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( Oct. 13th, 2008 02:00 pm)
The dealership told me to keep track of how much oil my car is eating and come see them next time I'm in town. Not really the answer I wanted to hear, but about what I expected.

Fandom-iversaries are supposed to be shiny happy days. :( 1013, you are letting me down.

ETA: This keeps managing to improve my mood, though. :D

How should I be celebrating the close of a full decade in fandom?
An Important Message from Fall Out Boy...

Basically, they're delaying the album release )

They've got perfectly admirable reasons and I respect their forthrightness in explaining but I'm still gonna go sit over here and make sad faces until they announce the new release date. :( :( :(

Now I have to go call the dealership where I bought my car and explain to them that it's doing the same thing it was doing before they replaced the engine. >:(
I haven't checked my friendslist since sometime Thursday, so I'm trying to slog through that.

Mindless Self Indulgence on Tuesday was very... interesting. MSI fans are weeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrd. The Birthday Massacre was decent as far as opening bands go, but the first opener made me want to shoot them in the face. :(

Thursday we went adventuring to a skeezy bar in Nashville to go to what was supposed to be a Pink Spiders & Drive By show, but we found out after we (finally) got there that the Pink Spiders cancelled. :( But Drive By was very happy to see us because we were the only ones who knew who they were. :) The bar was ridiculously hard to find mostly due to the fact that it was, quite literally, a hole in the wall. We drove past it like 5 times without ever seeing it and walked around the block for like half an hour before we figured out where it was. Lol. While Drive By was playing, there was a maximum of 15 people in the building, counting the band, the bartender, and the sound guy. Yeah. Poor dudes. We gave them lots of money for merch, though. I bought a t-shirt even though I already have a hoodie and my sis bought herself a hoodie and one for a friend. I kept trying to apologize to them for the show sucking and the lead singer was all like, "No, it was great because you guys came!" Aww, that's sweet honey, but don't you have to, like, be able to put gas in your van or something? ♥

If you have the chance to go see Drive By & The Pink Spiders you should definitely do so. I'm half tempted to hit their show in Cincinnatti on the 30th except for how I really, really, shouldn't.

Then, yesterday, Jen & I headed down to the Ryman to see Eddie Izzard. (♥_♥)
We stopped in Russelville & there was a light on in my car's dash so I decided to check the oil. Which was... practically empty. I made my big sis come out and look at it to make sure I wasn't crazy then she went and got me some oil and she filled it up. I figured I could check when we got to Nashville & before we left to see if it was leaking because I didn't see how it could be, but I also didn't see how it could have so little oil in it otherwise.

When we got to Nashville and were parking, smoke started pouring out of my engine. ...apparently my sister didn't put the oil cap back on & I didn't think to make sure she had. I think it fell out of the engine somewhere on I-24. :(
My mom found a 24-hour car part place and I called them to make sure they had one and I could come get it after the show (because I was not, by fucking god, going to miss that show - the tickets were ridiculous). Went to Eddie (Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So much more awesome live! Nashville! It is a city... of Nash! Known for its... Nash!) then took a cab to get a new oil cap and then back to the car (Ouch! Cabs are expensive!). Put a couple quarts of oil in (since it all, ya know, sploded out of the engine due to lack of oil cap) and put on the new cap so we could go home.

Originally, we were going to swing by Tony&Tonya's before going home (sorry, dears!) but it seemed terribly inadvisable when I still don't know for sure if my car is leaking oil or what the fuck is actually wrong with it. :(

A mechanic friend of my mom's looked at the car briefly today and said that it has definitely had some kind of major engine work done on it (because there's a fucking bolt missing off the manifold or something) that they neglected to mention when I got the car two weeks ago. So, in summary, the dealership either sold me a car that is terribly leaking oil, or handed it over very very low on oil. Either way, stupid fucking move, dealer. Just because it's a used car does not make that okay. It is supposed to be inspected and shit and neither of those things should have been possible, not to mention the whole missing a fucking bolt thing that ought to have come up somewhere. >:(

Anyhow, I'm going up to the dealership on Monday so they can look at it and I can yell at them until they stop trying to sell me some kind of bullshit story of how it can't be their fault and 1) admit the truth and fix whatever bloody problems it has or 2) give me a fucking refund for the car. Not cool, Gary Force of Bowling Green, not cool at all. You'd better make me happy on Monday, because I don't want this to have to get ugly.

Balancing Eddie Izzard and car troubles, though, I think yesterday still comes out on the positive side. Eddie fucking Izzard, yo. I can't wait for Stripped to come out on DVD. I laughed for pretty much the entire two hours. And Eddie Izzard is just so precious with his bouncing and twitching and flailing and spasticness, I just... ♥_♥

Now I have to go shower and get ready to go to Jazz on the Lawn in Clarksville with my family.

