Since I am obviously incapable of writing in my lj, have some pictures.

crappy phone pics ahoy )
[ profile] silva_draconis commanded that I should pick a handful of things off my amazon wishlist that would make pleasing birthday presents so she could still pretend like she was surprising me with which one she got. And thusly I have. Posted to my journal... because I felt like it, mostly. I find my list entertaining, damnit!

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hard Core Logo
Clandestine Industries Presents: Release the Bats
Cake - B-Sides and Rarities
The Pink Spiders - Hot Pink
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( Jun. 1st, 2008 07:56 pm)
Important life lesson of my yesterday: 4-way kissing? Does not work very well at all.

(Does this mean I won't try it again? Probably not.)

♥ Tony&Tonya
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( Mar. 5th, 2008 09:56 pm)
Mmm, pizza.
Mmm, pizza with pepperoni, garlic, onion, green olives, fresh tomato, and cheese of course.
Premade pizza crusts are seriously the best invention ever.

Oh, hey, Rita. We still on for Saturday night partying-ish? Want us to bring anything? Food? Beer? Boardgames? Hookers? IDK.
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( Dec. 12th, 2007 09:14 pm)
So, I'm headed to BG on Sat. to hopefully finish up the last of my xmas shopping. And to descend upon Rita with xmas decorations (<3). And anything else I decide needs doing in town between now and then.

Also, we're heading to BG next Friday for Jen's b-day to catch Sweeney Todd and do stuff. Who all's up for the Sweeney Todd opening? I'm not sure just yet what time we'll be looking at attending but probably after 7.

I currently have a low-grade level of cranky and discontent which is probably equal parts due to 1) the number of things I need to get done before xmas & am making no progress on, 2) applying to grad schools because I hate red tape, & 3) the fact that I have no concerts to look forward to for the forseeable future.
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( Nov. 30th, 2007 10:24 pm)
Hey Rita?

I found your crochet hooks! \o/

You gonna be at home Sat. afternoonish?
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( Nov. 20th, 2007 11:59 pm)
Yeah, about that concert thing I was doing today... So, we rode down to Nashville with my friend Laura, right? Cause I convinced her to come with and drive because cities are evil? Yeah. I was so right on that one.

We missed a turn and were trying to get back to the road we needed to get to the venue, so we were on this skeezy cross-street. While Laura was busy worrying about getting to the counterpart of our one way street and hoping it would take us back where we were supposed to be, she kind of failed to notice a teensy little stop sign. And then the car got smished. Oops.

Nobody got hurt. And the car still drove... a little. The wheel ended up, like, visibly at an angle to the road, which, I'm pretty sure cars are not supposed to do. We managed to limp over to a gas station (because it was truly a creepy neighborhood), but there was no way the car was going to be up for the drive home.

So Laura called her dad to tell him what happened and called AAA to come tow her car. And her dad was perfectly willing to come get us... only, ya know, not at eleven or whenever the concert got done. Which is pretty understandable because he didn't sign up for this crazy shit. At this point it was like 5:30 and the concert was supposed to start at 6:00 according to the website. We managed to convince Laura's dad to wait until 7:30 to leave to come get us, which meant we wouldn't have to leave the concert until 9:00, which would let us watch Cobra, Sherwood, Rocket Summer, and part of Armor for Sleep, but definitely no Academy.

So after the AAA guy showed up and took the car away, by which time it was very nearly 6:00, we called a cab to come get us. We were told it would take 10 to 20 minutes, and we were less than a mile from the venue, so I figured we might at least catch the last song in Cobra's set.
40 minutes later, we gave up and called a different cab company. The new cab showed up in less than five minutes. When we got to the venue, it was almost 7.

Once we got inside, we found out two things. 1, Sherwood wasn't there because they had car trouble, and 2, THE SHOW DIDN'T START TIL SEVEN.

