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( Jan. 15th, 2009 01:00 pm)
Fall Out Boy tour! \o/

Weather >:(
Current Temp: 2°F
Feels Like: -15°F

I have to leave the house in this? :( :( :(
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( Oct. 27th, 2008 02:25 pm)
What I did yesterday )

I spent most of yesterday exploring our shiny, shiny new sewing machine. You probably can't tell from the pic but those are trufax working buttonholes and buttons on the front of those shirts. I'm impressed, damnit! I'm about to go make some more doll clothes, to end up on ebay rather than on my babies, but hey, it'll keep them in the style to which they've become accustomed. :)

In entirely different news:
♥ Sister Hazel is coming to Bloomington! ♥

Yeah, I'm thinking I maybe want to go to that. Possibly.

(Music of my inner teenie soul!!!)

So, yeah, off to go play with the sewing machine now.
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( Sep. 29th, 2008 03:46 pm)
My dad: also the most ridiculous dude on earth. He sent me an oversized t-shirt he screenprinted with approximately a zillion frogs. It's kind of precious and ridiculous. I still don't know why he bought a t-shirt press, but it seems to make him happy.

I will never actually understand my dad's views on money because he is seriously a ridiculous tightwad (he would argue if you asked for a quarter for bubble gum when I was a kid, no really) but then he buys ridiculous things like a t-shirt press out of the blue. IDK. He also has a living room full of slot machines (well, most of them are actually Japanese not-exactly-slot-machine things), though they're kind of fun.

I like to pretend that our apartment is gradually becoming more apartment-like and less hovel-like but I'm mostly lying to myself. Yesterday I unpacked most of two boxes of pretty things and put them on the bookshelf.

The random trip to Louisville to see my bro on Saturday was nice in other ways besides the direct side effect of getting Tim Tams out of it (it's good that he got me two packages because I've already gone through the first one). He also bought me sushi for dinner and I got to meet his new girlfriend (that I didn't know he had... I don't pay attention to anything and he's not exactly the oversharing type anyhow), wandered around in Louisville for a bit, and finally actually got to see his apartment. It's a walk-up in the top floor of an authentic Victorian house. I has a jellusy.

Anyhow, he's coming to Bloomington in a few weeks to see some dude named Mason Jennings in concert and he wants me to go with him. I'm not too sure on this as my brother's tastes in music and mine don't exactly line up all the time and also, it's after one of my night classes, but I'm pondering it.

Everybody I talk to lately keeps asking me how I'm doing and I don't actually know. Classes are... classes. It's school, IDK what to say about it. It's kind of interesting, not too complicated, and kind of just... fine? My graduate assistantship is more interesting and more stressful, but still not terribly high-key adventure. Life is very different than it was a year ago. Not better or worse, really, but definitely different.

It probably makes me crazier than I want to admit to, that a lot of my current ennui-ish feelings are directly to the lack of concerts I want to see in my forseeable future. I saw Journey and Heart a few weeks ago! That fix should have lasted me longer, damnit!

Okay, enough rambling for now, I suppose. (Seekrit note to self: Upload music later!)
Skip 220, you are not my friend.

Warped was pretty damn good on Thursday and I only got minorly roasted in the sun. Apparently I suck at putting sunscreen on myself without missing spots. It's alright, though, I wasn't using that collarbone for much anyway.

Rundown of my day at Warped )

Overall, A+++++ day!

A few shitty pics )

Today, because we were in Indiana, Jen and I went and looked at the apartment we want to rent when we move up there and it's 95% less shitty than I was expecting, so we put down a deposit and we're supposed to sign the lease and move in on the 19th. \o/ Place to live during Grad school!

I also saw the new Mummy movie at the theater today and it was less crappy than I expected but the new wife-actress makes me very ;_;

This concert/shenanigans experience pwns all others previous in many ways but not least of them is the fact that now I get a weekend to recover! I never get recovery time! \o/
I find myself very glad that I am going to see All Time Low again on Warped and very, very glad that I am not going to have to see any of the rest of the people on that bill again any time soon. Fuck you, Shortest Tour Ever Tour.