P.S. Why don't I know anyone in Chicago that I can stay with to go see Warped? ;_;

P.P.S. Today is Jen's half-birthday. Happy 22.5, dear!
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 08:25 pm)
I've been running pretty much non-stop for... 72 hours or so? I think I've have about six hours of sleep since Thursday and it wasn't even all at once.

On Thursday, my dad finally got me a car like he promised 5 years ago (granted, I didn't have a license at the time, so it made sense to wait for the first couple of years). It's a 2002 Nissan Altima and it's terribly shiny. Silver! And it has like power stuff and it all works and this is all just fascinating to me. After three years of driving a shitty Kia Rio that doesn't even have a trunk release latch, much less power locks or power windows, anything would be an improvement. This car is blowing my mind. I might post some pictures soon if I think of it/get motivated (so don't hold your breath).

Just so you know, car shopping with a 4-year-old and a sick 9-month-old in tow? Not the brightest idea. Do not try this at home.

Yeah, then I went to the CMA Music Fest thing that night to see Taylor Swift (and some other people, I guess). Rascal Flatts showed up as a surprise guest which was pretty cool. Jessica Simpson popped out of thin air pretty much to say, "Blah blah blah and I'm hard at work on a new album" but at least I only had to put up with her for a couple of minutes. Anyhow, everyone who played was awesome (well, except I hate Kellie Pickler kind of a lot) and I really wish I'd had the money/time to go for the whole 4 days of shows. It would have been pretty awesome.

Friday I got my car insured, went to see my lil sis in a performance, went out to dinner and bowling with my dad because he was in town and I hadn't seen him in, umm, a year or so. That's pretty much how we roll.

Got home pretty late and then I had to help my sis (the one the bebes belong to, incidentally) get stuff ready for the yard sale she had this morning. Then, when we finally got done with all that, I got to have a couple of hours of sleep before I had to get up terribly early in the morning to go help her run the yard sale.
I did manage to escape assisting for a couple hours and run by and check out some other yard sales in town and pick up some cool stuff.

I made it home some time after 4-ish, hot, tired, and slightly sunburned. I am going to crash so ridiculously hard and probably soon. *sigh* Life is busy!

...and for some reason, me and Jen and Zoe decided it would be a good idea to go out bowling tomorrow (we keep forgetting how much we like it) and probably to see Prince Caspian because I haven't yet (I was at a concert when it opened, damnit, I have a good excuse!). I obviously hate myself and never wish to be well-rested.

... Cobras on Wednesday! \o/

ETA: Oops. I just remembered we were supposed to maybe have, like, cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday today since I ran away the day of. Oh well. We'll get to it. Or not. Whichever. Lol.
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( May. 25th, 2007 11:36 am)

...is it 4 yet?

I hope my car does not fall apart today. That would be unfortunate. I'm going to be very upset if the poor lil Kia's squeaky wheel is a sign of deeper issues.

For the record, when you ask the mechanic to tell you your car will not fall apart, the correct response is not "I hope not, because I can't come get you today."

In other news, I accidentally wrote a Pete/Patrick ficlet. Oops. Totally not on purpose.
It's in beta right now. We'll see how much it sucks.
How did I end up writing Fall Out Boy slash? Seriously, I have no idea.
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( Apr. 4th, 2006 10:08 pm)
Today's Fortune: You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home.

Also, I went to the court house today and paid my speeding ticket, so I'm glad that's off my mind. Now I just have to wait for traffic school. *blegh*
On the larger scale of things though, I think I'm still doing better than either of my brothers because I haven't actually lost my license yet.

And did I mention that I went and applied for a new passport yesterday? If not, I did.

And I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to work on filing my degree program. Which I should have done like a year ago, but I'm lazy.

I certainly seem organized and on top of things. Strange how appearances can be so deceiving, isn't it?

...now I have to go write a paper to turn in tomorrow. Buh-bie.
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( Aug. 26th, 2005 12:48 pm)
Yesterday was the longest day on the planet. Really.