So we just managed to squeak inside before Cobra came out and started playing. They rocked a fucking lot, the end. I threw a plastic cobra and it definitely made it onto the stage, which pleases me a terrible amount. I am so ridiculously glad I got to see them again, especially since their tour at the beginning of next year is not coming closer than several hundred miles away and then not on days when I could conceivably make a several hundred mile drive.

When Bill came out to do his part on "Bring It" he was so wearing Chiz's hat. I have no idea why, but it was precious. I'm sorry I didn't get to see your band play, Bill! Come back soon, I'll make it this time! (I would feel worse about missing TAI's entire set... but they don't have the weird aversion everyone else in bandom apparently has where they refuse to come to Nashville, like, ever. So, I might possibly get a chance to see them some other time without having to drive 5 hours or something.)

I am totally goiing to read my friendslist. Tomorrow. After I sleep for about 12 hours.

Last night I got about three hours of sleep, then I had to get up to take my lil sis to BG to take her ACT. Killed some time (and way too much money) till she was done, had lunch with Teh Rita (TM) and then hung about and played way too much Guitar Hero with Teh Laura (TM).

Then we (being myself, The Girlfriend, Lil Sis, Mom, & Teh Laura because we had a spare ticket) went to a concert. Some crazy oldies fest with one member each from The Platters, The Drifters, The Coasters, & The Temptations. It was really awesome. I forget that I adore live music pretty much no matter what kind. (Additionally, Best Intermission Music Ever. I need that album, like, yesterday. Except for the part where it reminded me that Doug won't be at my tour date.)

But yes, the concert was great. I totally wore my Fall Out Boy shirt which amuses me to no end. (10 days!!!) I think I'll wear my Academy shirt to the Young Wild Things date & I'm not sure yet what shirt I'll wear to see Academy & Cobra. Not that any of you are interested.

I spent a lot of time at the concert thinking that FOB should hire 50's/60's crooners to be backup singers. That would be so incredibly awesome there would not be words to describe it in this or any other language.
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( Oct. 26th, 2007 09:52 pm)
Thing one: Cobra Starship - Guilty Pleasure, music video.
I literally laughed so hard, I cried.

Thing two: I'm gonna be spending quite a bit of time tomorrow wretching about in BG, so if you think you might be invaded? You probably will be.

Now I am off to assist in baking. And sew. Hopefully. And do assloads of laundry. (What, that's a legitimate measurement!)

(11 days till FOB! [Oh god, driving in nashville. ;_; ] )
*wanders into house at about seven in the morning*
Mom: "Hi, where've you been?"
Me: "Sobering up so I could drive home?"
Mom: "Oh, well that's a good thing I guess. When did you get in?"
Me: ""
Mom: "Oh. If you see a half naked stranger wandering around, it's my friend Michael. Get some sleep."
Michael: *wanders in* "Hey, nice to meet you."
Me: "Ditto. Bye."

That is an approximation of the conversation that just happened to me.

A couple more things that Zoe really, really does not want to hear about.

So, I went a lovely party with some friends... )

I'm going to sleep now. A lot.
This was meant to be a phonepost the other day but the phoneposting number was not working for some reason, so:

Country version of "Because of You", FTW?! Reba, what were you thinking?!

In other news, I spent kind of a lot of time playing Guitar Hero II today. And forgot to watch the VMAs like I meant to. Oh well, they'll play them again, I'm sure. Or I can catch the highlights on Youtube or something. Somebody who watched it should tell me which parts not to miss because I totally have about an inch of patience for awards shows.

Oh, and happy anniversary, [ profile] ktprincesswitch. 4 years, yo. Who would've figured?

We went out to dinner on Friday to do the anniversary celebrating thing, then stopped by a party our friends Tony & Tonya were having. We meant to just, like, stop by and tell them we were sorry we couldn't stay, but somehow ended up hanging around for like two and a half hours. Oops. Also did a couple things which might not fit all definitions of anniversary-celebrating. They are however, very much within our definition. :)

Who knew three-way kisses really worked?