Granted, some of the blame for the general suckage goes to the venue because they don't allow crowd-surfing/stage-diving/moshing/fun and had security out in the crowd to damp down that shit before Valencia even started, but I still think Valencia were like 100 times less awesome than the last time I saw them.
(Yet I bought their cd on my way out anyway. I couldn't help it! They set up a freaking gauntlet with the band members trying to push the cd. In their defense, I like them a lot more on cd than I do in person, pretty much, so it won't go to waste or anything... not that I didn't already have the album downloaded.)

The first band sucked beyond the telling of it. Shirock or somesuch? And it was only two/fifths of them? And they kept trying to tell me they were a rock band but it was all LIES.
There For Tomorrow wasn't actually bad, but I didn't know a damn thing by them because Rocketown had their name spelled wrong on the website so I didn't actually listen to anything by them until yesterday.
Valencia, as I mentioned, put on a fairly lame show, and even if it wasn't entirely their fault, it wasn't entirely not their fault. Work within your restrictions, people!
Hit the Lights is one of those bands whose music sounds fairly punk-pop-ish and then you show up at the concert and it's all SURPRISE!HARDCORE. I hate that shit. (Set Your Goals, I am looking at you! One of the dudes in this band was wearing a Set Your Goals shirt, too, so I'm really really looking at you, bastards.) I sort of know/like a few of their songs, but they were so heavy on the surprise!hardcore that I couldn't understand the lyrics/music enough to even recognize the ones I'd heard before. If I wanted to go see a hardcore band, I would go see a hardcore band, damnit! ...though I maybe should have guessed from the song about killing someone and leaving them facedown in a parking lot? IDK.

All Time Low is a truly adorable band and I don't know why I didn't realize that before. And they played their cover of "Umbrella" and it was entirely made of awesome. And it caused a bunch of people to start crowd-surfing while security ran around desperately trying to yank them out and kill the fan uprising.
(I was pretty happy with security when they yanked out the dude who was lone!moshing in the second row and pissing off a fuckton of people, myself included. Yay, security! Except they were too busy trying to quell uprisings to properly rescue fainting teenies, which is how a teenie ended up landing on my girlfriend's head. Not cool, security, very not cool.)
But anyhow, ATL put on a good show, much better than I was expecting (I think Boys Like Girls lowered my expectations for any show ever, possibly) and now I kind of want to fangirl them all the time. Damnit, self.
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( Jun. 28th, 2008 06:52 pm)
...I wasn't doing anything Saturday after next, was I?

Because I might be now.
I haven't checked my friendslist since sometime Thursday, so I'm trying to slog through that.

Mindless Self Indulgence on Tuesday was very... interesting. MSI fans are weeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrd. The Birthday Massacre was decent as far as opening bands go, but the first opener made me want to shoot them in the face. :(

Thursday we went adventuring to a skeezy bar in Nashville to go to what was supposed to be a Pink Spiders & Drive By show, but we found out after we (finally) got there that the Pink Spiders cancelled. :( But Drive By was very happy to see us because we were the only ones who knew who they were. :) The bar was ridiculously hard to find mostly due to the fact that it was, quite literally, a hole in the wall. We drove past it like 5 times without ever seeing it and walked around the block for like half an hour before we figured out where it was. Lol. While Drive By was playing, there was a maximum of 15 people in the building, counting the band, the bartender, and the sound guy. Yeah. Poor dudes. We gave them lots of money for merch, though. I bought a t-shirt even though I already have a hoodie and my sis bought herself a hoodie and one for a friend. I kept trying to apologize to them for the show sucking and the lead singer was all like, "No, it was great because you guys came!" Aww, that's sweet honey, but don't you have to, like, be able to put gas in your van or something? ♥

If you have the chance to go see Drive By & The Pink Spiders you should definitely do so. I'm half tempted to hit their show in Cincinnatti on the 30th except for how I really, really, shouldn't.

Then, yesterday, Jen & I headed down to the Ryman to see Eddie Izzard. (♥_♥)
We stopped in Russelville & there was a light on in my car's dash so I decided to check the oil. Which was... practically empty. I made my big sis come out and look at it to make sure I wasn't crazy then she went and got me some oil and she filled it up. I figured I could check when we got to Nashville & before we left to see if it was leaking because I didn't see how it could be, but I also didn't see how it could have so little oil in it otherwise.