Here's how yesterday was supposed to go:
-get up at 6 AM
-be moved into the dorm before 8 AM, when everyone in the universe would begin showing up
-work till 4
-buy Home Depot gift card for Beth and Doug as wedding present
-go to wedding

Here's how it actually happened:
-Well, first off, I had to move back my start date because I didn't get all my stuff in the car and get showered until almost 2:30 AM, and I didn't want to run a full day with lots of driving on three and a half hours of sleep. Just seemed like a bad idea. So I moved the start time back to 7:30, because I figured 5 hours of sleep would be enough to get by and it still would not be that crowded at about 9 AM.
-So I woke up at 7:30 AM, surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Then I attempted to wake up Bruce. Then I woke him up again. Eventually he got up and took his sweet time getting ready so I didn't actually get out of the house until almost 8:30. He was driving the Jimmy with all my stuff in it and I was driving the Thunderbird so I would have something to come home in after he finished helping me move in and went home.
-We went through Lewisburg to get gas and he decided he needed to check the oil in the Thunderbird because it sounded funny. He spent 10 minutes trying futilely to figure out how to open the hood. He *finally* gave up and asked mom's mechanic who was like 5 feet away watching the entire struggle with amusement. Gomer opened the hood in about 3 seconds. We checked the oil and it did need some, so we fed it a quart. It did run better after that, which was almost enough to make up for the delays he was putting in my plan.
-We finally got on the road towards russellville and ultimately BG. It was almost 9 by this time.
-5 minutes outside of Lewisburg, my cell phone rings. After half-risking my life trying to get my phone out of my purse in the backseat while driving, I answered it. It was mom. Telling me to come *back* to Lewisburg because she needed me to do something for her. *sigh* Turned around and went back to Lewisburg.
-Went by the post office where mom gave me the title for the Kia so that I could take it to a bank in BG and get proof of the lean on it being released (she paid it off with a personal loan on Monday so that the insurance company wouldn't get to keep it - due to some crazy KY-specific laws that don't really make any sense).
-Finally got back on the road towards BG. Going *way* too slowly because Bruce kept falling behind. I seriously had to go like 45-50 the entire fucking way to BG. I think it caused me physical pain to drive under the speed limit.
-When I go to BG, I stopped at the bank where I was supposed to be able to get the lean-realease thingie. After much frustration and waiting almost half an hour, some chick finally told me that she couldn't give it to me because Mom's check hadn't cleared yet (even though they told her Monday it wouldn't take more than 2 days) because it "wasn't exactly local", by which I think the chick actually meant "because it's not a check from *our* bank so we don't feel like doing things in a timely manner". With a side order of "oh, by the way, we don't need the title, we need the receipt from where she paid it off". Lovely.
-Moved on and went to the dorm. The crazy, full-of-people, ripped-apart-by-construction dorm. Because for some reason, they decided that move-in day was a great time to close down the circle around Minton and start ripping up the ground to such an extent that we couldn't even walk around the building the short way. So we had to throw everything out on the ground a ways back behind the dorm, then Bruce had to find somewhere to park the Jimmy while we moved stuff and I had to go find somewhere to leave the Thunderbird all day without getting, like, towed or something. I ended up parking in the new structure, which I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to do, but I didn't particularly care at that point.
-So then I had to hike back around all the crazy construction to get back to my stuff so that I could then carry all my shit a bajillion miles around the back of Minton to get it into the dorm room.
-Tell me why they thought it would be a good idea to rip up all possible paths between Minton and DUC. I mean, seriously, you can't walk the few hundred feet between the two buildings without going halfway around the universe.
-So, by the time I got all my stuff moved in (except for my computer that's still at home with me, and my fridge and stuff that is still at Danny's), sent Bruce home, and headed to work, it was like 11:30.
-Work was kinda rough because there was an OAR and the other two chicks working were there well before me so they got to do the sitting down jobs and I had to run around all afternoon.
-I did go pick up my books from the bookstore when I had a few minutes to spare. I was going to take them back to my dorm room, but I didn't get around to that. I also didn't get a chance to return my Public Health 100 book (because I am probably going to drop that class) and see if my Anthro of Gender book(s) were available yet and pick up a couple of books for Michael.
-Why didn't I get to do those things? Because mom called to yell at me (on danny's phone because mine doesn't get enough service to even *ring* which I got yelled at about, don't ask me how I'm to blame because I have no clue) and tell me that I had to leave right that very second. She needed the license plate for the Kia, which was, for some inexplicalbe reason, sitting in the floorboard of the Thunderbird. She needed it so she could drive the Kia home from the frame shop it was at in Hoptown. She needed to pick up the Kia by 5:30. So I hurried to the Thunderbird, and started driving towards Russelville where she was going to meet me and get the license plate.
-I sped like mad and practiced what I would tell the cop if I got pulled over.
-Made it to Russellville, handed over the license plate, told mom to let me pick up Zoe so that she wouldn't end up getting dragged off to Hoptown with Mom and certainly miss the wedding. It was already time to pick Zoe up by this point and I was still in Russellville. And I couldn't leave yet, because I still had to find a gift certificate for Beth and Doug. I tried 84 Lumber who told me that they don't do gift card thingies which is stupid, might I add. Everyone should do gift cards.
-Said fuck it, gave up and got a Wal-Mart gift card.
-It was like 4:40 by this time and Zoe was supposeed to be picked up at 4:30. Normally, it is a 15-20 minute drive from Russellville to Elkton. When I turned onto the road that goes from Russelville towards Elkton it was 4:45. When I hit the stop light in Elkton it was 4:55. I did some *serious* speeding. Part of that was because I was running so late and part of that was because I happened to be following a truck who was going 75-80 the whole way. Generally speaking, I'm a lot more comfortable speeding if I'm following someone else who is speeding because then that person is more likely to be the one to get the ticket if a cop spots us.
-The craziest part? I *did* see a cop. While I was going upwards of 75 in a 55 zone. He *passed* me. Seriously, flew by me and the truck in front of me like we were standing still. I guess he had more important places to be or something. Hell, I'm not complaining. But I seriously think I had a heart attack when I saw the cop. I had vivid mental images of being hauled off to jail.
-Picked Zoe up, ranted about my day the entire way home.
-Stopped at home so Zoe could change clothes for the wedding, then turned around and got *back* in the car to go up the road for the wedding.
-The wedding was fun and there was good food afterwards. Even though it attacked me. Seriously. I was trying to use the barbecue tongs and I managed to slice my finger open. Don't worry, I didn't bleed on the food.
-Hung around for a while, then went home. Helen came by later and we watched Into the Woods (which is an awesome musical).
-And then I called my girlfriend. It occurred to me about two and a half hours into the conversation that I probably should have had her call me back so that we wouldn't run up Mom's long distance bill. Oops. I hope we have a great long distance plan. I don't think my mom will really complain.
-Then I fell asleep. Like, pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. I nearly fell asleep while I was on the phone.

