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( Aug. 10th, 2005 02:29 am)
A few pictures from my sis's wedding last weekend
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Well, I guess that's all.
Next two weeks shall be quite busy as I have to help ferry Zoe back and forth to BG for her play production. I really, *really* want to pass my driver's test Thursday, but I don't know quite how I'm supposed to manage that since I still don't know how to do a 3-point-turn properly (apparently no one I know, including my mother, is able to teach me). *le sigh* Maybe I can pull one out of my ass on the test? Guess I'll have to try as I do not foresee anyone materializing and teaching me to do them tomorrow.
Oh, and apparently my dad is flying in this weekend to see Zoe's production and I think he's going to try to see the production that Michael's been working on, too. (Coincidentally, the production Mikey is currently working on is Jesus Christ Superstar. Seriously. And I'm apparently going to see it next Sunday, which is the seriously funny part. Why are we driving to Louisville for this?)
Cut for teh crazy "Getting to Know You" meme of doom (doom, doom, doooom.... *echo*) )

And in other news: I am not dead. Yay! That is, generally speaking, a good thing.
...Lessee, Sat. night I fell out at about 10 PM. Woke up Sunday at 2 PM. Was confused.
Took the kidlets back to BG, ran into Wolfie randomly at Kroger. Ate sushi in a moving vehicle (harder than it seems).
Went to see James Taylor. (which one might have already figured out if you listened to my phonepost, crappy though the quality was) The concert rocked muchly. Luke was better behaved than was feared, but not as well behaved as was hoped.
Got home at about 2 AM. Helen was there. She apparently taped QAF for us, but I haven't watched it yet. Ended up watching Season 5 of "Angel". Pretty much all of it.
I think I kinda napped from about 4 AM to 7 AM (monday morning, by this point). Left for BG at about 8:30.
Got dropped off at the top of the hill. Walked around Cherry with Zoe a bit. Ran over to Thomson and talked to Laura for a few minutes.
Ran over to the Rock house for the interview thingie with the possibly new teacher guy - who seemed pretty nice. It's too bad I can't go to the other one so I can compare them and see which is better. Oh well. (Jen, at least, knows what I'm talking about. Probably. Right?)
Went to ...the bank ...and Wal-Mart ... Oh, and TJ Maxx! The shoes! I got a pair of Converse! Crazy!random, yeah? I don't think I've ever owned Converse shoes before. They're kinda cute. Almost all black, with a little bit of blue. Very Nice. And Zoe got some that are white and red and I don't remember. We were actually there to get Zoe some, but in helping her pick some out, I accidentally fell in love with a pair. I found a pair of New Balances that are the same design as my old falling-apart ones that I dearly love and have been trying to replace for years... but they weren't the right size. This disappointed me muchly, but I am happy with my new Converse regardless.
Um, yeah. An dthen we got home and I took a nap. From about 3 PM to 7 PM. ...someone woke me up, but I don't remember why. I was still sleepy, but I had to get up to go over to Aileen's and help her with Luke anyway, so I figured I might as well get out of bed. ...Got Luke to sleep... fed the fish... got back here shortly after 11 PM.
I have no idea where the last three hours went since I got back. I did read my f-list for the last day or two... but I haven't even checked my e-mail yet! ...I think teh crazy meme possibly took over an hour. Damn. Crazy-ass meme.
Now I need to go check my main e-mail addresses, read Kate's Munch/Fin fic (squee! *iz excited*), read the updates to my f-list that occured whilst I was composing this *book* of a post, .... oh yeah! and also sleep! Sleep is good. I keep forgetting that, I think. My body is going to start rebelling soon, I fear if I do not begin giving it sleep in regular intervals and normal-sized doses. Sometimes, though, I think that perhaps I am actually an alien, and I *do* have circadian rhythms, they are simply designed for an alien planet with longer days where it would be necessary to be awake for about 20 hours and sleep for 10. I think I would possibly work better that way. /insanity ...okay, so I never actually /insanity, but I like to pretend, okay? Don't knock the wind out of my sails! ...Oh, and I need to read that HP trio fic that's been sitting in my taskbar for like three days. After "Climbing Uphill".
And I need to remember to take my contacts out before I fall out. Because I've been wearing them since... 2 PM Sunday and it's now... Tuesday? *has lost all concepts of time* Tomorrow, after I become un-comatose, I'm supposed to go driving and practice parallel parking, which may or may not actually become a feasible plan because Aileen is driving the Kia because her car is being fixed... and the Kia's the only thing I can really drive... well, that I really *would* drive, not necessarily *can*.
But anyway: email, flist, fic, contacts, sleep. hopefully in that order. I have a gameplan, now I just have to follow it... I never was very good with sports-type things, perhaps game plan was not a good idea? *shrug* *gives it a shot anyway*
I really am ending this post now. Really. Night luvs. Or morning. Or whatever. Ni!
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( Jul. 30th, 2005 09:07 am)
Maybe this is a stupid question and I could probably figure out the answer if I trolled LJ long enough, but I'm gonna ask you guys anyway, because that's probably faster:
When you change your layour, is there a way of saving those settings so that you can fuck around with it and then put it back without having to fuck with everything indvidually?
Maybe what I'm asking is if there's a way to make LJ give you a string of code that you could put in somewhere that would magically put your layout back that certain way whenever you wanted. And if so... how the bloody hell do you do it? Thanks for listening, luvs.
Edited to fix stupid typos. Can you tell I haven't been to bed yet? I'm fairly well screwed for getting any sleep at all now, though, cuz the kidlets are awake.
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( Jul. 29th, 2005 09:19 pm)
I finally gave into the tempation of tags. I started tagging today, I'm currently partway back through June. *sigh*