When we got to Nashville and were parking, smoke started pouring out of my engine. ...apparently my sister didn't put the oil cap back on & I didn't think to make sure she had. I think it fell out of the engine somewhere on I-24. :(
My mom found a 24-hour car part place and I called them to make sure they had one and I could come get it after the show (because I was not, by fucking god, going to miss that show - the tickets were ridiculous). Went to Eddie (Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So much more awesome live! Nashville! It is a city... of Nash! Known for its... Nash!) then took a cab to get a new oil cap and then back to the car (Ouch! Cabs are expensive!). Put a couple quarts of oil in (since it all, ya know, sploded out of the engine due to lack of oil cap) and put on the new cap so we could go home.

Originally, we were going to swing by Tony&Tonya's before going home (sorry, dears!) but it seemed terribly inadvisable when I still don't know for sure if my car is leaking oil or what the fuck is actually wrong with it. :(

A mechanic friend of my mom's looked at the car briefly today and said that it has definitely had some kind of major engine work done on it (because there's a fucking bolt missing off the manifold or something) that they neglected to mention when I got the car two weeks ago. So, in summary, the dealership either sold me a car that is terribly leaking oil, or handed it over very very low on oil. Either way, stupid fucking move, dealer. Just because it's a used car does not make that okay. It is supposed to be inspected and shit and neither of those things should have been possible, not to mention the whole missing a fucking bolt thing that ought to have come up somewhere. >:(

Anyhow, I'm going up to the dealership on Monday so they can look at it and I can yell at them until they stop trying to sell me some kind of bullshit story of how it can't be their fault and 1) admit the truth and fix whatever bloody problems it has or 2) give me a fucking refund for the car. Not cool, Gary Force of Bowling Green, not cool at all. You'd better make me happy on Monday, because I don't want this to have to get ugly.

Balancing Eddie Izzard and car troubles, though, I think yesterday still comes out on the positive side. Eddie fucking Izzard, yo. I can't wait for Stripped to come out on DVD. I laughed for pretty much the entire two hours. And Eddie Izzard is just so precious with his bouncing and twitching and flailing and spasticness, I just... ♥_♥

Now I have to go shower and get ready to go to Jazz on the Lawn in Clarksville with my family.

P.S. Why don't I know anyone in Chicago that I can stay with to go see Warped? ;_;

P.P.S. Today is Jen's half-birthday. Happy 22.5, dear!
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( Jun. 12th, 2008 03:19 am)
I ♥ the Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour To Warped Tour Tour. Even if Gabe says it's not a real tour. Lol.

So, openers.

Delux was interesting. I really like their sound which is kind of... idk, post-Blink? Except for the part where it's all in spanish. But it sounds good and the band is precious and played the hell out of that show. Especially the drummer. He kept throwing drumsticks up into spins and catching them (except for when he didn't /o\ ). So yeah, all in spanish, but I mostly can't understand the words in music while it's being sung anyhow, so I guess that doesn't really make a difference. I approve of their existence.

The Secret Handshake are pretty good, I guess, but they don't really do much for me. I do like the "Summer of 98" song, but overall I just kind of go meh. Gabe said they were opening because he'd never gotten to see them play and he wanted to so he brought them. Lol.

We The Kings. I ♥ WTK. I didn't not feel very strongly about them last time I saw them on Long Hair, Don't Care, but at that concert they really made me fall for them so I've been listening to their album a lot more since then and thusly knew all the words, which I find always improves a concert experience.
You know what else improves a concert experience? Having a good spot. Zoe and I wiggled up so that she was up against the stage and I was directly behind her defending her from squish from that direction and alternately squishing her trying to hold on. Travis is preciouspreciousprecious. Yay WTK. I bought a shirt that says "We The Kings Owns Your Face" and it makes me stupidly happy. :D <-- Like that.
Yeah. And then, during "Woah" I believe it was, Trace Cyrus randomly showed up and sang a bit, then went and sat back by the drums to chill and enjoy the rest of the set, occasionally idly singing along. I do not even know. I guess the Cyruses are at home in Nashville right now? But yeah, it was totally awesome and hilarious. Finally Nashville did something good for me. \o/


I somehow always forget that Gabe can put on a motherfucking show. He is so commanding on stage and I just... I love everyone else in that band but he makes it very hard to look anywhere else on the stage! Especially when he, you know, kept coming up to exactly where we were standing and leaning out over us. I groped his legs a lot. And once, mostly on accident, his belly button. IDK. At least I didn't put my hand under shirt? I am not that much creepy!fangirl. Go me. Also notably, at one point he dropped to his knees right in front of us and started humping air. Or, you know, less air and more... my little sister's face. Gabe Saporta, Your Kink Is Not Okay! (Lol, just kidding, she's 18 now. Your Kink Is Totally Okay. And she did grab your ass later, so I guess that's fair.)