And while today is much less stressful than yesterday, my health (which has been heading south for several days) is worse today. I had a headache when I went to bed and it was even worse when I woke up. I've already taken painkillers which sort of helped. And my sinuses are exploding and have been for several days. My throat feels like it's made of bits of sharp stone and leftover pieces of barbed wire, and I keep sneezing like crazy. I also kind of ache all over. I'm not sure how much of that is from all my exertions yesterday or if it's more a sick-thing.

I'm looking towards probably going to the dorm to stay tomorrow evening. Depending on what time I get there, I will try to hunt down all my friends either that night or sometime Sunday. I miss you guys.

And I have $20 in the bank. Which has to last me for a couple of weeks. *cries*

So, yeah, that's me. How're you guys doing?
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( Aug. 23rd, 2005 01:44 pm)
Work, work, work-ity work.
Moved a small amount of stuff into the dorm today. Still deciding if I want to do more tomorrow or wait until Thursday. I don't really want to drive up here tomorrow, but Thursday will be way crazy-like, so I might do it anyway.
I realized when we were taking the bedding stuff into the dorm room that I forgot the comforter. I need to remember that it's sitting on top of the closet. So consider this a note to self. It wouldn't have fit in the car anyway.
Work is not too terribly crazy today. But Thursday will be. *le sigh*

Oh, and hooray for new icons!

ETA: Oh, and how fucking long has Scandal Sheet been on this story line? Seriously, like a year?!?
(I decided now was a good time to read all the webcomics I haven't read in like a month.)
And yay for Neko deciding to start updating again! But boo for it not actually being Neko. ;_;
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( Aug. 20th, 2005 02:27 am)
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] krisskyo!!!

In other news, we managed to go the entirety of Friday without destroying any more vehicles so maybe we broke the string of bad luck. *knock on wood*

Oh, and I'm working Sunday afternoon because of Master Plan, so I can't go see Zoe's play that day. Anybody want a free ticket to see The Secret Garden at PTK?

Another thing, I went to see March of the Penguins today. It was awesome. Jen, we should definitely go see it together.
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( Aug. 19th, 2005 02:25 am)
So...... that car that Francisco crashed this morning? Back up and running.
They replaced the tire, banged out some of the dents and sent it home. (I drove it home, actually. The cutlass drives *nice*. Day-um.)
Mom's going to make Francisco pay for the new tire we had to put on, the new hood it now needs, the sideview mirror, the front left lights and I forget what else it needs.
She's not making him pay for the new windshield because she was going to replace that anyway. It's a damn good thing he didn't crash it *after* she replaced the windshield cuz then she'd *really* want to murder him. Moreso than she does now. Not to mention the fact that he has to make restitution to the guy whose fence he crashed through. *sigh* Silly boy.