The kidlet's arrived about two hours ago and I think Zoe finally successfully put them to bed. Maybe. They tend to get up a lot in the middle of the night.
The only thing weirder than the fact that Cesalee is like, obsessed with Bruce, is the fact that Jenna like, loves me to death. She hangs on me and follows me and... it's nuts. Though she possibly likes "baby luutas" better than me. Unfortuantely he doesn't share well. Or, ya know, at all. He tries to beat up grownups for playing with his toys. And 4 is not quite old enough to know how to deal with an angry 16-month-old who doesn't like to share. So I spent the last two hours mostly running interference.
I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that I will undoubtedly be woken up waaaay too early tomorrow... but it's not really helping.

I don't know if we're going to be able to go to the James Taylor concert on Sunday or not, because I think the kidlets aren't going home until Monday - and even if Aileen was willing to watch them (which she probably would be) they would not be happy if Zoe, Mom, and I try to run away for hours and hours. *sigh*
I organized a jailbreak, so I made it home two days early. Yay! (Sorry I didn't come see you, Rita. I'll see if I can swing by next week some time.)
Unfortunately the chitlins are invading again this weekend. Oh well.
Good to be back. My room acquired a door in my absence, which is kinda nice. It means that this time after I wash my sheets, they won't be dirty again ten minutes after I put them on the bed because of the doggiesez. Nifty.

Oh, happy belated b-day to Laura! I got you a card! (just don't ask why it looks like that. it's really not my fault) And prezzie! Kriss is hanging on to them for now and she said she'd pass them to you whenever she sees you next, because that will undoubtedly be sooner than the next time *I* would have seen you. I actually got you another present but it didn't get here yet. I might wait until we're back at school to give that one to you. We'll see. ^.~

Pop Quiz: How long does it take a ten-year-old girl to blow through about 350,000 neopoints? Not. Long. Enough.
After which I decided that there was not really any point to hanging on for dear life to what I had *left*, so I bought Mom and Zoe each a petpetpet. And I'm about to go buy something pretty for Jen. Any special requests, luv? Anybody else want anything? I'm thinking I might just spend every bit of NP I've got and start fresh at rebuilding my bank account. ...and possibly change my passwords.
Mom and Zoe were like "Why did you let her ravage your account?" but I'm actually feeling pretty mellow. I might work up a good steam of anger about it eventually, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. And it did keep her more-or-less out of my hair for a day or so. ^.^

La la la. Now I'm gonna go read my f-list from the last 24 hours or so. And then I have to go figure out what I did with my oldest nephew's math assignment that I'm supposed to be doing for him so that he can hopefully graduate at the end of the year. I'm supposed to have this part done so he can take it back with him tomorrow... but I seemed to have misplaced it at some point in the last two hours... I was in the middle of a problem and something distracted me... Did I leave it at Aileen's? I really don't want to walk back over there in the dark.... /ramble-y-ness
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( Jul. 24th, 2005 02:18 pm)
My mom just interrogated me, trying to figure out if I had been replaced by a pod person, because I was listening to a country song. ^.^ It's nice, every once in a while, to be able to throw my mom for a loop.