So, we were standing directly in front of Vicky T. (No lie, if I'd leaned forward, I probably could have looked up her skirt.) Alex was also on that side, a few feet away (Alexxxxxxxxxxx! ♥ Also, he was playing keyboard part of the show and I did not know I had a bulletproof kink for sometimes!keyboardplaying, but I so do.). We also had a really great view of Nate, who has some crazy scruffy facial hair stuff going on and it is omgHOT. Unfortunately, we could barely see Ryland. This only really made me sad when Gabe decided to un-retire the Ryland's Magic Ass portion of the show. ♥ RYLAND, YOU ARE PRECIOUS. I don't know why ass-shaking inspires that response in me, but it does. I could still see, just not well. I am okay with this trade-off for the other views I got.

The show was fucking incredible. Everybody was so energetic and happy and just... there. I dunno, I can't even properly articulate its level of awesome. Gabe introduced one of the songs (I'm made of fail and don't remember which) with a lovely story of when he was a tiny faily baby Gabe. Apparently when he was in his first year of college he had a girlfriend who took him to clubs and he did not know this dancing of which they spoke because he know only of the wonder of the Circle Pit. So she took him to clubs and other guys danced with her and ground up against her and then they made fun of him for being a non-dancing emo with a monochrome wardrobe. I feel this explains much about Gabe's entire existence. Poor fail!baby!gabe. *cuddles*
Gabe also told us he had no idea why the RRRGLT didn't come to Nashville. Obviously it was an oversight on their part because we are made of awesome. \o/ I am very pleased with him for rectifying the situation I must say.

During SoaP, they pulled some random fan out of the crowd to do Travie's part and it was kind of lolztastic. /o\ I would have died on the spot I think, but the dude pulled it off pretty well. Gabe just sang the Billiam parts and it almost broke my brain because I realized I've seen them twice before and never without an actual Beckett around to do his bits. Weeeiiiirrrrrdddd. But still rocking!

What else happened of note? Oh! They played part of "Hollaback Boy" before their last song and it made me very happy. :D Gabe! Your precious stupid face!

They closed with "Guilty Pleasure" and I did some faily attempts at the dance considering how much space I had to move in (re: none). But it was awesome and rocking and there was confetti! I approve of confetti.

I got a Cobra setlist which was spiffy, and so did Zoe which was also spiffy. Now we don't have to fight over custody. We hit the merch booth where I got my WTK shirt and also finally a Cobra shirt. (I didn't have one before because I'd never found one that didn't make my eyes bleed. /o\ ) It's pretty bright, but not blindingly ugly. \o/

Then we tried to stand in line to get Gabe to sign stuff but they harassed everybody into leaving the building. Went outside, found Ryland, got him to sign stuff & take pics. Told him I was sad that I couldn't see him for most of the show. He said he was just over there doing his thing and I didn't miss much. ♥

They threw Gabe out of the building too and he was still signing stuff, so we stood around and waited in line for him. Some security guard dude kept yelling at everybody a lot and Gabe looked kind of scared of him (which was also precious because I am a sick, sad individual). I'm pretty sure the guy was venue staff. I bet he yelled at Gabe for the dude he threw out onto the crowd. Rocketown has a strict no crowdsurfing/stagediving/FUN rule. D: They let little kids in so they have to be safe and shit! Whatever.

So yeah, Gabe signed my setlist and flailed over my cobra armband and there were pics and awesomeness. He said that scheduling conflicts would be the only thing that could keep "Snakes on a Plane" from having its proper Bill & Travie guest appearances which made me happy. I'm rearranging the universe so I can make it to Warped because I absolutely do not want to miss seeing SoaP with Gabe, Bill, & Travie all there. He also told Zoe that while "Warmer in the Basement" will not be played on Warped, it will make a reappearance in their setlist on the headlining tour they're apparently going to do after Warped. !!!!!!! :DDD

Then we realized that Alex was around, just kind of hiding behind a van, so we pounced on him and got signings and pics as well. Suarez! ♥ ♥ ♥ I managed not to tell him that I would like to kidnap him and take him home so he could cook for me! *totally not a creepy fangirl* \o/

We apparently missed Vicky T while we were inside trying to catch Gabe, but I can live with that. I don't think anybody saw Nate and that makes me go D: a lot. Why don't you love us like we love you, Nate? *hugs*

Wow. I just... wow. What a fucking night.