I will be incredibly pleased if we can make it through tomorrow without killing any more cars. Or anything else traumatic happening. That would be lovely.
Mom thinks this whole thing might be a curse on our family. She called both my brothers today and told them not to drive in the next few days unless they absolutely have to. I can't decide if this amuses me or if I agree with her just a little.

Oh, one more thing. For Kriss & Laura - that post with the pics from my sister's wedding is right here. I did not imagine posting it! Yay! I just felt it necessary to point this out for posterity's sake.

Okay, one *more* last thing, why do I not have all my icons spaces filled up yet? Apparently I do not actually have any icons that I want to upload but previously lacked space for. I shall have to go find pretty icons tomorrow. Any suggestions for what should be on them?
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( Aug. 18th, 2005 07:40 am)
Do we all remember how yesterday I was convinced that Aileen's new husband, Francisco, blowing up her car's engine was my third bad thing to complete my set and it had just gotten lost? Well, I was wrong. Very wrong.

This morning, on his way to work in mom's Cutlass (that I told her yesterday not to let him drive), he wrecked it (currently undrivable, future unknown) - and here's the kicker - to avoid running over a dog.

Okay, so yeah I feel very strongly about dogs in general and *my* dogs in particular, but I do *not* advocate risking *human* lives to save animal ones. If you cannot *safely* avoid the animal, it is almost always better to slow down as much as possible and hit it than to hit something else, not least of which because when you have a car accident, you can never be sure that you're only going to endanger yourself.
Apparently no one ever told Francisco this.

So Bruce is taking him to work in the Jimmy and then coming back. Mom drove the Thunderbird to work and I drove it back so Aileen could drive it to *her* work. Aileen is *severely* displeased with this whole marriage deal and her husband in particular just now.
It didn't help that right when she got herself and baby all put in to the car to leave (running late already), Gallahad jumped in the backseat and sat down and looked at her like "Okay, now I'm ready to go." I forcefully explained to the dog that he could *not* go to work with her and that he needed to get the *hell* out of the car before I kicked his ass. Which, surprisingly enough, actually worked.

So now I'm going to go back to sleep because I've only had two hours of sleep thusfar.

I have no idea how we're getting Zoe to the play tonight.

Musical cars, round 3. The music is playing faster and faster and we're running in smaller and smaller circles. I really want to not have to continue this metaphor to the next level.

You know what really worries me? Since Aileen's engine blowing up was not, as I previously thought, the last in MY set of three, and instead was the start of her OWN set, that puts us both at 2, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hopefully it is not another car because aside from mom's right-hand-drive work vehicles, we only have 2 left to spread between 5 drivers and 6 separate people needing to be different places.

This week needs to get DONE with already!
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( Aug. 17th, 2005 06:57 pm)
Oh yeah, and while I'm thinking about it, apparently I de-railed the karma train somehow and so the third bad thing that I was due, to complete my set, hit my sister instead.
Aileen's lovely new husband drove her car out of oil and blew up the engine. It is *dead*. So now we are seriously playing musical cars, round 2. And Aileen is panicking because that's what she's good at.
I guess now I know what to tell dad to get Aileen as a wedding present.

And apparently Madonna broke several bones in a riding accident. I'm just a font of bad news this week, aren't I?
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( Aug. 17th, 2005 01:39 pm)
I think I just realized how much I *love* John Cusack. I think, once I have money again, I shall start collecting every movie he's ever been in.
Why haven't I seen Must Love Dogs yet?

In other news, I went to the dentist today and got two fillings, right next to each other, one of which was actually a replacement for a filling that partially broke.
While dentists are, in general, evil and bad, I think my dentist qualifies as less so than your average dentist. He's very good about warning you when he's about to do something so it doesn't distress you, which is good because dentists make me very jumpy.
And I hate shots. I don't really know why I hate shots so much, it's not like they *hurt* (well, actually the one today did hurt a bit, but he warned me that it would and did it as fast as he could). I don't think I even know what the syringe he uses *looks* like, because my eyes are clenched shut before it even comes in view.
He does tend to get a bit novacaine-happy, but I'd much rather he used too much than not enough, thank you very much. Even if I am numb up to my ears.