Coming soon, to a friends-list near you: A post of my favorite cover versions of songs. (Seriously, if I forget again, hit me or something.)
Happy Birthday, Laura!
The Smoky Mountains were gorgeous. Vacation was lovely and so very needed. I love my friends. And many thanks to Laura for getting us there and back in one piece. ♥

So, yes, back to the daily grind. And fighting through skip=200 on my f-list. Actually, I started at about skip=240 and have currently fought through to 160. Not too bad as progress goes.

Things I have learned thusfar:

1. Mandy Patinkin abruptly quit Criminal Minds? - Official Statement

2. I may have to forgive Jon Walker for the generally unattractive beard due to extreme hotness. )

Also? I keep opening fic & stuff in new tabs so I can get to it eventually without distracting too much from the reading of my f-list. My firefox window may explode from this practice. Oops.
♥ you, firefox
I have not checked my friendslist in 3 days, but before I go digging through the skip100 madness, I feel the need to update about my weekend. Here are the highlights, for you enjoyment.

Friday (Rita's Birthday):
-Went to work.
-Class cancelled.
-Went to the bank.
-Lunch at Panera.
-Liquor store & Kroger's.
-Went to Daniel's for Rita's birthday shindig.
-Started drinking at 4PM (Mmmm, rum&coke=love).
-Was tipsy.
-Pouted at Rita for not being drunk enough to let me grope her.
-Groped Laura.
-Drank more (including but not limited to: watermelon martinis, cider, beer, apple flavored wine cooler, watermelon flavored wine cooler, & blackberry wine).
-Was drunk.
-Pouted at Rita more.
-Groped Laura A LOT.
-Drank tequila (I don't really know how many shots I took, but it probably fell in the category of "too many" & Daniel claims I drank half the bottle. I'm sure I had *some* assistance in that... I think.).
-Was very drunk.
-Wandered around topless for a good while as shirts are for losers.
-Passed the fuck out in the middle of Daniel's floor sometime after 1AM (I apologize to the people that had to step over me to get to the bathroom. And thanks for the blanket, Daniel!).

Saturday (Zoe's birthday):
-Woke up on Daniel's floor.
-Had breakfast.
-Realized breakfast was a bad idea when I spent the day before drinking for more than 8 hours.
-Returned to dorm.
-Took nap.
-Went home to see family.
-Went to the drive-in.
-Watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not quite as bad as forewarned.
-Watched Are We Done Yet?, regretted every dying brain cell despite existence of Dr. Cox.
-Went back home & ate some of Zoe's ice cream cake.
-Realized I am missing a chip from one of my front teeth and have no idea when, where, or how this happened.
-Played DDR with Zoe on her shiny new mat for a while, sucked muchly.
-Went to bed.

Sunday (My nephew, Hunter's, birthday):
-Woke up much later than intended.
-Entertained self by sucking at DDR some more.
-Played with nephewlet.
-Had some of Zoe's *other* ice cream cake, with added Hunter celebration-ness.
-Priced clothing for the yard sale my sis is having next weekend for far longer than I want to think about.
-Left for dorm at 9PM, eep.

The end. *dies*

In other news, this week is my last week of classes... and I have a bajillion things to do. I need to start working on the 10-page paper I have due this week and yet I have done nothing. I meant to make an outline tonight, but I accidentally hung out with Laura for an hour and a half instead. My bad.

*off to brave the scary f-list before bed*
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( Apr. 27th, 2007 12:07 am)
Happy Birthday The Rita!
Hey Laura? I... well, I found this pretty picture, and I thought, "Gee, I bet Laura would like that. It would make pretty icons! I should make her an icon, that would be shiny!"

And so I did.

But apparently I am... indecisive or something? Because, umm...