I guess I need to get some sleep now so I can get up in the morning. /o\ Mornings are overrated, I vote we abolish them.

In unrelated news, my birthday present from Laura got here today, so I will probably be watching Hard Core Logo (which I've never actually seen before) tomorrow. Thanks!!! ♥

Faily cameraphone pics probably soon.


ETA: My bad! Forgot to say: Zoe asked Gabe if he would write "Gabe hearts Billiam" on her Academy shirt, which he grinned and did. Pic!
Folder with all pics is here, but many are completely faily and sometimes also sideways. I will sort and turn and repost a better selection eventually I hope.
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 08:25 pm)
I've been running pretty much non-stop for... 72 hours or so? I think I've have about six hours of sleep since Thursday and it wasn't even all at once.

On Thursday, my dad finally got me a car like he promised 5 years ago (granted, I didn't have a license at the time, so it made sense to wait for the first couple of years). It's a 2002 Nissan Altima and it's terribly shiny. Silver! And it has like power stuff and it all works and this is all just fascinating to me. After three years of driving a shitty Kia Rio that doesn't even have a trunk release latch, much less power locks or power windows, anything would be an improvement. This car is blowing my mind. I might post some pictures soon if I think of it/get motivated (so don't hold your breath).

Just so you know, car shopping with a 4-year-old and a sick 9-month-old in tow? Not the brightest idea. Do not try this at home.

Yeah, then I went to the CMA Music Fest thing that night to see Taylor Swift (and some other people, I guess). Rascal Flatts showed up as a surprise guest which was pretty cool. Jessica Simpson popped out of thin air pretty much to say, "Blah blah blah and I'm hard at work on a new album" but at least I only had to put up with her for a couple of minutes. Anyhow, everyone who played was awesome (well, except I hate Kellie Pickler kind of a lot) and I really wish I'd had the money/time to go for the whole 4 days of shows. It would have been pretty awesome.

Friday I got my car insured, went to see my lil sis in a performance, went out to dinner and bowling with my dad because he was in town and I hadn't seen him in, umm, a year or so. That's pretty much how we roll.

Got home pretty late and then I had to help my sis (the one the bebes belong to, incidentally) get stuff ready for the yard sale she had this morning. Then, when we finally got done with all that, I got to have a couple of hours of sleep before I had to get up terribly early in the morning to go help her run the yard sale.
I did manage to escape assisting for a couple hours and run by and check out some other yard sales in town and pick up some cool stuff.

I made it home some time after 4-ish, hot, tired, and slightly sunburned. I am going to crash so ridiculously hard and probably soon. *sigh* Life is busy!

...and for some reason, me and Jen and Zoe decided it would be a good idea to go out bowling tomorrow (we keep forgetting how much we like it) and probably to see Prince Caspian because I haven't yet (I was at a concert when it opened, damnit, I have a good excuse!). I obviously hate myself and never wish to be well-rested.

... Cobras on Wednesday! \o/

ETA: Oops. I just remembered we were supposed to maybe have, like, cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday today since I ran away the day of. Oh well. We'll get to it. Or not. Whichever. Lol.
Happy birthday, Pete Wentz! I will never fail to be amused that we share it. You may be 29 now but the thought that someone actually found you mature enough to marry and procreate with will always fill me with wretched amusement.

So yeah, my day is going to be filled with hanging with my dad who's on a fly-by visit, looking at cars in hopes of finding one worth having, with a cranky 4-year-old and a sick 9-month-old in tow, and then going to a concert in Nashville. Should be exciting.
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( May. 31st, 2008 04:09 pm)
HCT St. Louis! \o/

We were delayed by an evil gas station and didn't make it there in time to get in early through the Halo bar, so me and Jen abandoned Zoe to the pit (where she apparently wiggled her way up to 2 people from the barrier) and went and hung out at the bar where we had a lovely uncrowded, unobstructed, perfectly centered view of the stage. No lie, it was pretty nice. Totally worth being further back (I did the squished and hard-to-see but so-fucking-close thing last time, yo!) to be able to see Jon Walker's feet. Even though he wasn't playing barefoot last night. (He was playing in socks. His flip-flops were kicked off to the side of his mike. HE WAS WEARING SOCKS AND FLIP-FLOPS. I MIGHT LOVE HIM A TINY BIT LESS FOR THIS. MIGHT.)