Now I just have to decide whether or not I want to drive the Jimmy (blegh) to go pick Zoe up from school or let her ride the bus. I have to call and let her know in the next few minutes. *sigh*

ETA: I hate driving the Jimmy even more than previously realized.
I'm sitting in Laura's office right now in the Physics and Astronomy department.
Why, you ask? Well, that would be because I am waiting for the tow truck to come and retrieve the Kia. *sigh*
So, right after I dropped Zoe off, I was driving up Chestnut St back towards campus. For those of you that know BG pretty well, I was at that weird turn that goes sharp left and then sharp right, directly after where Chestnut crosses 14th St, right by the Chestnut St parking lot, behind Thompson and the other science buildings.
Well, I realized I was going a little faster than I probably wanted to be going around that turn with the roads as wet as they were, so I tried to slow down some. Apparently this was A Bad Idea. Because when I turned... the car didn't. And I smacked into the curb pretty hard. Once I was sure the car was stopped, I took a moment to breathe and make sure I was okay (which, obviously I am, not a scratch), then I tried to turn the car, to see if it was gonna be okay. No dice. The wheel wouldn't turn. So I put it in park and got out to look at where I hit. (Incidentally, I hit right on the edge of the crosswalk, so if any of you are walking by there, you can see the scrape on the curb.) There is a piece of metal that's pushed into the wheel and scraping against the tire, so I couldn't really go anywhere. I don't know yet if that's the only thing really stopping it from going or if there's more serious problems underneath (the whole, like, front is definitely pushed back some which is why the tire is shoved against the metal).
Some WKU utilities management or whatnot people who were nearby and heard it came over to gawk and attempt to assist me. We tried to find a way to get the piece of metal out of the way, but we couldn't manage it. Some guy who works for the university came by and looked at it and said that he thinks it is totaled because of the way the tire is pushed back, but I refuse to believe anything until our mechanic takes a look at it and tells me.
Mom was actually very good about it when I called. I expected her to be mad, but I think she was expecting something like this, which is almost worse. She's called her sub to carry the mail for her and she's hunting down a tow truck to drag up here. *sigh*
After the cop showed up (*sigh*) I finally did manage to get it out of the road and into the Chestnut St parking lot (with *much* scraping and grinding and horrible-sounding-ness and difficult-turning-ness), where it is currently sitting.
*Looking* at the car, you can hardly tell it's been in an accident. I will be very frustrated if I managed to do *serious* damage to a car by hitting a *curb* doing probably 25 mph.
Everyone seems to be impressed by how much I'm not falling apart, but mostly I'm okay, I'm just angry at myself for this whole mess and extremely frustrated. My fifth day as a licensed driver and I've managed to screw up already. At least Zoe wasn't in the car at the time. And it could have been a lot worse. But that doesn't really make me feel better.

I am not having a good week.

ETA: Oh, and the thing that really worries me? Bad things always come in threes. When is the other shoe going to drop?

ETA2: It's official now, my girlfriend is never going to let me drive. Not that she was *really* going to let me drive before, but now she really isn't.
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( Aug. 14th, 2005 02:29 am)
Five Ways Remus Lupin Never Raised Harry Potter
*iz melted into a puddle of mushy goo*
I have a weakness for AU's where Harry gets raised by someone other than the Dursleys and this fic hit me *hard* in all the right mushy places.
*coos at the fic* *cuddles it*
ETA *cuddles this fic too* /eta

I drove around BG a lot today *all* by myself. A lot. Because all my friends fell off the planet. *love you guys*
I went to see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Which was mildly entertaining.

Oh, and Zoe made me a new purse! Out of duck tape! Purple and black duck tape! It's is teh awesome. If I can get my hands on a camera, I will take pictures of it so you can all ooh and ahh at how great it is.

And now I need to go hunt down that Angel/Darla vid to "Mandy" that I *know* I've got on my computer *somewhere* and watch it because that song has been haunting me today. It's unnatural, really.
I am killing time watching vids, reading fic, and talking to my girlfriend instead of being asleep. Yay.

I had fun with Rita today. We played Nintendo for like... 2 hours. Yay Mario!

I did not kill anyone with my driving. Yay!

I read *another* Draco-has-a-puppy story today. But it was angsty. *cries* (actually, I did shed a tear at one point)

Now I think I shall go re-read old-school Buffy fic. It's like comfort food. In fact, perhaps I should go grab some muffins to go with it.

ETA: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you my fun fact of the day! Male nipples can lactate, with the proper stimulation. I can't decide if that is nifty or just... odd.
*points to subject line* Still the best line Bug has ever voiced in the entire show.

Anyway, I want to talk about re-watching "Forget Me Not" on A&E but this requires some backstory... (BTW, how did we end up at the end of season 4 in CJ re-runs? What happened to seasons 2 & 3? Do they not exist in A&E's timeline?)