Will likely be somewhat out of touch until Friday night-ish. I'm gonna be in Bowling Green with Zoe, staying at Danny's house and helping to take care of his kids. There is internet there, but I don't know how much opportunity I'll have to utilize it. But I will have my phone and will be in an area where I have signal, so you can call me if you need anything.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I am less than excited. I really hate going to the dentist. Which is silly, really, because my dentist is, like, the *nicest* dentist in existence. I just don't like having to face the fact that I have crappy teeth. This is a genetic fact. I will, inevitably, need fillings and have to schedule more appointments... *sigh*
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( Jul. 18th, 2005 09:31 pm)
Went to BG with mom today to take Zoe to Danny's for another week of rehearsals. Mostly, the purpose of this was to buy Aileen more fish (which are very cute and orange and black, except for the algae-eater that's just black) and to make sure mom remembered to go by McDonald's to buy more Neopets toys. We succeeded quite well on the second point. We now have some of all of them except for #10, which I think is the Meerca. Mom bought about 8 or 10 Poogles of various colors because that is her favorite. We went to six separate McDonald's. Five in BG (and there are *more*!) and one in Russelville. We're gonna try again next week to see what we can find. Neopets happy meal toys are going to make me crazy because while there are only 12 different toys, they all come in a variety of colors, some more common than others. I think mom's poogles are mostly blue with at least one yellow, one pink, and a couple of red. It's crazy. My best guess as to how many we've bought so far is three dozen.
Oh, and while we were at walmart, mom also got some more of those voice-activated neopets thingies, including a starry shoyru. ^.^ *iconlove*
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( Jun. 3rd, 2005 01:12 am)
Pictures! )
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( Nov. 8th, 2004 04:11 pm)
Well, apparently Danny *doesn't* have appendicitis. He went to the hospital and they ran a bunch of tests and gave him morphine, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so they're sending him home. How does that make sense, exactly? ...he said he was feeling better, but if you gave me morphine I think I'd be feeling better, too...
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( Nov. 8th, 2004 01:56 pm)
I never should have gotten out of bed this morning. I knew that when I woke up at 7:15 this morning. I seriously considered calling in sick to work. I think I caught a cold from my nephew this weekend when I went home. I could have just gone back to bed, slept through my class, gone up to lunch and had a relatively decent day. But then I remembered that we were going to be talking about gay marriages in Deviant Sociology and thus I *wanted* to go to class... and if I was going to be going to class anyway, I might as well get up and go to work especially since I was already awake. So I went ahead and got dressed. Got up just late enough that I didn't have time to take a shower so I had to go in feeling all grimy and dirty. Made it to work and everything was alright for awhile. Checked my e-mail and my LJ. Then a little before 9:00 AM this woman comes in looking for someone to talk to about her son's Dining Dollars and some kind of problem she's having. So I spend a few minutes trying to understand what her problem is and how to help her. After a while I begin to realize that this is not our mistake she simply doesn't understand the way they work. She gets angrier by the minute. Debbie comes over and starts trying to explain things to her as well. This does not work as Debbie has a rather caustic personality on a good day and this woman had already pissed us off because she was trying to blame us for something that was her own fucking problem. It is not our fault that her son wasted all his money on pizza and RedZone! So then Sherry comes in and starts talking to her as well. Luckily I escaped for part of it because my cell phone rang. It was Mom telling me that I had some package at the house and did I want her to make a point of bringing it today or would it be alright to wait until next weekend. I told her next weekend would be fine. I don't know how Debbie and Sherry finally managed to get rid of the crazy woman, but when I got done talking to Mom she was finally gone. By this point it was 9:30 AM. Turns out this woman was a professor so we looked her up in the system and guess who it was... Professor Onyekwuluje, my Sociology advisor whom I'd previously never met... that ought to get us off to a good start... maybe she won't recognize me? Anyway, started putting in the overnight credit cards but I kept getting interrupted so I only ever got half of them done. This is the first time all semester that I haven't finished them, even on times when there's been a lot more of them.
A few minutes later Debbie got a call on her cell phone that I think was from her granddaughter's school because she was sick and wanted to be taken home. So Debbie got her purse and stuff and headed out the door. She came back in a few minutes later and came over to me. The conversation went something like this:
"Katie, I think there's something wrong with your brother. He's outside laying on the concrete and he says he's having stomach cramps. I told him he should see a doctor or something but he said he'll be alright. Can you go try to talk to him?"
"Well, I can try but I don't know how much good it will do."
So I go outside and Danny's sitting on the concrete. He doesn't really look to good which I had been noticing all morning. Conversation ensued:
"You know, Danny, it wouldn't look to good on the school if you died out here on the sidewalk."
"Yeah, that's what I hear"
"Maybe you should go see a doctor or something"
"You really think so?"
"Yeah, you've been looking pretty sick all morning."
"I've been feeling pretty sick all morning. It sort of feels like a bad stomach cramp"
"If it's that bad, you should go to a doctor. Your appendix could explode or something."
"Yeah, I guess maybe you're right."
And then he proceeded to walk off towards the Health Services center. Debbie and Sherry came out and walked with him to make sure he made it alright.
I went back inside and watched to shop until Nicole got there at a little after ten. Debbie and Sherry came back in right as I was about to leave and said they'd taken him back to look at him.
I was feeling too tired to walk back to the dorm and then have to go to class an hour later, so I went up to the third floor of DUC to nap on a couch for a while. I didn't sleep very well. I woke up at about 11:00 AM and realized I should start heading to class. I sat up and then promptly fell over sideways and passed out on my backpack. I woke up at noon with a crick in my neck. I stumbled up to lunch to see my friends and try to stop having such a suck-ass day.
As I was walking up towards Grise to take the elevator, my cell phone rang. It was Sherry. She felt she should call and tell me that the doctor thought Danny had appendicitis so his girlfriend was going to come get him and take him to the hospital. Lovely. Guess I was right, after all.
At least my day didn't manage to get any worse at lunch. Other than the fact that I'm still sneezing every fricking ten seconds.
Now I intend to go take a *long*, *leisurely*, *hot* shower followed by a nap.


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