Otherwise, \o/. Concert was awesome. The bands were all great. I definitely appreciated Phantom Planet more the second time around. And Ryan came out and helped them play "Do the Panic" which was pretty lol-some. Ryan's "Reinvent ♥ " vest killed me for the whole show. The Whole Show.

During Hush Sound's set (Greta! ♥!) they skipped "Don't Wake Me Up" where Brendon usually comes out. I'm not sure why, I think they misplaced Bden or something. But to make up for it, I guess, Ronick came out during "Wine Red" and played Greta's keyboard (at one point, they were both pounding on it and it was pretty awesome) and then Alex from Phantom Planet randomly showed up with a tambourine and rocked the fuck out with his tambourine. And then he stayed through "Honey", too. IDK. Alex, you are a strange boy, but terribly enthusiastic with a tambourine.

Also, it somehow didn't explicitly make it into this post anywhere, but Motion City Soundtrack? Kick ass. A lot. It easily would have been an incredible concert without Panic even existing. It's really weird actually, the show kind of feels like two shows to me. The three openers are like a concert unto themselves, and then you get bonus Panic when they're done! I guess what I mean is that MCS felt more like they were headlining than like an opener, and I approve of that much energy very much. \o/

Brendon and Ryan pretty much spent the whole show reminding me that there is a reason the most common pairings get that way. Especially when they were chatting in each other's ears and laughing in the MIDDLE OF A SONG. Oh boys, I just... don't even know what to do with you.
And Spencer and Jon hanging during the beginning of Northern Downpour! ♥!
And Ryan playing to Spencer a lot!
And Brendon playing to Spencer!
And Ryan having the most mellow guitar sex ever with Jon!
And, and, their entire existence. I just... ♥. Panic!

Oh, and Zoe got one of Spencer's drumsticks, which was pretty cool.
After we caught up with Zoe at the end of the concert and were heading towards the exit I almost walked into Shane Valdez. *headdesk* One day I will learn to look at where I am going instead of at who I'm talking to.
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( May. 26th, 2008 09:26 pm)
Happy Birthday to me! (Of course I have to buy presents for myself. Nobody likes you when you're 23. Only, like, 10 more days; sweet.)
Lol, I am such a loser. Luckily, this is something my girlfriend frequently benefits from & thus has little reason to complain about.
And I will probably even be able to afford to pay for the charge on my credit card by the time I actually go to the concert. \o/

Honda Civic Tour again on Friday!!! I am so ridiculously glad that I decided to go twice even though it was a hell of a lot of trouble to arrange.
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( May. 19th, 2008 04:21 am)
Long weekend was looooong. Also awesome! But remind me to not do this again, umm, ever.

Phantom Planet = Pretty Enjoyable
The Hush Sound = !!!
Motion City Soundtrack = !!!!!!
Panic (!!!) at the Disco = ♥! ♥! ♥! ♥!

Gonna go grab 2 1/2 hours sleep before work. *headdesk*
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( May. 18th, 2008 03:23 am)

Now off to get some rest so I can drive to Indiana for Panic.

Also? Paramore kick ass in concert. So do New Found Glory. And The Presidents of the USA. And 3 Doors Down, Papa Roach, and Finger Eleven, for that matter.
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( May. 1st, 2008 03:57 am)
Holy fuck, MCRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

9 hour round-trip drive? Totally worth it.

Bob Bryar smoking while drumming!
Frank Iero smoking while playing! (Obviously it is part of Cortez's job to bring him cigarettes. He lights them for Frank, Y/MFY?)
Mikey Way's haaaaiiiiiiir. EVERYONE'S hair!
Ray Toro's existeeeeeeeence.
Gerard Way! Casually referencing his wife. Soprecious.
Bob Bryar being playful! When the guy was playing the cowbell, Bob was totally yanking on his arm trying to mess up his rhythm! BobBryar!
Frank and Ray whispering in each other's ears and giggling like schoolgirls in the middle of a song!
Gerard Way and his stupid precious faaaaaaaace. Did we know that Sloss Furnace is like the third most haunted place ever? "And do you know what that means? It means MikeyWay is going to pull out his Oija board later!" Ahahaha. Boys.