So, I spend at least part of every evening over at my sister Aileen's house helping her watch Luke. And we always watch Crossing Jordan when it comes on A&E at 10 while she tries to convince Luke to go to sleep (BTW, what kind of 18-month-old baby doesn't go to sleep until after 10:30?!? My lil sis is *15* and she goes to bed earlier than that!) So, Aileen almost always falls asleep before the episode is over because she has to get up pretty early. She always ends up asking me the next day how the ep ended.
Last night, after I went, "Oh yeah, this is *that* episode" for about the third time in a row, she asked me how I could possibly realize that three separate times and I explained that while I remember each of the different sub-plots, they rarely remain connected in my memories, so I remember all these things happening but I forget that they all happened in the same ep. This seemed to make sense to her.
So tonight, I was like "Oh yeah, *this* episode." And she was like, "What happens in this one?" And, proud of the fact that I actually remembered both main plotlines in this one, I started explaining the whole ep to her, figuring I was just saving myself from having to explain it all the next day.

So I start telling her about how Nigel's girlfriend's kid gets kidnapped and she's like "Nigel? The gay one?"
And I'm like, "Yeah, the gay one," and continue telling about the daughter's kidnapping.
She interrupts with, "But I thought he was gay?"
Me: "Well, I guess he's only bi."
Aileen: "Oh. So what happens after that?"
I continue to explain about how the mom set the whole thing up, as the scene is playing with the rum punch and she immediately picks up on the fact that they drugged him.
Aileen: "That bitch! I wanna kill her!"
I kinda had to laugh at that.
I explain that Nigel turns her in and she goes to jail.
Aileen: "Does the little girl get to go live with Nigel?"
Me: "No, she goes and lives with her daddy."
Aileen: "But does Nigel go live with her daddy, too?"
Me: "No... but that *would* be pretty interesting."
This is why I love my sister.
Oh, and in the scene where Nige was getting all mad at Bug for calling Woody and betraying him, Aileen was like, "They make up at the end, don't they?"
I, of course, reassure her that they do.
Miraculously, she actually stayed awake for the entire episode tonight (ironic that she stays awake the one time I explain the whole plot before she watches it, isn't it?), and at the end when Nigel is walking away with Jordan on one side and Bug on the other...
Aileen: "So Nigel goes back to being gay now?"
Me: "I guess he does."
Aileen: "Good, he doesn't look right with girls."
One of these days I *will* manage to drag her into fandom.
It worked with my little sister, why shouldn't it work with my big sis too?

Well, *I* found the whole thing pretty funny!

In other news, I made strawberry mini-muffins today.

And I have a date with Rita tomorrow. ^.^ I'm taking Zoe to her play production and I have to kill three hours, so Rita offerred up her services for entertainment. ...that came out kind of wrong-sounding didn't it? Good. :-p

Now that the important news is out of the way - I passed my driver's test today! W00t! I am now an official, legally licensed driver! Yay!
It's impressive due only to the sheer amount of things that *almost* went terribly wrong.
We left early so I could try a few 3-point-turns. Did them for a while, I did okay on some of them - but when I tried them on the spot where I had to do it for the last test I completely fucked it up every time. Looked at my watch and realized that it was time for me to be *at* my appointment to take the test. Scurried over which took 2-3 minutes because we were in *sight* of the courthouse but I had to get turned around the right way to park where I needed to be. So we get there and stand outside the courthouse for a few minutes waiting for the lady who gives the exam to materialize.
About 12:35 by my watch, she comes walking out -
Evil Bitch: "What time was your appointment?"
Me: "...12:30?"
EB: "A little late aren't you?"
Me: "I guess I'm a couple of minutes late..."
EB: "Well, I *guess* I'll let you take your test anyway."
Me: *stares in shock at the sheer bitchiness*
EB: "Wait here for a few minutes while I go give this motorcycle test."
Me: "...Okay." *stares in shock at the bitchiness some more*
Me: *waits*
EB: "Okay, I need your permit and proof of insurance."
Me: *hands over permit* *goes to get insurance* *stares in shock at the place where the insurance is supposed to be*
Me: *begs* "Can I have a few minutes to call my mom and see if she did something with the proof of insurance?"
EB: *gives me a dirty look* "Fine."
Me: *calls mom* "Did you move the Kia's proof of insurance?"
Mom: "No. Can you go get another one from the insurance office?" (which is like 2 blocks away)
Me: "I don't know if they'll still let me take the test as I'm supposed to be taking it *now*."
Mom: "Oh. Call me later and let me know what happens. Sorry I can't help."
Me: "Umm.." *begs*
EB: *has a heart* *gives in*
Me: *drives to insurance office* *dies at the "out to lunch" sign*
Me: *iz ded* *frantically searches car again* *finds proof of insurance tucked between visor and cd-holder-thingie-attached-to-visor, completely out of sight* *smites Bruce mentally* (he wasn't there, I went with Aileen's friend, Beth)
Me: *drives back to courthouse* *shows EB the insurance card*
EB: *feels an ounce of pity and begins the exam*
Me: *sigh of relief*
And we did the 3-point-turn in a different spot which made me *extremely* pleased. I didn't do great on it, but I only lost a few points. The only other thing I screwed up was *one* time when I was pulling out when I forgot to signal, which I realized as soon as I did it, but by then it was too late. So I passed. And even though I passed, EB still felt it necessary to point out every single flaw in my driving before telling me so. I think I actually only lost 3 or 4 points. (I think you need at least 80 out of 100 to pass.)
So, yay, I beat EB!
And my driver's license pic is not too terrible. I might not even get a new pic when I have to go back and get a new license next year when I turn 21.
ETA: If you'd like to take a peek at what my license looks like, click here. My shirt matches the background on the license, which kind of amuses me. ^.^

