but this little one was all by herself and mommy and siblings seemed to have abandoned her. They took a good look around but they couldn't find any sign that she was coming back for the puppy. So we brought the little girl inside and cleaned her up and fed her and Michael called his roommate (who is about to move) and asked him if he wanted a puppy and he said he'd take her. So, yay for finding a home for the adorable lost puppy! It was so tiny and cuddly that I didn't want to let it go, but mom said we couldn't keep her. *cry* I think she was older than we expected when we first saw her because she was pretty aware and could nibble on grown-up dog food without too much difficulty, except for the fact that it was, ya know, almost as big as her mouth. Lots of tiny little pointy teeth. Arf! Bruce said the momma dog wasn't very big which may explain why the puppy was so small. She was an unbelievable precious little puppy. We took some pics of her, and once we get them developed, I'll try to remember to post some.
Shit! Why did I delete my "I save puppies!" icon? Oh well.
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( Apr. 8th, 2005 09:49 am)
Stole this meme from [livejournal.com profile] amazonqueenkate.

Law & Order Junkies by animaltalker
Crime committedIndecent Slashing
When the Crime OccurredJuly 20, 1995
Cop who investigates
Innocent person 1st arrestedabercrombie_boi
bail is set at$150,808
Turns state evidence against youkrisskyo
Assigned to prosecute you
your are foundNeither guilty nor innocent, there is a mistrial
sentenced to10 years at Bedford
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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( Mar. 3rd, 2005 10:17 pm)
Woo hoo! Trial by Jury rocks! Yay Law and Order franchise-ness! Yay for crossover-ness with regular L&O! Yay for Sam Waterson!
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( Mar. 3rd, 2005 08:25 pm)
Work sucks. I overslept yesterday and was like half an hour late. And then today they got their revenge because the girl who is supposed to work at 8 am couldn't come in so they called me and woke me up at 8:15. So I got up, two hours before I had to, went to work, went to class, went *back* to work, then went to a couple SGA meetings and hung out with random SGA people until dinner.
How do I manage to be out of my dorm for twelve hours straight when I only have *1* class!?!
Also, I'm trying to figure out what classes to take next semester and I already have a headache from it. I started a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. Seriously. I saved it on the computer at work. :-( I'm never going to graduate. Trying to schedule upper-level classes fucking sucks. Grr.
But on the bright side, Law and Order: Trial by Jury premieres in like... half an hour. Yay!
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( Nov. 23rd, 2004 01:48 pm)
Yesterday was a crazy day and today shall be even crazier. How can a 2-day week be so hectic? It's like somebody tried to cram all the stress from a regular week and then some into only two days.
Yesterday (I think that was the *longest* Monday in the history of my life) I woke up five minutes after I was supposed to be at work, so that was obviously not a good way to start things off. Went to work, didn't do much. Went to MaMmoTH to kill the hour after work and before class. Went to class... talked about Marijuana for an hour (I love my deviant sociology class). Then went up to lunch with my lovely friends in Garrett. Then Rita sucked me into playing card games for three hours (I think Dirty Rummy is my new favorite game). Finally I had to leave to go to the LRC committee meeting and she was heading off with her mommy anyway. The LRC meeting lasted for, I dunno, 2 hours or so? I'm not really sure, exactly. All I really remember is that the last half hour at least was repetitive arguments without ever reaching any solid conclusions. Nuff about that.
Anyway, after LRC, I went and sat with Ricky in Red Zone while he got something to eat. Then we went outside and sat in front of Subway for no reason in particular. Eventually, I called Jen and she came down and we ate in the food court with Ricky keeping us company. Then we just sorta... wandered across campus. For several hours. Overall, academic buildings are a little freaky at about ten o'clock at night. Very dark and empty. Eventually, Ricky headed off to his dorm and we headed to ours. Of course, once we got back to the dorm, Jen had to throw together a paper to e-mail to a professor in less than 90 minutes. And then type up another paper due this morning. So, needless to say, she was a little stressed...
Overall, yesterday wasn't a *bad* day, it was just llllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg. Of course, today's going to be a long day, too. -Got up, took a shower, went to class, went to my other class, had lunch, and now I'm stuck at work til 4:30. I don't think I really have time to go back to the dorm after work, because of my class at 7:00. I need to hunt down Jen and have dinner *before* class because after class *everything* will be closed. Then after class, I don't want to miss L&O:SVU at 9:00. Soooo, if Jen and I do head to my house tonight, we won't even be able to leave until 10-ish. I don't want to pack! *grr* ...I still have two and a half more hours of work to kill... So now what?
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( Nov. 16th, 2004 09:17 pm)
You are 100% Gemini

I feel bleh today. Watching L&O:SVU. It's about a cult. Very interesting. Except the guy who played Rack is in it. Which is disturbing.

I got my Sociology & Statistics test back this morning. I got an A. I figured I would.

I also got my Anthro test back this morning. I got a C. Sadly, that's better than I expected. I came out of that test last week convinced that I had completely bombed it. It was a high C, at least.
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( Sep. 8th, 2004 08:53 pm)
Why am I not studying? I really should be studying. I have a Sociology Statistics test tomorrow. I'm not really worried about it though. So far the class has been really easy.
If I don't get some studying in tomorrow I will be suckin' in Japanese, though. Tuesday was like crazy-over-my-head-ness. It's like, there I was, happily swimming in the ocean, chilling out, when all of a sudden, a huge wave crashed over my head. Then the undertow started sucking me down. And I got stung by a jellyfish. All at the same time. Yeah, that metaphor's about right.

...random updateness...
Re-dyed my hair yesterday. I got quite a few comments on it today, which was nice. Of course people probably only noticed my hair due to my extreme slob-ish-ness manner of dress today due to the fact that I woke up at 8:23 this morning and I was supposed to be at work at 8:00. I think I dressed faster today than I ever have before in my life. I was at work 8 minutes after I woke up and it takes about 5 minutes to walk there... Luckily I did not get *severely* bitched at.

Anniversary is tomorrow! Yay-ness!

And what have I been doing instead of working like I should be? Playing SNES, watching L&O ep about some woman who was cheating on her husband with a woman, and finding gorgeous LJ icons, like the one on this post. Well, I've gotta have some happiness in my life, right?


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