Random precious non-MCR moment. Lead singer for Billy Talent (what, is he supposed to have a name or something?) was chatting with the crowd, and it went something like this...
singer: "Do you ever just like walk around this place?"
Dude In Crowd: "We do it at night."
singer: "At night! I had to hold my drummer's hand walking around in broad daylight! It's spooky!"

All three bands rocked pretty hard. Which is probably how I ended up with a "The Black Parade Is Dead" hoodie and a Drive By hoodie.
...what? I didn't have any band hoodies before!

Now I'm going to go try to get the approximately three hours of sleep I have time for before I have to be up.
Birmingham is faaaaaaaar away from me, did you know?

Gerard was talking at one point about how this is their last tour for a while and later he was like, "I'll see you all in a few years."
A few years? A few years! I'm sad I can't go see them again right now! How will I survive? I mean, hell, I'm already going through serious FOB withdrawal and it's been less than six months since I saw them!
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( Apr. 20th, 2008 04:09 am)
Bamboozle Road Show = \o/
5 hour drive to get there = D:

I now has a Metro Station t-shirt. *petses it*
Trace Cyrus kicks ass and the lead singer is entirely precious.
Armor for Sleep didn't play Williamsburg or Truth about Heaven. :( But other than that they were awesome and precious.
Saves the Day kept playing for like fifteen minutes after they ran out of setlist and still didn't play Through Being Cool. :( But I guess I will forgive them because it was an awesome concert. In a skatepark. Not like Rocketown where it's a skatepark/venue with a separate stage area. No, they were set up on a ramp. And I stood on a ramp for most of the show. Very cool.
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 09:34 pm)
I just watched the new Criminal Minds. First tv I've watched in real time since... the end of Dresden Files maybe? I kind of got behind on tv... last January or so and never quite managed to get caught up. Except now I'm caught up on Criminal Minds! Spencer, ILU!

Someone point me at some good Spencer fic? I don't really keep track of Criminal Minds fic at all.

I'm also working on catching up on Numb3rs (currently up through 3x23) and House (currently up through 4x01) which is spiffy, and then I'm gonna catch up on The Riches and watch Torchwood. It'll be awesome. Yay TV. I missed you. Maybe I'll get caught up on stuff in time for it all to shut down for the summer. *headdesk*

It's interesting catching up on stuff because Numb3rs is the only one where I actually knew where I stopped (When Larry left for space. I meant to get caught up when he came back. Oops.).

In other news, I'm driving to Memphis on Saturday for the Bamboozle Road Show, which is fun. I need to remember to print my will-call confirmation e-mail and decide what road I'm going to take to get there. Most likely just taking 79 almost all the way because it's the most direct path from here to there. Anyhow, yeah, Saves the Day & Armor for Sleep & Metro Station, yayz!
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( Apr. 9th, 2008 07:35 pm)
LJ tells me I have not updated in two weeks. This is probably true.


ETA: Also, my flist would like me to know that ZOMG PETE & ASHLEE ARE ENGAGED. FR REALZ THIS TIEM. Source. So, yeah, there's that.
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( Feb. 26th, 2008 06:45 pm)
I can has MCR tickets? I can has MCR tickets!

For Wednesday, April 30th in Birmingham, AL. Yeah, IDK. It was the only way I could take my lil sis. And mom is so not happy about it, but Zoe turns 18 two days before, so... yeah. But, umm, yay for only a 4.5 hour drive instead of 5?

ILU MCR, but damn you for putting me through these shenanigans. Seriously. Still regretting that I was too dumb/liking of money to go see them last April when they actually came to Nashville. Of course, at that point I didn't realize that everyone in bandom only stops in Nashville about every 3 or 4 years... if that.

Updated concerts list )

I still can't figure out how I'm going to manage Warped because I have several options within a 300 mile radius... and they all suck about equally. Also, if I go after 7/20 I won't be able to see Jack's Mannequin OR The Pink Spiders which will be a bit sad.

I'm halfway seriously considering a trip to FL in the middle of July to hit Warped (7/11) & Tom Petty (7/16) there... but I doubt I can swing it.


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