That is all.

...see? Not a GIP!
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( Aug. 10th, 2005 02:29 am)
A few pictures from my sis's wedding last weekend
lj-cut so that it doesn't kill your internet/layout

Further up and further in! )

Well, I guess that's all.
Next two weeks shall be quite busy as I have to help ferry Zoe back and forth to BG for her play production. I really, *really* want to pass my driver's test Thursday, but I don't know quite how I'm supposed to manage that since I still don't know how to do a 3-point-turn properly (apparently no one I know, including my mother, is able to teach me). *le sigh* Maybe I can pull one out of my ass on the test? Guess I'll have to try as I do not foresee anyone materializing and teaching me to do them tomorrow.
Oh, and apparently my dad is flying in this weekend to see Zoe's production and I think he's going to try to see the production that Michael's been working on, too. (Coincidentally, the production Mikey is currently working on is Jesus Christ Superstar. Seriously. And I'm apparently going to see it next Sunday, which is the seriously funny part. Why are we driving to Louisville for this?)
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( Aug. 4th, 2005 02:04 pm)
Automatic Failure because I was crooked when I backed into my three-point-turn. Other than that, I was pretty much fine. Didn't stop as far back at stop signs as I should have apparently, and should have been a little more attentive, but if not for the @#$$&*^ turnabout I would have been fine. It pisses me off because I've never learned to do a turnabout because everyone I've asked said it's not important. I knew I was gonna have to do it, so I tried to find out. When I asked Aileen she said she'd never heard of it until she took her driving test, and Bruce said it didn't matter. Asking mom was pretty much pointless because she wouldn't let me behind the wheel if she had four broken limbs. I failed because of something I've never been taught to do because everybody said I wouldn't need to know. The fucked up part is that I've tried to teach myself how to do it because I knew I would have to do it on the test, but apparently I didn't do a very good job.
BTW, I parallel parked perfectly. *sigh* I'm never gonna parallel park that good again in my life and it was *wasted*.
Oh well, guess we'll go back next week and do it again. And attempt to find someone who bloody well knows how to do a 3-point-turn by next week who can teach me to do it properly.

ETA: Oh, and I didn't know where my emergency flashers were. When I skimmed the manual last night I realized I was gonna need to know, so I asked him this morning he said, "Hell, I don't know." Very helpful. But I don't think she actually took points off for that.
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( Aug. 4th, 2005 02:18 am)
I need to read webcomic updates from like... the last 2 weeks. For some reason lately I am only able to read webcomics in spurts rather than regularly. I do not have this problem during the school year. Probably because I have nothing else to do at work.

I need to watch last Sunday's ep of QAF.

I need to look over the driver's manual to make sure there is nothign drastic I am forgetting that I will need to be aware of for the test tomorrow. And I need to make sure we have the current insurance card for the Kia actually present in the vehicle. Cuz, yeah, that would be good.
Oh and I need to remember to get a new copy of the Kia's registration while we are at the courthouse tomorrow, so that we will be able to pick up Francisco on post Friday.

And also. I am broke. Well, I'm not actually broke yet, but damn near every dime I have is already allocated toward things that I will need prior to the next time I will get money. (My hopeful estimate is about two weeks into the semester - if it takes longer than that, I will be broker than broke. ;_; )
The good news is that almost everything money-wise that needs to be taken care of in the next 5 or so weeks (including but not limited to concerts, birthdays, anniversaries, and outfitting the dorm bed) has already been taken care of or is allocated for in my self-accounting. So unless anything crazy and random comes up, I will have *enough* money, I will just not have *spare* money. So I'm not *dire*, just sad because I only have about $40 splurge money for the next 5 weeks. It makes my shopping muscle cry. Budgets suck. The new semester needs to be here now. Next summer I am totally getting a job. This sucks.


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