Well, perhaps you had better just look... )
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( Apr. 14th, 2007 05:43 pm)
So... I went to a hallloween party yesterday. Yes, that's right, I said halloween. Blame [ profile] poetsworld! He's the one that threw the party!

Anyhow, I think it qualified as a definite success. There was an impressive number of people imbibing an impressive amount of alcohol (though mostly not me as I had to drive) and good times were had by all. Especially those of us molesting [ profile] ladykittykatwku. That is what [ profile] ktprincesswitch and I live for, after all, public make-out sessions with declared "non-lesbians". (Declared repeatedly. And loudly. To anyone who would listen and a lot of people who wouldn't. *g* Apparently, it takes some of the effect out of your words when you have to remove your tongue from the mouth of a girl sitting in your lap in order to yell, "I'm not a lesbian!") Yay corruption!

And then of course, after the rest of the party pretty much left, Rita, Jen & I kept... meaning to leave. But we forgot. And Daniel didn't kick us out. Silly Daniel. So... we ended up playing Wii and card games until nearly daylight, by which point we thought, perhaps it would be best if everyone endeavored to get some sleep. ...of course, then we went to Waffle House on our way home so... yeah, we suck at sleep. I did manage to get to sleep by about 7 AM. That counts for something, right?

I love my friends.

rita: are we going to walmart tonight?
me: sure, i guess
rita: lol
rita: can we go to hob lob?
me: *magnanimous* okay
rita: can we go to the moon?
me: are you buying the gas?
rita:, Laura said she would
me: alright then
Have you ever run into someone that you used to be very close to, liked and were great friends with... nothing happened to tear you apart, no big fight or disagreement, you just weren't around each other any more, drifted apart, whatever... then when you see them again, you find that you are no longer able to connect with them? It's like this person, once counted among your favorite people, is now a complete stranger... and you can't figure out if it's them that changed or you... It kind of makes you question exactly how genuine the original friendship was if you can no longer even figure out how to talk to this person who was once so important.
I don't like that feeling.
I think this may be why I make a point of avoiding all of my friends from high school, even people that I really genuinely liked (which wasn't honestly that many), possibly *especially* those whom I liked, because I'm scared of that feeling.

This has been your random emo walk down memory lane today.

For those that will get it (which, come to think of it is... possibly none of you...) this was prompted because I ran into Joey today. (Brad, you remember how much I liked him, right...? Helen? Anyone?)
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( Jan. 24th, 2006 09:59 pm)
Definitely swtiching Japanese 102 to audit. I cannot handle taking that class for credit.
It was a very bad idea to wait a year between taking 101 and 102. He kept saying we would start remembering things, except the only thing I was remembering... was how much stuff I didn't really learn the first go round.
But Japanese class was fun anyway. I missed Joe-san. ^.^
Plus, everyone I know in the world is in that class (Me, girlfriend, [ profile] punkbrad7, [ profile] tasukixchichiri, etc.). Or the one before it ([ profile] hilltopper918). Except for [ profile] abercrombie_boi, who I hung out with for an hour earlier today, and [ profile] ladykittykatwku, who hung out with for an hour right before I went to class.
Today has been extremely friend-filled. Yay! I forgot I had friends. I now feel very popular and important. ^.^

I have homework that I am avoiding. Already. I have to type up the answers to a few questions for my first class tomorrow morning, and I have reading for a couple of the other 4. Feck, I don't want to think about having to go to 5 classes tomorrow. *sigh* Who was smoking crack when they were setting up the schedule for this semester?

Work today was not too busy. Good news of the week is that I found out I don't actually have to work *all* day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, only 8:00-2:30. Somehow that two hours a day less I expect will make all the difference. While the extra money would have been nice, I will be working essentially the same amount of hours as last semester (1/2 hour less per week) which is decent money. Plus, added bonus of being able to remain sane. Yay.

Umm... probably other things to say, but I can't remember them right now.

Still don't feel like a detailed discussion of all 5 of my MWF classes. Perhaps tomorrow.


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